A surprise visit by two member team of quality council of India (QCI) took JMC officials by surprise on Tuesday. The team visited several places in the city for spot inspection of toilets. It also inquired people about open defecation and reported live to their Delhi office through Swachhata App.The team arrived early in the morning for inspection. After spending four hours in the field that included slums, colonies and Sulabh toilets, it reached JMC headquarter to scan documents of toilets constructed by the JMC as well as Sulabh toilets, leaving officials shocked. The team itself didn’t know which place to visit rather it was receiving directions from Delhi about locations. When it completed the inspection of one place, it was given direction to a new location through GPS.However, JMC officials found a way out. Nodal officer Vinod Purohit, who was accompanying the team was alerting concerned officials of an area on Whatsapp for the makeover of the place before the central team’s arrival. JMC employees were also found to be guiding people about the reply to queries from the QCI team. The JMC officials also asked Delhi team for lunch break but the team members realised their intentions and refused. During the inspection, the QCI inspection team conducted online photography and talked to people in Bajaj Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Hasanpura, and Mahaveer Nagar to get feedback on JMC’s claim of making Jaipur ODF. After reaching Bajaj Nagar, the team members first checked register of Sulabh toilets then asked sweeper about the fee charged from people.ODF check pointsToilet construction target and achievement Arrangements for ODF Feedback from citizens Monitoring of those defecating in open Checking toilet construction figures Claims and TruthPeople still defecating in open People were threatened before QCI team’s arrival Lathi charge on those defecating in open Toilets locked till yesterday turned spanking clean JMC using coercion for ODF Despite toilet, people defecating in open JMC claim monitoring and penalising people defecating in open Home guards and employees beating with stick

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Quality team’s sudden visit opens def-vacation of JMC