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Power POSHAN helping kids & parents lead happy life

Ravita, a two-year-old, is inquisitive and curious as she ought to be like others of her age. Her mother replies to all her queries, but misses some most of the time. It looks like one small happy family with her mother, grandmother and father alongside her. But a year back, things were not all fine and happy. She was suffering from life-threatening Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and her family was dejected about her condition, until they came across POSHAN programme. The Sahariya tribe Ravita belongs to is one of the most vulnerable tribal groups in Southern Rajasthan. Her village ‘Kushalpura’ at ‘Shahabad’ block is one of the remotest in Baran district which remains mostly barren throughout the year, a reason which drives many to become migrants. Some like her parents often find petty work at the agricultural fields nearby as daily wage labourers. When moving out to work, her parents often left her in the care of her grandmother who fed her with anything little that was at home without realising the nutritional requirements of the child.Time passed and Ravita fell sick with diarrhoeal issues, lack of appetite, and became lethargic. The lack of child care practices among the family, deteriorated her condition. Out of desperation, her parents took her to a local quack in the village, but to no avail. Things went out of control and after counseling by the community mobilizers, her parents took her to a Malnutrition Treatment Centre (MTC) where she stayed for a few days and after she showed signs of recovery, she was discharged. But because of continuous engagement of the parents in the fields and lack of care again deteriorated her condition- both physical and cognitive developments. They again sought treatment at MTC, but financial burden took toll and made the parents leave the treatment midway again as the family found it difficult to stay in MTC.During the next six months, Ravita’s growth fluctuated more often until the government of Rajasthan launched the phase-II of the POSHAN programme at Baran. Now as the treatment was just a doorstep away, the parents could completely do away with their trips to MTC. Also they could maintain a balance between their work and family life. Within eight weeks of undertaking the programme she grew healthy. The POSHAN programme effectively changed the life of Ravita and her family and perhaps of many more like her.SUDDEN TRANSFORMATIONRavita’s growth fluctuated more often until the government of Rajasthan launched the phase-II of the POSHAN programme at Baran. Now as the treatment was just a doorstep away, the parents could completely do away with their trips to MTC. Also they could maintain a balance between their work and family life. Within eight weeks of undertaking the programme the child grew healthy.

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Any immediate respite for parents?

While the recent Gujarat High Court judgment comes as a great relief to parents by upholding state governments law for regulating school fees, how soon the parents will be able to benefit of the same remains something to be watched for.At a time when many schools across the state have started collecting fees for the next academic year, there is still no clarity on the fees for next academic year. The processes of the fee regulatory committee may take some time and, hence, schools are mulling over their decision for fees in the interim period.Commenting on the judgment, Association of Progressive Schools (AoPS) said, “Now that the judgment has come we wish government will ensure that the schools can function smoothly without having to compromise on the quality of school education in Gujarat which has started improving over the last decade.”AoPS member schools range from JG International school, Udgam school, Divine Child International School. Delhi Public School, Anand Niketan school, etc.An academician requesting anonymity said, “The order seems to be a small win in a huge battle. Even today, schools can approached the Supreme Court or they can approach the FRC. If they go to the FRC in three weeks, as per law, FRC will have to pass an order in 90 days. Even if FRC passes an order early and well in time, schools can then go for revision which again would take 90 days and eventually higher court. All of this process will take a lot of time and there is no clarity on fees for next academic year.Sources said the schools may approach the government and ask to form guideliness for FRC as per the high court order. A major concern of this entire Act is that there is no upper limit of fees. As per the order, if schools can justify to the FRC, they can charge higher fees.Dharmesh Patel, one of the parents of the association of Tripada International School in Ghatlodia, said, “The decision is great, but the biggest challenge will be to see how and when the state government implements the same. Since the Act has been upheld by the court, the responsibility of the government becomes double ensuring justice to parents. Also, since there is hardly any school which had gone to the high court, FRC’s should not take a long time.”Raising an important concern, Pooja Prajapati, President, Parents Ekta Manch said, “We welcome the decision and it is a victory for the parents. However, some questions have remained unanswered. The court has allowed schools to file an appeal in six weeks regarding their concern. Then what is the point of keeping fee slabs. Taking advantage of this slab, many schools that used to charge Rs 7000 or so and if they now increase till Rs 15000, there is no clarity on the same. Our fight will go on.”Ruchi Chaudhary, Managing Trustee, Shankus Foundation, Divine Child International School said, “We welcome the high court order and follow the notifications of going to FRC for an increment of fees so as to maintain the quality of education and other quality amenities we offer to our students.”Manan Choksi, managing director, Udgam School for Children said, “We are getting a legal opinion on whether should we collect fees up to certain amount or not collect at all. While we can return post dated cheques collected from parents once the order of FRC comes, but need some clarity to plan yearly expenses.”Schools need to approach FRC in three weeks FRC to give its order in 90 days If schools are not satisfied, they can apply for revision (90 days) Eventually they can approach a higher court Aggrieved parents have no place to approach *No upper limit of fees for justification

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Don’t attend Modern school event, CM Devendra Fadnavis urged

The parents submitted the letter to the CM on December 26. It has also been sent to the school’s alumnus, Cabinet Minister Chandrakant Patil. The school said the parents have a vested interest. ”

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<!–end of artlbotbor–><!–end of artlsocl–>Written ByDNA Correpondent <!–end of artlbotbor–>Thursday 28 December 2017 1:30 ISTMust readOn Day 2, Mumbai commuters warm up to AC localMumbai Metro authorities don’t see the need to increase coaches despite commuter rise<!–end of artlmustredbx–><!–end of articllftpbx–>Parents of students of Indian Education Society’s Modern English School in Dadar have written to CM Devendra Fadnavis, requesting him not to accept the school’s invitation to inaugurate a Shivaji statue in Hindu Colony for its centennial celebrations on Friday, because complaints against the management over fee hike are pending before the Bombay High Court.<!– /11440465/DNA_Mobile_Article_300x250_BTF_1 –>The parents submitted the letter to the CM on December 26. It has also been sent to the school’s alumnus, Cabinet Minister Chandrakant Patil. The school said the parents have a vested interest.

