<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The government should resolve Ayodhya issue at the earliest and resolve it through mutual negotiations by arriving at an amicable solution if the problem of terrorism in India has to end. Other things can be taken up later on, former Mumbai police commissioner MN Singh told DNA on the eve of the ninth anniversary of 26/11.”Whether one likes it or not minorities are feeling a little uneasy in their minds. After this government came there is great anxiety in their minds. No efforts were made to resolve the Ram temple-Babri Masjid dispute in three and half years. Hindus will definitely like that the temple is built up there as they are not going to settle down for anything less than it. The government is eminently poised to take the initiative. Instead of doing that lot of other things are talked about such as Love Jihad, beef ban. It has created more tension and controversy.””We have done a great deal but there is always a possibility as far as that discontent element is there and that internal support base remains,” Singh said. He added that there have been 12 terrorist attacks in Mumbai in the last 24 years, and from 1992-93 onwards all of them were the handiwork of Muslim groups. According to Singh, the 26/11 attack was an invasion by Pakistan carried out by 10 well-trained fidayins with local support.”You may have security infrastructure but as long as there is anxiety and some discontent there will always be terror attacks in the country. In our country what has been going on is a threat from Islamic forces,” Singh said. He further added that there are two aspects of terrorism in India — one is internal and the other external.

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Remembering 26/11 | Resolve Ayodhya issue to end terrorism: MN Singh