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Students allege NIT muzzling festivals

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar is engaged in yet another showdown with its outstation students, as the administration has issued a notice regarding the Navratri event organised at the institute and students are alleging it has a communal ring to it.In the notice, the Dean has alleged that while the Navratri festival was organised with “religious fervour”, the ensuing ‘Garba Night’ involved drinking and DJ sets that “played only filmy songs instead of religious songs”. Owing to this, “no such such event will be allowed in future”, the notice reads.However, students at the institute insist that the move was motivated by ulterior motives, as the college wanted to muzzle all Hindu festivals on the campus. “The same organising committee that the Dean has congratulated for the successful Navratri festival was the one that organised the latter event. How can they be heroes and villains at the same time? Basically, since the administration cannot straightaway muzzle Navratri, they have tried to circumnavigate the issue,” said a student from UP, requesting anonymity.Meanwhile, the braid-chopping controversy, which has sparked furious protests and a renewed efforts by separatists to rally people, has threatened to singe the campus too.Some students allege that a few days ago, locals had jumped the boundary wall and accused the outstation students of being involved in chopping braids. The college, since then, has started fencing the boundary wall with severe restrictions imposed on the movement of students.Registrar of the college, SA Mir, said, “Whatever has been done, it has been done to ensure that students remain safe. We don’t want any stray incident to spark any controversy as in 2016.

India Dalit man killed for watching Hindu celebration

Despite laws to protect them, discrimination is a daily reality for India’s lower castes.

5 injured as groups clash at Navratri venue

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>On Wednesday late night, a dispute broke between two groups outside a Garba Venue in Sola area. The fight erupted after the group of 10 men were not allowed to enter the venue by a bouncer deployed at the gate.The incident took place at around 12 pm right outside the gate of Amiraj farm, when a group of 10 men tried to enter the Garba venue without the pass. The group were stopped by bouncers who were deployed at the gate and were not allowed to enter. Regarding which there was dispute broke between the bouncers and group of men.During the incident, five people were injured, including one of a bouncer who was attacked with an iron pipe. The Sola High Court police got to know about the incident and rushed to spot with a team of policemen and nabbed all the men involved in the dispute.While the injured were rushed to the sola hospital for treatment.Regarding the incident, no case was lodged with the police station after both the parties led to a settlement.SL Solanki, Inspector of the police station, said, “There was no case registered in the matter, after both the parties led to a settlement and no one lodged a complaint.”

Mahila cops to keep vigil during Navratri festival

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a move to step up its security during Navratri, the city police have extended the duty hours from 9 pm to 1 pm. Sleuths of local police and Mahila crime branch will be deployed across the city to maintain peace. The cops have created three teams which will closely monitor the 58 garba venues during the nine-day festival.In order to avoid traffic snarls, at least across the main city arteries, the cops will also deploy teams outside the venues.As per Mahila crime branch officials, around three teams of Mahila police officers have been formed, who will be traditionally dressed during celebrations. The cops will also keep a special watch with CCTV footage to prevent any harassment of women. Besides, the cops in uniform will also be deployed across all venues.Panna Mommaya, ACP Mahila Crime branch, said, “The teams will be deployed in both western and eastern parts of the city. For safety of women, our officials will be deployed across major garba venues. The woman officers will also be present at different venues for immediate assistance.”Restriction on heavy vehiclesIn order to maintain a smooth vehicular movement during the nine-day festival, the traffic police department has issued a notification to band heavy vehicles on SG Highway. The vehicles will be diverted to alternate routes between 11 pm to 3 am to avoid any congestion. Around 14 towing trucks will be deployed outside major Garba venues to clear the vehicles which will be parked on the roads and creating congestion. At the major crossroads, more traffic personals will be deployed to maintain the traffic movement.

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