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Anti-eve-teasing squads to keep eye on eve-teasers among new year revelers
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Andhra Pradesh: Am not interested in my husband, says pregnant woman in video before hanging self

A married woman, who was four months pregnant, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan at Tadepalligudam in West Godvari district, police said.Nagamounika, the woman, shot a video of herself on her cell phone, before taking the extreme step at her parents’ house, a senior police official said.As per the official, in the video, she is heard as saying, “Sorry parents, I am not interested in my husband. Please take all money and other articles (given at the time of marriage) from him.”Nagamounika had come to meet her parents ahead of the Sankranti festival, he said.”She had got married in August. We are probing the matter,” the officer said.

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Mumbai: School bans students, parents from wearing ‘burqa’, ‘hijab’

A private school on the outskirts of Mumbai has banned burqa and hijab in school premises citing security reasons.The school located in Mumbra, said that the decision was taken due to safety and security reasons, according to a report in The Indian Express. The notice issued by the school also stated that the parents and family members of the school will have to lift the veil while entering school premises. The notice also does not allow students to cover their face while leaving school.The school trustee said that as some students left school in covered faces with burqa, the security were not able to know the whereabouts of them when their parents came looking for their children.In another case, the school trustee said that two women in fully-covered face arrived in school asking to take their children home early. However, before the class teacher could come and verify the details of the two women, they left. The school trustee called it a clear attempt of ‘abduction’.However, the school has maintained that they don’t intend to hurt any religious sentiments but it is necessary to reveal their faces on camera.

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Call to save Marathi schools from closure

Marathi schools and different organisations came together at a programme here on Saturday to give a call to save Marathi medium schools from closure. Organised by Marathi Abhyas Kendra and DS High School, Sion, for parents and different school managements, educationists who spoke on day one of the two-day meet asked the public to spread the message that Marathi medium schools can sustain and improve admissions.The meet had speakers who have done well in their career after taking studying in Marathi medium schools. Amol Yadav, a pilot who built six-seater aircraft, Sailee Jadhav, kabbadi champion, Anil Deshpande, mayor of Orlando and alumni of DS High School, were among the prominent personalities who spoke about their success after pursuing studies in Marathi medium schools.Rajendra Pradhan, president of DS High School, said: “Parents have misconception that if their child goes to Marathi medium school, he/she will not do well in future and will face a lot of challenges. So, they go all the way in borrowing money to put their child in English medium schools.”There were also an interactive session on ‘advantages of learning in mother tongue’ and lectures on how the parents and teachers can help in development of child’s personality, and how value education can be given through activity based programmes. The convention was attended by around 600 parents and educationists.

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20-year-old man’s body found dumped in Kalyanpuri park

The body of a 20-year-old man was found, with his face crushed inside a park, in North-East Delhi’s Kalyanpuri area late on Monday night. Police officials are investigating the case from a personal enmity angle as the deceased was not robbed and his belongings were intact.According to the police, the incident came to the fore on Tuesday morning when a passerby noticed the body lying in the park. Prima facie, it appears that he was killed on Monday night and his face was disfigured using a huge stone so as to conceal his identity.Police officials have ruled out robbery as a prime objective in the case as the mobile phone and the wallet of the deceased were intact. The deceased has been identified as Ranjit Kumar. Kumar worked at a shop and the police informed that he used to consume drugs. Kumar also used to have arguments with his parents as they objected to his consuming drugs.The police identified the body through his mobile phone. His parents had tried reaching him on the mobile phone but when he did not answer, they panicked and started looking for him in the vicinity. Police have registered a case and the investigation is on.

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Succession claims continue in Bombay High Court for Bohri head’s post

Taher Fakhruddin Saheb, son of the deceased original challenger to the post of Syedna, which is currently being held by the 53rd Dai Ul Mutlaq and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, said, “Parents and siblings of my wife, have not given misaq (oath of allegiance) to me on my succeeding as the 54th Syedna and I don’t know if they gave it to my father, late Khuzaima Qutbuddin.”Fakhruddin has been testifying in the declaratory suit filed by Qutbuddin before his demise, seeking to declare him as the 53rd Syedna.On Tuesday, during the cross examination in the Bombay High Court, Fakhruddin replied to the question raised by counsel Iqbal Chagla, appearing for Mufaddal, by saying, “My father appointed me as the 54th Dai. When I succeeded him, I did take misaq from my siblings.”However, to another question he said, “His in-laws, who stay in the United States of America have not given him misaq.”Replying to a question on the way misaq is given, Fakhruddin said, “It is given by people on their own free will and also by the persons who believe in the faith.”Fakhruddin also said that his father (Qutbuddin) had over several occasions, spread over years, bestowed special knowledge and dawat secrets to him which were not disseminated in the many sermons given while his father was alive. He pressed that this knowledge was given so that he could serve the dawat sincerely and with devotion.Qutbuddin, who passed away pending the trial, in the declaratory suit had claimed that the 52nd Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanudin had conferred nass on him but told him to keep it secret until his death. However, the incumbent Syedna has claimed that he was conferred the nass by Burhanudin in London. Qutbuddin had publicly challenged the succession after the death of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddinm, the 52nd Syedna, on January 17, 2014. The deposition will continue on Wednesday.

