<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A crowd which came to hear religious sermons of saint Morari Bapu found a humble visitor in the chief minister, Vasundhara Raje, who rejected to have special sitting with the saint and preferred to sit on the floor among the commoners. This happened in Kot Upar Stadium at Kaman, Bharatapur, where the saint had a session of spiritual teachings on Sunday morning. Raje, after completing three days hectic tour to byelection bound constituency, Alwar, reached Kaman in the morning and attended the saint whom she often meets. She kept ‘Ramkatha’ on her head and took blessing of the saint by touching his feet. It was a common practice which Raje follows whenever she meets reverend persons. Most surprising moment, for the crowd was her decision not to sit on a seat arranged, as there was a special arrangement for her sitting as per the protocol. Raje, though, preferred to attend the spiritual session as a commoner, not a VIP, and she sat among the people who made her CM. Raje listened entire Ram katha spoke by Morari Bapu. Meanwhile, prior to starting the narrative, the saint gave his greetings to the CM and applauded her saying that it can happen in Indian culture that a person occupying topmost office sit on the floor among commoners and listen to the preaching attentively. “The welfare of a person who governs is sure when listens sitting in front of a spiritual platform,” said Bapu announcing a donation of Rs 5 lakhs for the renovation of the temples of Kaman. Those present on the occasion were, State Tourism minister Krishanendra Kaur Deepa, Bharatpur MP Bahadur Singh Koli, MLA s Jagat Singh-Anita Singh- Vijay Bansal and Bachhusingh Banshiwal, Divisional Commissioner Subir Kumar, District Collector Narendra Kumar Gupta, Superintendent of Police Anil Tank along with several public representatives and administrative officials. ‘IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA’The saint applauded CM saying that it can happen in India that a person with top position can be so humble.
The CM reached Kaman in Bharatpur after a three-day hectic Alwar tour to attend the sermon of Morari Bapu.
The crowd was surprised on her decision not to sit on a seat arranged, as there was a special sitting arrangement for her as per protocol.

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Raje ‘floors’ Bharatpur as a humble guest to Bapu sermon