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Rajasthan: NIA busts fake note exchange gang in Dholpur, three detained

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>On Sunday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) busted a gang and detained three men in Dholpur involved in cheating people on pretext of exchange of Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN). The NIA had been investigating a case and after developing a lead, the men were detained and later handed over to Dholpur police. Moreover the NIA officials even recovered two kilogram gold from the possession of the men.While investigating a case last year, the NIA had learnt that an inter-state gang was active for past several years in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal which used to lure people in exchanging high quality fake Indian currency notes or provide unbilled golf biscuits at throwaway rates. Interestingly the gold recovered by NIA is in shape of biscuits numbering twenty and weighing hundred grams each. The NIA has sent the biscuits for testing to verify the genuineness. While investigating the FICN related case, the NIA had recovered fake currency of face value Rs. 9.80 lakhs on 31st March last year from the possession of Nasir Sheikh near Indo-Bangladesh border. He was arrested on the spot, however his associate from Bangladesh namely Darul Sheikh escaped. A reliable input was received on Saturday that the same Bangladeshi absconder Darul Sheikh along with other associates were trying to strike a deal in fake currency at Dholpur. The NIA teams swung into action and detained three suspects. The accused have been identified as Rashid Khan alias Biza,Gagan Kumar Vyas alias Tiwari and Iqbal Ahmad Ansari. The accused have been handed over to Dholpur police.

Darul Uloom Deoband ‘throws out’ Salman Khurshid from Islam for worshipping Lord Ram

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After a dozen Muslim women in Varanasi, Darul Uloom Deoband has ‘ousted’ former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid from Islam for worshipping Lord Ram.Action against Salman Khurshid, the former External Affairs and Law minister, was initiated after his photographs and video performing Aarti of Lord Ram during Kalki Festival in Sambhal got viral on the social media.Taking suo motu notice of the video and photographs on social media, Darul Iftaa, debarred the senior Congress leader from Islam with immediate effect.“His act is against the basic tenets of Islam which does not allow any devout Muslim to worship anyone other than Allah. Moreover, idol worship is strictly banned in Islam” said a statement in Urdu from Deoband’s Ulema Mufti Tariq Kashmi.“His (Salman Khurship) act violates Islamic laws and, therefore, he is being ousted from the Islam with immediate effect. He is no longer a Muslim and should repent (Tauba) before Allah for his un-Islamic act and read Kalma only then he will be allowed to embrace Islam again as per Islamic laws,” said the Ulema.The Deoband Mufti advised and warned Muslims in general to stay away from such ‘un-Islamic’ acts or be ready to face the consequences. “Any Muslim worshipping anyone other than Allah will have no place in Islam,” warned the Ulema.Reacting to the ‘ouster’, Salman Khurshid tweeted that respect for a compatriot’s religion wasn’t denial of one’s own. Earlier, Darul Uloom deoband had ousted about a dozen Muslim women in Varanasi when they worshipped and performed Aarti on Lord Ram on Diwali. Following the ouster, the Chairperson of the Muslim Women Foundation, Varanasi Nazneen had demanded to ban Darul Uloom Deoband for spreading communal hatred in the society and issuing anti-Islamic fatwas.

Kashmir: Those who organise music in weddings are liable for social boycott, says religious sect

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Barely days after Darul Uloom Deabond issued ordered a ban on women plucking their eyebrows, Islami Markazi Majlis-e-Shoura in Kishtwar banned music on marriage parties and asked teachers to segregate the boys and girls in classrooms besides urging women to avoid going to marketplaces alone.Islami Markazi Majlis-e-Shoura, a conglomerate of social and religious organizations in the Kishtwar district issued ‘Islahi Mashwara’ (Advice for reforming) threatening to socially boycott those who would organise musical parties during marriage ceremonies.“Organising music during marriages is not Islamic. Those who would organise music can be liable for social boycott,” said the one-page dos and don’ts issued by Islami Markazi Majlis-e-Shoura.The organisation further asked the teachers to segregate boys and girls in the classroom because coeducation is un-Islamic. “Teachers in coaching centers are urged to organize separate classes for boys and girls. Islami Markazi Majlis-e-Shoura will be compelled to take action against those flouting the directives”, it said.Islami Markazi Majlis-e-Shoura also reprimanded the women for going alone to marketplaces and exhibitions without being escorted by a male member. It also ordered the women to refrain from moving alone and going to exhibitions.

After Triple Talaq judgment, UP madrassas to teach ‘correct Islamic process of giving talaq’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A week after the landmark Supreme Court judgment banning instant talaq, a prominent Sunni sect has decided to teach young Muslims about correct Islamic process of giving divorce.In a step that can be seen as a major reform, the Barelvi sect of Islam has decided to include Triple Talaq (talaq-e-sunnat) in its curriculum.It should be noted that the top court had banned the instant talaq or talaq-e-biddat.Mufti Kafeel Hashmi, head of Darul Ifta Manjare-e-Islam of Bareilly’s Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat said the Holy Quran and Hadis have laid down certain processes for pronouncing triple talaq but, unfortunately, in the absence of proper knowledge it was being grossly misused in the form of instant talaq or talaq-e-biddat.“To remove these doubts prevailing in the minds of Muslim students, Bareilvi sect has decided to include talaq in the curriculum of madrassas run by it all over the country,” the Mufti said.Mufti Hashmi is of the view that if students are taught at madrassa level about the mandatory provisions laid down in Islam about talaq then no controversy would ever surface as Muslims will strictly follow the guidelines given in Islam.The religious head of the Barelvi sect said he was drafting the new curriculum on Triple Talaq as per mandatory provisions given in the Holy Quran and Hadis.The Mufti said Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat will soon issue a circular to all madrassas run by the sect.The highest body of the Barelvi sect in the country will also release a helpline number for those who wants to seek advice on the correct process of talaq.All madrassas will also be directed to discuss the issue with parents during parent-teacher meetings and educate them about the talaq-e-biddat, the correct Islamic process of giving talaq in cases where it was difficult for husband to live further with wife due to continued strained marital relations.On Supreme Court verdict, Mufti said that there was no need for any court to interfere in “our religious laws” but since Triple Talaq was not being followed correctly by few Muslims, the Supreme Court had to intervene and put a ban on it.“We have to keep our house in order first to thwart any attempt from any corner to interfere in our religious matters,” he pointed.

