How to circumvent a court order? No one knows it better than the lawmakers. Therefore, it was not surprising when Vasundhara Raje government decided to bring in a new law – Rajasthan Regional and Urban Planning Act.There were apprehensions and rightly so that the government was bringing this law to facilitate illegal constructions and encroachments in the election year.Several provisions in the proposed law are aimed at circumventing the high court order, which makes zonal plan for regularisation. The high court order had come after a petition was filed by Gulab Kothari.However, going against the letter and spirit of the high court order, the state government has proposed zonal development plans within the master plans of various cities. Keeping this in mind, the government is implementing the state level act.The UDH and the Law department have arrived at consensus regarding draft of the new bill. Soon, it will be introduced through an ordinance. All master plans would be notified under this act, subsequently zonal development plans will be prepared as part of the master plans.However, the experts believe that the whole exercise was to evade the court’s restrictions. With this act, the government can create regional plan and master plan of an urban area. However, it would depend on how the court views this new act even though the government considers it a master stroke. Regularisation ProvisionsUnified development control regulations proposed For uniformity the government will issue control regulations for all cities The regulations will have parameters for any kind of activity Commercial/institutional activity will be decided according to road width Previous master plans will deemed to be notified under this act Government regulations will be implemented under master plans Zonal and land use plans to be prepared under master plans Commercial/institutional activities to be sanctioned in zonal plan under control regulations Proposaed lawExisting master plan to be adjusted while preparing regional plan Existing Zonal and sector plan to be merged while preparing master plan formation of an advisory committee Only current land use will be planned but not the future land use Plan will be according to development control regulations. The government can review them anytime This responsibility can be given to town planning department or any agency If the government wishes previous master plan can be cancelled for a new master plan
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Yogi Adityanath


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‘Snubbing HC order’, Vasundhara Raje government all set to bring regional, urban planning act