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Indians top list in Asia category in overseas education, claims study

More and more parents are sending their children overseas for higher education with around 62 per cent of the parents in a poll saying they sent their kids to foreign universities in 2017 as against 47 per cent in 2016, claims a study.The findings are based on the study of over 8,000 parents across 15 countries and territories which found that 42 per cent parents would consider sending their children to universities abroad, compared to 35 per cent in 2016.Ambitious parents in Asia are boosting the trend where India leads the tray with 62 per cent of the parents doing so, followed by Indonesia (61), China (59), Hong Kong (52), Malaysia (51) and Singapore (47), as per an HSBC report.”With the rise of the information economy and a challenging job market, education has never been more important than it’s today. Parents know this and they are willing to go to great lengths to secure the right education for their children,” HSBC group head for wealth management Charlie Nunn said in the report.Asian parents appear to be much more focused on the competitive advantage an overseas university can offer their child, it said.Parents see the main benefits of a university education abroad as being to help their child gain international work experience (49 per cent), develop foreign language skills (49 per cent) and to be exposed to new experiences, ideas and cultures (48 per cent).Overall, the US is the most considered international education destination (47 per cent), ahead of Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany and France.Nearly 73 per cent parents consider a foreign university education for their kids and are ready to make a significant financial contribution for the same.The overall average cost for an undergraduate and postgraduate degree abroad is around USD 1,57,782 (USD71,580 for an undergraduate and USD 86,202 for a postgraduate course), it said.Around 45 per cent of parents would go further and consider buying a property in the country where their child is studying, claim survey.

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India newborn ‘mistakenly’ declared dead passes away

The baby was handed over in a plastic bag but his parents saw him move on their way to his funeral.

Bride-to-be refuses to marry over demand for dowry

A bride-to-be, dentist by profession on Sunday dared to refuse to marry the groom-to-be, who along with his parents demanded dowry of around one crore before solemnising the nuptial knot. The father of the bride-to-be on Monday lodged a case against the groom-to-be and his parents in this connection at Nayapura police station following which police initiated investigation.Dr Rashi, a dentist by profession and daughter of Dr Anil Saxena, a senior professor at TB and chest department in Medical College, Kota was set to solemnise nuptial knot on Sunday evening with Dr Saksham Saxena, also an assistant professor in medical college in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. The Barat was staying in luxurious heritage hotel. Noticing the glory and glamour of the bride’s family, the groom and his parents were hit by the greed and demanded more cash, gold and silver jewellery worth around one crore for the marriage. The sudden demand for high dowry by the groom-to-be and his parents before the marriage left us in deep shock with tears in our eyes, told Dr Anil Saxena He and his wife Rashmi, approached their daughter and narrated her the whole incident, following which she spoke to her groom-to-be on phone. On finding him unmoved from his demand, she straightly refused to marry for the greed of dowry, Dr Anil Saxena said. Police have today received a report from Dr Anil Saxena against the groom- to-be and his family members but no case has been lodged in the matter so far as investigation on the report is underway, told Harish Bharti, Circle In charge (CI) at Nayapura police station.
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India doctors fired for mistakenly declaring newborn dead

The hospital which employed the doctors said the “strict action” was taken after an initial inquiry.

I made a small mistake, there was no intercourse: Jharkhand principal accused of molesting 7-year-old

The Jharkhand school principal who was booked for allegedly molesting a seven-year-old child, has admitted to the crime. However, he has brushed it off saying that there was ‘no intercourse involved’.According to an NDTV report, S Xavier, who heads the school in Jharkhand’s Koderma district had allegedly taken the child to the school toilet where he stripped her and inappropriately touched her. He then gave her some money and told her to not repeat what had happened.He was produced before the media by the police. “Yes I did, but it wasn’t such a big mistake. There was no sexual intercourse. Let me be frank, I could not even have done it, I’m old now. It was an accident.” The man, who has been sent to jail for 15 days, also said, “I am under a lot of stress. My work is not going well. I have heart trouble. I can’t sleep at night sometimes. I have insomnia,” he said.Also readKolkata sexual assault case: School closed indefinitely, action demanded against Principal Xavier has been booked under various sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act​ (POCSO).The incident came to light days after a four-year-old child from a posh school in Kolkata was sexually assaulted by her physical education teachers. Both the teachers were booked under POCSO after the child identified them. Parents staged protests outside the school and the Jadavpur police station where the accused have been locked up, demanding stricter action. They had also lamented the high school fee (Rs 5,000 per month) but no adequate security for the children.
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After Kolkata sexual assault of 4-year-old, Jharkhand principal booked for molesting seven-year-old

A day after a four-year-old child was sexual assaulted in a posh school in Kolkata, another report – this time from Jharkhand – says that a 67-year-old principal of a public school allegedly molested a seven-year-old.According to news agency ANI, an FIR has already been registered against the principal of Telaiya Public School in Koderma and a probe is on.Earlier in Kolkata, parents protested outside the GD Birla Centre for Education to protest against the authorities after a four-year old child was sexually assaulted by her physical education teachers.Meanwhile, the two accused physical education teachers Abhishek Roy and Md Mofizzuddin were arrested and placed in police custody at Jadavpur police station. They have been booked under the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act.Earlier, it was reported that the girl was lured to the toilet with promise of getting chocolates. There she was shown pornography and was molested. The victim has identified the two individuals from pictures shown by the detectives.The child was constantly crying and complained of severe pain after returning from school on Wednesday when her mother spotted blood stains on her clothes, he said. On enquiring, the girl told her mother that the PT teacher had taken her to the washroom but could not narrate what happened thereafter. Her parents took her to a pediatrician who advised her to be taken to the police, the officer said.Also readKolkata minor sexual assault: Parents protest outside school; lament lack of security despite hefty feesThe child was admitted to the state-run SSKM Hospital late last night. Tests were performed to confirm the alleged sexual assault on her. The report is awaited, hospital sources told. Following the incident, parents of other students held protests in front of the school gate today demanding immediate suspension of the accused teacher.Since the Ryan International School student’s murder, a number of reports of the lack of security in schools – both public and private – have been highlighted by the media.Also read4-year-old girl sexually molested in washroom of reputed Kolkata school However, data provided by NCRB shows that molestation of children under the POCSO act has increased almost four-fold in the past three years. However, there is no information revealing where the incidents took place.
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World AIDS Day: Hope floats

