The Gurjar leaders of Rajasthan, who are engaged in a long standing battle with the state government for reservation are busy camping in Gujarat. They plan to garner support by extending support. There are leaders from Madhya Pradesh too who are slugging it out for Hardik Patel.This is not the first time close affiliation has been seen between the Gurjars and the Patidar leader. Hardik had active support from Gurjars of Rajasthan during the Patidar reservation agitation in 2015. Based on their experience on home grounds, they were instrumental in ensuring disruption of railway tracks.Even when Hardik had been camping in Udaipur, the Gurjars had been constantly providing him protection and escort.Several Gurjar leaders including Himmat Singh Gurjar of the Gurjar Arakshan Sangharsh Samiti are camping in Gujarat and extending support to Hardik. Himmat Singh is member of Hardik’s core committee and was also part of the deliberation between Hardik and Congress. He played an active role in keeping up the momentum of the Patidar movement while Hardik was in jail.Others from Rajasthan who are actively involved are Ajit Singh Gurjar another sangharsh samiti member from Bhilwara, Gehrilal Dangi from Udaipur, Shwetank Patidar and Natwar Patidar from Jhalawar.Mahendra Patidar, the Patidar samaj prant adhyaksh from MP, and Ashish Patidar a youth leader from MP, are also campaigning with Hardik Patel.Speaking to DNA, Himmat Singh said: “We sympathise with him as our causes are identical. But we have a longer experience of dealing with governments and carrying out our agitation.” He added: “We are not just supporting him, we have continuously shared our experiences and pitfalls. This has also given the Patidars better understanding to deal with the government and political parties.” Singh said that they stand with Hardik and agree with his stand to be against the BJP.Favours are meant to be returned. The assembly elections are around the corner and the Gurjar leaders from Rajasthan hope to get Hardik here to campaign for their cause.
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