A 200 kilograms and 30 ft long cake, will be cut on Sunday, December 3, at the gates of Mahim Dargah in Mumbai. It is on the occasion of two events falling together. The Eid-e-milaad-un nabi and also the Mahim fair both are coinciding in the same month and its happening after ages and hence to commemorate the event, the cake is being made. The cake is being specially baked at a famous bakery of the city and will be placed at the gates of the Dargah. The cake after being cut will be distributed amongst all the devotees. Suhail Khandwani, trustee of Mahim Dargah confirmed the event. He said, “On December 3, the cake will be brought to the dargah and placed at the gate. We will cut it as two events important for us is coinciding, the Eid-e-miladd-un nabi and also the Mahim fair. Hence the celebration, the cake later will be distributed to all the devotees.”The cake is being baked at a famous city bakery and the youth of Mahim decided to get this cake and celebrate the event. Mahim Dargah is a revered place for many from all faith. The Mahim Mela (fair) is a popular event in the dargah’s calendar and the coinciding of the event is happening after almost 100-years said Khandwani.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Special cake to celebrate Eid-e-Milaad, Mahim fair