Devid (name changed), a 15-year-old boy, does not remember when his parents died, but he still remember the day when his uncle left him at SMS Hospital in Jaipur. “It was Christmas eve in 2007 when he brought me here from our home in Shriganganagar.” said Devid. “I didn’t know at that time the cause of my parents death and why my relatives were abandoning me, but it was painful and I cried a lot.”Devid is one of those thousands of children in the state who are abandoned by their relatives after death of their parents. Reason: these kids are born HIV positive, came in the world with the infection transmitted to them from their parents. “The disease involves stigma, so people do not want to even accept the relation with children,” Smriti Singh, secretary, FAITH said. Singh runs a shelter home in the outskirts of urban Jaipur where 83 HIV positive children are living. “One can see here that these kids can live normal lives. All of them go to different schools where they study and play with around other 2,000 children. To reduce the viral effect of infection they are being provided with the daily doze of ART including calcium and zinc tablets. When at home, they play musical instruments and grow organic vegetables in kitchen garden,” Singh said.These children know nothing more than the fact that they are like other kids, except that unlike others they have to take a daily doze of ART and practice specific precautions in case of any bruise or bleeding. Like every aspiring child for whom sky is the limit, Devid has a dream to play in Pro-Kabaddi League one day.
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Mumbai: Parents plan to protest over school fee hike; St Joseph High School says ‘not aware of issue’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Parents of St Joseph High School of New Panvel is planning to protest in December month if the Panvel’s Khandeshwar police will not register case under capitation fee act against the school for over charging the school fees.The parents of St Joseph High School, sector 7, have written a letter to the police official of Khandeshwar police station on 26 November. The parent in a letter have requested the police to file an FIR under Capitation Fee Act 1988 against their school for overcharging the school fees from the parents.Gaurav Kadam, parent of St. Joseph High School, said, “Since 2006 the school is being increasing the school fees every year. If the FIR is registered against the school, then the school will have to pay Rs 50,000 upto one lakh rupees to each parent which is the extra money school has taken from the parents.”However, the St. Joseph High School officials when contacted refused to comment on the issue claiming they have no idea about this matter.Ravindra Kalambekar, parent of St. Joseph High school said, “If the FIR is not registered then we have mentioned in letter to police station that we will protest in front of police station. We have letter copy from education department that the school from year 2006 till 2014 never taken education department’s permission before making fee hike in school.”Anubha Sahai, President, India Wide Parents Association, said, “I will support this parent and participate in their protest even if am not parent of their school. Because this thing is happening across India where parents are being charged more fees. The FIR against this school will help many parents.”The police officials are currently investigating the matter and seeking expert opinions on the fee hike. “I am not expert about the topic on which allegations are made by the parents. Hence we have sent the letter to district education officer of primary in Alibagh to ask whether parents are over charged school fees by school and if yes, we will see whether if there is any provision that a case can be registered against the school under capitation fee act,” said Yogesh More, senior inspector, Khandeshwar police station.

Minor girl raped by neighbour in Jhalawar, accused detained

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 12-year-old girl belonging to Meena community was allegedly abducted and raped by her neighbour on the pretext of taking her to a relative’s birthday party in Jhalawar district in Rajasthan, police said on Monday. The accused fled away from the town after the crime but he was later today morning detained by the police. Meanwhile, the police van of the Khanpur police station, taking the victim and her parents overturned on Monday on the way to a community health centre (CHC), he said. However, none of the six in the van sustained injuries besides the father of the victim, who sustained minor hand injuries, the official said.The girl, a class 6 student of Meena community, a resident of Tailiyo ka Mohalla in Khanpur town and a class 6th students in local government school was on Sunday evening abducted and raped by neighboring youth identified as Vijay Singh (22), told Sub-inspector (SI) at Khanpur police station Surendra Singh. While the victim was playing outside her home, the accused youth, in the pretext of attending a birthday party, took her to a relative’s home at nearby Harigarh village at around 4.30 last evening and raped her there, he said. The minor was along at her home as her parents and elder sister are daily wage labors and was at work when the accused took her on a motorbike, the S.I. said.When the victim returned around 8 o’clock last night, she narrated the plight to her parents following which they approached the police station and lodged a case against the accused, Sub Inspector Singh said. The accused youth Vijay Singh, on the, complain, was booked under sections 363 (kidnapping), 376 (rape) of IPC, section ¾ of POSCO Act and under section 3 of SC/ST Act, he further said.The victim’s statements under section 164 before the magistrate would be recorded today after the medical examination, the SI said. The police van while taking the victim and parents along with the three police personnel for medical examination.Accused booked under POSCO ACTThe accused in the matter was rounded up today and would be shown as arrested after the preliminary investigation and the statements of the victim under 164 are over later in the day today.When the victim returned around 8 o’clock last night, she narrated the plight to her parents following which they approached the police station and lodged a case against the accused. The accused was booked under sections 363, 376 of IPC, section ¾ of POSCO Act and under section of SC/ST Act.