Triple Talaq verdict: Deoband says ‘stick to Shariat’ for making any law

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>As many Muslim women across India celebrated the Supreme Court’s landmark judgment of abolishing Triple Talaq, Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has issued a veiled warning and wants the Centre to ‘stick to Shariat.’Hours after the verdict, the Deoband madrassa said that the government must consult Islamic scholars before enacting any law.“We welcome the Supreme Court judgment but Parliament should ensure that the new legislation should be as per our Shariat laws and in consultation with Muslim scholars and All-India Muslim Personal Law Board,” Darul Uloom spokesperson said.He said that the seminary won’t tolerate any interference in the personal laws of Muslim community.“Before enacting new law, Parliament should consider our requests. Triple talaq is an issue of Shariat-e-Islam. We will not tolerate any interference in our religious matter by the court or even Parliament if it was against our religious laws,” the spokesperson said.Meanwhile, All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s Senior Vice-President Maulana Mohd Salim Kasmi said there was no need to enact any law on Triple Talaq since the Board has already taken several drastic steps to discourage it.“Under the Constitution of India, all religions are free to practice their personal laws. Muslims in India are governed by directives from Board and they will not allow any interference in their personal laws from any corners,” said he. Taking a hardline view, Tanzeem Ulema-e-Hind’s Chairman Maulana Nadeem-ul-Wazadi said, “If Parliament enacted a law which is against our personal laws, Muslims in India will not abide. We follow laws made by our Prophet and we will not follow any other law.”The AIMPLB Senior Vice-President Maulana Mohd Salim Kasmi said that there was no need to enact any law on triple talaq since the Board has already taken several drastic steps to discourage it.“Under the Constitution of India, all religions are free to practice their personal laws. Muslims in India are governed by directives from Board and they will not allow any interference in their personal laws from any corners,” he said.A woman cleric from Kanpur has, however, countered claims of the AIMPLB. “Board is only a platform for Muslims to raise their voice. The country will run by laws passed by the Parliament and Supreme Court orders. Board’s diktats neither have any religious sanctity nor any constitutional value after Supreme Court directives,” Dr Heena Zahid Naqvi said.

Muslim Law Board refrains from commenting on Triple Talaq as hearing continues in SC

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> With the hearing in the Supreme Court on the controversial practice of Triple Talaq is underway, The All India Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Thursday refrained itself from commenting on the issue. ?The arguments are going on in the SC and whatever cases are made by the argument are replied to by the counsel, who is representing the board. I don?t think it is proper to give reply,? AIMPLB member Zafaryab Jilani told ANI. ?As far as the query to the advisory of Darul Qaza (Sharia courts) is concerned, If there is nothing new, then there is no need of any advisory,? he added. Meanwhile, hearing on the triple talaq matter is underway in the Supreme Court. The AIMPLB yesterday told the apex court that marriage in the Muslim community is a contract and in order to protect their interests, they can put special emphasis on certain clauses in the ‘nikahnama’. The board further said that a Muslim woman had every right to pronounce triple talaq in all forms, and also ask for very high ‘mehr’ amount in case of talaq. The board’s reply came after Chief Justice of India (CJI) Jagdish Singh Khehar asked AIMPLB counsel Kapil Sibal if it was possible to give bride the right to not accept instant triple talaq. The board also showed the court a resolution passed on April 14, 2017, which stated triple talaq as a sin and that the community should boycott the person doing such an act. The apex court also wanted to know from the AIMPLB if it was possible for the board whether their (SC) advisory will be followed by the Qazis at the ground level. One of the board’s lawyers Yousuf Hathim Muchala told the top court that the advisory of the AIMPLB was not mandatory for all Qazis to follow. Muchala, however, made it clear that the board accepts the suggestions in all humility and will look at it. The bench also questioned the AIMPLB on the position of e-divorce given on WhatsApp in Islam. The Centre, during the earlier hearing, assured the apex court that it would come out with a law to regulate marriage and divorce among Muslims if Triple Talaq is upheld as invalid. Earlier in the hearing, the apex court refused to hear all the three cases of Polygamy, Nikah and Halala at once, saying it will focus on one matter at a time. The Attorney General and top law officers representing the Central government arguing in front of the five judge Constitution bench said the apex court should hear other cases also, besides Triple Talaq. However, the top court said that they have limited time, so all the matters could not be covered at present. On the second day of the hearing, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid, who is the amicus curiae in the matter, said before the Supreme Court that the controversial Islamic divorce system cannot be justified whatsoever. The Centre, earlier on May 11, told the apex court that it opposed the triple talaq practice and wants to fight for women equality and gender justice.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

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