Of the 19 metropolitan cities with populations of more than 20 million, Surat and Ahmedabad have the dubious honour of being in the top 10, as measured by the highest number of IPC crime cases registered.As per data released on Thursday by the National Crime Records Bureau for 2016, around a total of 5.1lakh crime cases have been registered in the 19 cities, led by DelhiSurat came in at 6th position with 19,844 cases while Ahmedabad was in the 9th position with 16,383 cases in 2016.Ahmedabad saw 103 murders in that period, followed closely by Surat with 102. Cases of attempted murder were 65 in Ahmedabad and 44 in Surat, Ahmedabad has 170 cases of causing grievous hurt, while Surat had 190.Ahmedabad was also a far less safe city for women, with 131 cases of assaults against women with intent to outrage her modesty. Surat had less than half of that, with only 55 cases.However, Surat was marginally ahead in rapes, with 121 registered cases versus 112 for Ahmedabad.Kidnappings were also much higher in Ahmedabad, totalling 376, while Surat, the diamond polishing hub of the nation, had 270.Ahmedabad also had more that twice the number of theft than Surat, with 2,624 cases against 1,174.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Surat, Ahmedabad in top 10 for IPC crimes