School fee: Min assures new norms

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>On the topic of parents having a say in the issue of school fee hikes, Education Minister Vinod Tawde on Thursday said that the government is working on norms that will allow parents to have a say.A recent order by the Bombay High Court on the issue barred parents from approaching the District Fee Regulation Committee (DFRC), allowing only schools to do so. Tawde stated that the government will introduce some norms that allow groups of parents to approach the DFRC. He said, “If the court has ordered that parents cannot individually approach DFRC then the government will see if we can come out with some norms wherein groups of parents can approach DFRC for fee hike complaint.”Anubha Sahai, India Wide Parents Association, said, “If the parents cannot approach individually then the state government should intervene in this matter and resolve the fee hike issue to help parents.”

12-year-old rape survivor delivers baby after abortion denied by Madhya Pradesh High Court

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 12-year-old rape survivor, whose abortion plea was turned down by the High Court, has delivered a baby through the C-section surgery at the district hospital here.Dr Indira Gupta, gynaecologist at the Khargone district hospital, said, “The girl delivered an infant boy weighing around 2.6 kg through C-section last night. Both the girl and the infant are stable and in good health.” The police were informed about the development and a DNA test would be conducted on the baby, as is normally done in such cases (for the purpose of probe), she said.Advocate Rajendra Singh Parmar, who represents the girl, said her parents are ready to take care of the baby.”Parents of the rape survivor are ready to take care of the infant. But we are looking for institutions or individuals who can bring up the child up to the age of one year,” Parmar said.The girl was allegedly raped by a 21-year-old engineering student, her distant cousin, and the crime came to light when she was taken to hospital for stomach ache in August this year and was found to be over 20 weeks pregnant.A case was registered at the Barud police station in the district on August 24 and the accused was arrested.Her parents first moved the district court seeking permission to abort the foetus, but the court refused the permission on medical grounds. The parents then approached the Madhya Pradesh High Court’s Indore bench.The HC ordered a fresh medical examination, but the doctors’ report advised against the termination of pregnancy.Following which, the high court denied the permission for abortion and ordered a monitoring of girl’s health by medical experts.

Man shaves off wife’s hair after tiff over sex

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Bazarpeth police have arrested a 28-year-old man for allegedly indulging in unnatural sex with his 20-year-old wife, and tonsuring her head. The accused was allegedly addicted to porn.According to police, the accused Mukhtar Shaikh, a resident of Kalyan, allegedly assaulted his wife with a knife and a pair of scissors and shaved off her hair for her refusal to indulge in unnatural sex. He had also allegedly been demanding money from her since July.”The victim had gone back to her maternal house and informed her parents about the assault. A few days later, the accused convinced her to come back home. He tried to indulge in unnatural sex with her. When she refused, he shaved her head in a fit of anger to make her look ugly,” said a police officer of Bazarpeth police station.The accused has been booked under sections 377(unnatural sex), 498(A) (Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) and 323(voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code.

15% Udgam, Zebar children overweight

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>With an aim to understand the pattern of lifestyle diseases affecting school children, a school in the city undertook a survey among its students and parents. It found shocking facts and has now chalked out preventive measures and recommendations to deal with diseases like diabetes and hypertension.The online survey was sent out to 6,500 children of Udgam and Zebar school, of which more than 1,000 responded. While 15 per cent of the children were found to be overweight, 23 per cent were had cravings for sugar after a full meal. Around 75 per cent, either of four grandparents have diabetes. The survey also indicated that half the family of 25 per cent is diabetic and parents of 60 per cent suffer from hypertension.Speaking about the study, Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School for Children & Zebar School for Children, said, “Diabetes Mellitus or Type II diabetes is taking a toll on the new generation, which is the future of our country. This was the main reason to undertake this initiative with an aim to sensitise, inform and educate the parents in the current scenario.”He further said, “Despite awareness among parents on lifestyle diseases, preventative measures are not implemented. 28% of children do not eat fruit every day which is strongly recommended as fruits provide vitamins, fibres, hydration and fructose which also helps decrease in sugar cravings.”PREVENTIVE MEASURES SENT TO PARENTS:Engage in a physical activity during the day
Have protein rich diet
Include fiber in every meal
Reduce intake of simple carbohydrates like chocolates, white bread, rice
Avoid packed foods
Avoid high sugar, high salt and high fat food in routine food
Reduce screen time that leads to immobility

Ten-year-old brutally beaten up by teacher for failing to provide his Aadhaar details

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A ten-year-old student was allegedly beaten up brutally by his school teacher after he failed to provide his Aadhaar card details in the school. The boy had to undergo a surgery after the teacher hit him on his knee. The incident took place in Morya Shikshan Sanstha situated in Chinchwad area. The incident took place few weeks back, but it came to light on Sunday when the case was registered against the teacher by the parents of the boy in Chinchwad police station. Police have slapped charges of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means under section 324, and relevant sections of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 against the teacher identified as Kharat (full name is not known).According to the parents of the student, they still do not know why the teacher had asked for the Aadhaar details from their son. Sangeeta Belle, the mother of the boy said, “As per my knowledge, the school was planning to come up with a mobile application to send circulars and other notifications to parents. I think that they required the Aadhar details of students for that application. However, there was no need to hit our son so badly.”The parents said that he boy was admitted in a private hospital from October 6 to October 15 where he had to undergo a surgery after he was hit by the teacher. “He was very scared to even tell us about the incident. He was facing difficulty in walking and we had to take him to a doctor for treatment. After he was admitted in the hospital for the surgery, that time he narrated the whole incident to us and we were in deep shock,” Belle said. After the boy was discharged from the hospital, the parents decided to approach the police and lodge the complaint against the teacher. Police are now trying to get more information about the teacher. “Being Sunday, the school was closed and the parents also did not have much information about the teacher. Once the school is opened on Monday, we will contact the school authority and we will get further details in this case,” a police official from Chinchwad police station said.

