Prepare for the 2019 general elections, was the message Congress president Rahul Gandhi gave his party workers at a convention in Ahmedabad on Saturday. He told party men that if they work together, they can win people’s mandate.The convention was held after an internal review meeting of party office-bearers and newly elected MLAs in Gujarat. The reasons why Congress did not get majority in the House were discussed at the convention.Talking to party workers, Rahul talked about the challenges he faced during the recently concluded election.Rahul said the biggest challenge before him was to make party leaders and workers realise that the Congress can win in Gujarat. “I told everyone we can win. Seventy per cent of the message was well-received. Rest 30 per cent was not received. And you saw the results — the difference was only about 10 seats. The party now is confident,” he said.He alleged that the BJP has been using false propaganda to defame Congress leaders in Gujarat over the past 20 years. Rahul said he had to convince party leaders that if they think they can win, they will win.Gandhi advised his newly elected MLAs to take up issues faced by the masses, as the BJP government will continue to be of a few selected industrialists. “It is now your duty to protect the interest of the masses. This government will be of 8-10 industrialists. It will continue to forcibly acquire land from the people. It is now the Congress’s duty to protect the people. I will stand behind you,” he said.Rahul called upon the MLAs to be the party’s ambassadors and fight for the interest of the disadvantaged sections. “The fight has not ended. It will continue. We have to fight for the causes of farmers, youth, women,” he urged them.

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Prepare for 2019, Rahul Gandhi tells cadres