<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>When did you feel your victory is possible and the UK would have to exit?Well it became quite evident when India got massive support in the General Assembly, that the will of the people has to be respected, that is why the outcome has come as it has. India is fast emerging as one of the most important nations of the world. It is very highly respected and it was because of the efforts of the government that ensured the victory was possible.How important do you think the win is for India?It has shown the world that India is an emerging nation and very important in the global scenario. I think the next time round the developed nations will think twice about getting into an election against India. India has demonstrated that it can achieve almost anything.Do you think reform of UNSC will be next on the table? Do you think veto power of UNSC nations need to be looked at?Reforms are imperative and it is necessary to bring proper representation to all nations in the world.The voice of every country must be represented, irrespective of its financial condition, and respected at the UN. I would not like to go into details about this (the veto power issue) because this is not the subject I will speak on today but reforms are necessary. There was a global campaign launched by the Indian government for your candidature. Each and every embassy was activated for your candidature. Your comments?I would like to thank the Indian government. I think without the dedicated effort of the government of India it would not have been possible. Because in this election the canvassing was being done by the government and in this regard they have done a superb job in this direction under the leadership of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.Would you like to say anything about Prime Minister Modi’s role?He is the head of the Indian government. Without his blessings nothing would have been possible.

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Re-election to ICJ shows India is very important in the global scenario: Justice Dalveer Bhandari