Adoption agencies refuse to bear medical, travel cost of prospective couples

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Specialised Adoption Agencies in Maharashtra are unhappy with a recent circular issued by Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), which makes the agencies bear the medical and travel cost of prospective couples, if there is a medical problem detected in the child and a ground to reject adoption can be proven.Kala Sundarvedha,President, Federation of Adoption Agencies (Maharashtra), said, “The circular is arbitrary in nature. Children who are brought to us, mostly come from impoverished backgrounds at the time when we refer them for adoption. Standard test as prescribed are carried out by each agency by the respective consulting doctors. However, if the child develops some medical issues at a later stage, how is the agency to be held responsible?”The association, which has 22 adoption agencies as its members, is going to meet to gather feedback from individual adoption agencies and then communicate the consensus along with the difficulties that may be faced, to CARA.As per the circular dated October 9, “Often it happens, that a child referred under normal category has medical problems, which is not reflected in the MER. When parents come to take custody of these children, they are dteected through supplementary tests. In such cases, the medical charges and travelling cost of the parents shall be reimbursed by the adoption agency (both Government-run and NGO-run), if they are responsible for the laxityKala said, “There is always two or more different opinions among different doctors, if the doctor of the agency gives ‘A’ opinion, the doctor of the parents may have ‘B’ opinion. In sucha case, whom should we believe. If CARA, by issuing this circular, has shown distrust in doctors appointed by the agencies, then they should appoint a panel of doctors.”The circular also states that since integration of older children with adoptive family takes more time, agencies are required to allow meeting of children over three years of age at least twice before acceptance. In case of disruption in in-country adoption, agencies are asked to ensure at least two counseling sessions, before the parents are permitted to return the child.

Not every inter-religious wedding is love jihad: Kerala HC upholds union of Hindu woman and Muslim man

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> The Kerala High Court today held that all inter-religious weddings cannot be viewed as ‘love jihad’ as it upheld a marriage between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man.A division bench comprising justices V Chitambaresh and Sathish Ninan made the observations in its judgement on a habeas corpus petition filed by the man. A habeas corpus plea is filed to ensure a person under arrest is brought before a court which will determine whether the detention is legal.”We are appalled to notice the recent trend in this state to sensationalise every case of inter-religious marriage as either ‘love jihad’ or ‘ghar wapsi’ even if there was platonic love between the spouses before,” the court said.The bench also cited the Supreme Court order in the Lata Singh versus state of Uttar Pradesh case of 2004 to emphasise the need for encouraging inter-caste and inter-religious marriages.”We caution that every case of inter-religious marriage shall not be portrayed on a religious canvass and create fissures in the communal harmony otherwise existing in the God’s Own Country – Kerala,” the bench said and upheld the marriage.It said the present case was projected by the parents of the woman as ‘love jihad’ whereas the man, who was in love with her and married her later, termed it as ‘ghar wapsi’ (a bid to coerce her to come back).The woman from Kannur had left her home on May 16 along with the Muslim youth. On a complaint from her parents, police had traced and detained them in Sonepat in Haryana a month later.Initially, a lower court had allowed the woman to go with her parents, who then lodged her in a yoga centre at Tripunithura in Ernakulam district allegedly to make her give up the relationship with the Muslim man.When the woman was produced before the high court on August 18, she had interacted with a single judge and expressed her desire to go back with parents.Subsequently, when the petition came up for hearing four days later, the woman retracted her stand and told the division bench that she made the statement expressing her wish to go with her parents under pressure.She alleged that she was tortured at the yoga centre. It was being run “to coerce the inmates to return to Hindu religion”, she had charged.During the litigation and counter-litigation by both sides, the woman and man had got married legally.The division bench applauded the “extra-ordinary courage” shown by the girl to live up to her conviction and “decry the attempt of her parents to deflect the course of justice by misleading litigations”.It observed their marriage had now been registered too.The court also observed that any centre for forcible conversion or re-conversion had to be busted by the police whether it was Hindu, Muslim or Christian lest it offends the Constitutional right.Article 25 (1) of the Constitution guaranteed every citizen the right to freely profess, practice and propagate any religion which cannot be trampled upon by subversive forces or religious outfits, the court observed.The judgement began with a quote from American poet Maya Angelou who famously said: “Love recognises no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”It may recalled that another division bench of the Kerala High Court had in May annulled the marriage of a 24-year-old woman with a Muslim man after allegedly forced to convert to Islam, terming it as an instance of ‘love jihad’.On an appeal by the husband, the Supreme Court had on August 16 ordered a probe by the National Investigation Agency into the case as the agency claimed it was not an isolated incident but a “pattern” that was emerging in Kerala.

Delhi HC seeks govt reply on plea for laws to protect parents

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed in the Delhi High Court (HC) has claimed that there is no law to protect parents, apart from senior citizens, from the hostility and violence of their children.A Bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Harishankar sought the response of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government on the plea that was filed by a 57-year-old man. The petition also wanted the term ‘senior citizen’ to include parents who have not yet attained the age of 60 years.The court directed the police to provide protection to the petitioner when he visits his home, where he has not been staying, as he fears there is threat to his life at the hands of his 34-year-old son. The court has also sought a status report from the police by November 27 on the allegations against the son.Ghanshyam Singh Rawat has alleged that his younger son, along with some others, had severely assaulted him and tried to kill him when he refused to sell his house, and give the proceeds to him. He also alleged that the police failed to act against his son, thereby adding that when he was hospitalised after the assault, his son broke into the house and forcibly occupied it.The petitioner further said that he does not want any maintenance but only peace. He further claimed that he cannot avail any benefit under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act as it caters only to parents who have attained the status of senior citizen.The plea has also sought striking down of the provision in the Act that creates the distinction between parents who are senior citizens and those who are not. Rawat said the Act does not contain any provision to meet the needs of persons like him, who do not seek any maintenance from their children but only wish to be allowed to live in peace.He also contended that such people need to be protected from hostile and violent children who are only interested in grabbing the properties of their parents and do not care how much suffering they cause.

