A 37-year-old Panvel resident Shirish Patil had to undergo urinary stone surgery at a private hospital in rural Maharashtra in order to spend less amount of money for his surgery. Patil, who was diagnosed with urinary stones a few months ago, had his surgery advanced due to the unbearable pain.Patil travelled to Pen for the surgery after he found out that the cost of the operation in a private hospital in the city was way higher than that at a private hospital in Pen. Even though he had a medical policy, only Rs 40,000 was sanctioned for the operation.In one of the hospitals, Patil was also informed about different surgery packages depending on the medical policy he/she has.”I preferred going to a private hospital in Panvel since it was listed in the medical policy’s hospital list. After a check-up, I was told surgery would cost approximately Rs 1.64 lakh. Coming from a middle-class family, it was not possible for me to arrange the money. While another Navi Mumbai based private hospital (Apollo Hospital) initially gave me an estimate of Rs 1.30 lakh for the surgery, they later informed me about another package costing Rs 70,000, but would include other techniques. The package was offered after looking at my medical policy and amount to be sanctioned.”After running around, in October, Patil visited a rural private hospital (Niramay Hospital) in Pen for the surgery which cost him only Rs 23,000. “I underwent the same surgery for Rs 27,000 which included my medicine cost (Rs 4,000) and surgery (Rs 23,000).”

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Surgery in city’s private hospitals costly