Youth clicks suicide selfie on death noose

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 21-year-old youth clicked a selfie with a noose around his neck and sent it to his friends before hanging himself.A suicide note found at his rented Virar residence claimed that an agent had duped him of Rs 60,000 and the money which he paid to the agent was taken as a loan from a money lender by his parents in his native village of Sangamner.Somnath Shinde, residing in the Ghaskopri area of Virar, had been living in a rented flat for the past one month after leaving his native village in Sangamner.In his suicide note, Shinde mentioned an agent, Anand Shinde from Sinnar, who had taken Rs 60,000 for helping him land a good job with the airport authority.Being from a poor family, Shinde’s parents took a loan of Rs 60,000 from a money lender which he claimed he would not be able to pay.”The youth was depressed, and in the suicide note, he mentioned an agent who had duped him of Rs 60,000 after which he decided to end his life,” said a police officer from Virar.”He clicked a selfie while hanging by the ceiling fan with a nylon thread and sent it to his friends and the agent. We have registered a case of accidental death in this regard. If we get a complaint from the parents, we will register a case of abetment of suicide against the agent. We are investigating further,” said Yunus Shaikh, Senior Inspector, Virar police station.

Six minutes after birth, baby girl gets Aadhaar number

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Bhavna Santosh Jadhav is just a few minutes old, but she already has in place her vital identity proof – the Aadhaar number.The girl’s parents enrolled for her Aadhaar number which they received in just six minutes after her birth today, in one of the rare cases of getting the vital identity proof within minutes of being born.The child was born at the Osmanabad district women’s hospital at 12.03 pm on Sundayday.At 12.09 pm, her parents got her online birth certificate and the Aadhaar number from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), district collector Radhakrushna Game said.”It’s a proud moment for Osmanabad. We will soon register all children for Aadhaar and link them with their parents’ Aadhaar cards,” he said.The newborn and her mother were doing fine, the hospital’s civil surgeon, Dr Eknath Male, said.Around 1,300 children born at the Osmanabad district women’s hospital in the last one year have got their Aadhaar numbers, he claimed.

Ryan flouted Haryana police’s safety guidelines

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The tragic incident at Gurugram’s Ryan International School could have been avoided, if only the school authorities had properly followed the safety guidelines laid down by the Haryana Police.According to the Haryana Police guidelines, there should be separate toilets for girls and boys, for teachers, and for support staffers. The support staffers, in particular, should not be allowed to use toilets meant for students.At the Ryan International School, however, the accused conductor, Ashok Kumar, was using the students’ toilet.”My son, who studies at the same school, told me that conductors, sweepers, and drivers were using the same toilet as students. How can the school authorities allow this to happen?” a parent, Mahesh Rawat, rued.The guidelines further stated: “The access for bus drivers and conductors, whether employed by the school or hired on a contract, must be limited to just the bus area. Toilets should be provided in that area to avoid entry of staffers in the school premises.”Parents and locals, however, claimed that no such arrangement was there in the school and these people were regularly spotted roaming in the campus.The guidelines also make it mandatory to install CCTV cameras in all critical areas of the premises, including entrances to toilets, and to assign a vigilant officer to keep a check on all security arrangements.Confirming these major security breaches at Ryan, Gurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said: “There is no separate toilet for support staffers in the school. Even though there are CCTV cameras, they are not adequately installed,” he said, adding that police have no details about any vigil officer being appointed by the school, as of now.Besides, the school violated other norms as well, such as the one that states the walls around a school must be high enough to prevent any scaling. Ryan, in fact, has no boundary wall on its back side. The 300-metre stretch has been unguarded for the last two years, locals said.Close to this broken wall is an operational liquor shop, though sale of liquor within 150 m of the main gate of schools and colleges is prohibited. This shop was set ablaze by agitating parents on Sunday.

Cops direct E Delhi school to join probe

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After a five-year-old child was sexually assaulted inside the Tagore Public School in east Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area, the Delhi Police have asked the school authorities to join the investigation. Also, the child’s statement has been recorded under Section 164 of the CrPc.The Delhi Police are also investigating whether the school was following the safety guidelines. It seems there were no CCTV cameras installed in the passage where the accused took the child. She is yet to recover completely.Meanwhile, the child’s father said that at the time of the incident, extra classes were being held and there were not many staffers inside the school. “The accused took her inside the store room and no one even noticed it. Where were the teachers and the security staffers? Now my daughter is refusing to go to school. We had shifted her to this school just six months ago,” he said.”We went by the brand name of the school and enrolled our daughter. She is in a state of shock and is being counselled,” her mother said. The parents also alleged that the class teacher reached the hospital and tried to convince them to not reveal the school’s name. On Saturday afternoon, a school staffer allegedly raped the Class I student in a store room. The Delhi government has ordered a magisterial probe into the incident. The report has to be submitted within three days.CASE SO FARThe child’s statement has been recorded under Section 164 of the CrPc.
Parents allege a teacher tried to get them to not reveal the school’s name.

3 days on, parents wary of sending kids to school

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Three days after the murder of a seven-year-old student in the premises of Gurugram’s Ryan International School, fear continued to grip parents of children studying in other branches of the school.While several parents have decided against sending their kids to school on Monday, others are thinking of personally dropping and picking them up, instead of letting them use the school vehicles.”My 8-year-old son studies in Class III at Ryan’s Vasant Kunj branch. We are really scared of sending him to the school after this incident. I don’t want to put my son in any danger,” said Kanishk Mehta, an engineer.Mehta, however, wasn’t sure what could be done to ensure the safety of his child. “School is considered as one of the safest places for a kid. Working parents leave their little ones there, trusting the school authorities with their safety. But after this incident, my wife and I are considering homeschooling our son,” he said.And Mehta is not alone. Several hundreds of parents are in a fix after a Class II student was found with his neck slit in a school toilet on Friday. Earlier in January, 2016, Devansh Kakora, 6, had died at Ryan’s Vasant Kunj branch, reportedly after falling into a water tank. “If things continue like this, we will have to think about changing our daughter’s school next year,” said Divya Sehgal, another parent.According to the principal of a Ryan school, who did not wish to be named, her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since Friday night. “I’m getting calls and messages from parents, inquiring about the safety measures being taken in my school. There is palpable fear and anxiety among parents,” she said.Meanwhile, the school management has suspended the acting principal of its Gurugram branch. Parents, however, think a stricter action should have been taken against her. “A case of negligence should have been registered against the principal,” said Pramod Kamboj, father of two students at the Ryan International school in Gurugram.

Onus on schools for kids’ to and fro journey: Minister

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma on Sunday said schoolchildren were the responsibility of schools, whether they were coming from homes to schools or going back from schools. The minister was addressing a press conference. He also said guidelines in this regard will be issued to schools on Monday.“Taking children from school to home and home to school is the responsibility of schools. A notice in this regard will be issued by Monday to management of all private schools. Any violation of these guidelines will follow strict action,” Sharma said.He further said the state administration has even considered cancelling the licenses of the Ryan International School but that would put the 1,200 children studying there in jeopardy. “Parents of children who study in the same school have appealed to the government that their kids must not bear the brunt of the negligent and criminal acts of the school management,” Sharma said.Besides, the minister said, adequate action is being taken by the police and the government. The owner of the school andits management have been booked under Section 75 of the Juvenile Act, he said, the culprit has confessed to his crime, and the police have collected adequate evidences to file a chargesheet in the case within a week, he said.Sharma added that if parents were not satisfied even after this, the Haryana government will let the investigation be done by any agency of their choice.

Blue Whale scare: Lucknow schools ban mobile phones

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In what appears to be a preventive step in view of Blue Whale game-related deaths in Uttar Pradesh, the District Education department has banned use of mobile phones in all schools in the state capital, Lucknow.In a circular issued to all CBSE, ICSE and UP Board Schools, the District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) directed ban on use of mobile phones on the school premises.A 13-year-old Class VII student Aditya Vardhan Singh had hanged self on September 7 in Lucknow after playing Blue Whale online game. Earlier, another student had committed suicide by hanging self in Hamirpur district of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. The ban on use of mobile phones has been imposed to discourage students playing the game.”We have issued order in this regard and directed school authorities to ensure that no student carries mobile phones on school premises. Parents have also been issued instructions to keep a watch on behavioural changes in children,” said Mukesh Kumar Singh, the DIOS.The DIOS also directed the school authorities to check students randomly and counsel them if they appear tense or show abnormal behaviour.The Union Home Ministry has already put a ban on the Blue Whale game across the country. DGP Sulkhan Singh has also issued guidelines for parents to pay special attention to children and keep a close vigil on their activities when they use mobile and internet at home.He has also suggested counseling sessions by teachers in the presence of parents about the killer online game. All district police chiefs have been asked to coordinate with school authorities in this regard to create awareness among students as well as parents about the infamous game which is driving children to commit suicide.ALERT IN KOLKATAKolkata police have started issuing guidelines to school authorities regarding ways to identify symptoms and deal with the growing Blue Whale game menace at schools.
“We have begun sending letters to schools with guidelines. We have also taken to social media to spread awareness about the game,” said a senior police officer.

Fragile self-esteem leads teens to such acts: Docs

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Youngsters seem to be going to great lengths to get noticed on social media, often with tragic results. While the Blue Whale challenge continues to see teenagers attempting to commit suicide, other incidents are also coming to the fore. In a new case, at a private school in Noida, teenaged boys shot a video while they slapped one another, mainly to put it up on social media. However, the game got so bad that one of them ended up losing his hearing.Commenting on these cases, Dr Samir Parikh, psychiatrist and director of the Department Of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare, said, “These kids carry out such acts mainly to get noticed and in some cases outsmart their peers. The time required to create these videos and put them out is negligible thus giving them no time to realise the futility of such an act.”Doctors say that reports surrounding these dangerous acts, shows that most of this social media frenzy has some underlying cause that leads to an addiction. The youngsters carrying out these acts are often vulnerable and have fragile self-esteem. They thus need to rely on external factors to heighten their self belief .“During adolescence, behavior is more emotional than logical and is governed more by high arousal situations like the presence of friends or where they get instant gratification. Social media is an easy way of being an instant sensation among peers and sharing such videos,” says Dr. Jateen Ukrani, Senior Psychiatrist, Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital.“Parents need to monitor their child’s’ online activity as much as they monitor other activities,” he adds.Doctors say that often, the hormones of teenagers lead them towards aggression and thus experimentation. Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences specialist, Dr Sameer Malhotra, said, “Aimlessness and having ample time ensure teenagers spend a lot of their energy in trying to get noticed.”EASY GRATIFICATIONDuring adolescence, behavior is more emotional than logical and is governed more by high arousal situations like the presence of friends or where they get instant gratification, says a psychiatrist

Noida teen loses hearing after ‘slap bet’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a shocking case of social media craze among teenagers, a video has surfaced in which a Class X student of Pathways School, Noida is seen slapping another student in order to record and put it on Snapchat.The incident reportedly took place on Monday at around 2 pm at the school campus.In the video, the victim is seen in distress and tries to cover his face as the fellow student slapped him mercilessly. The duo are surrounded by some other students but they did not interfere. The student who is recording the clipping on mobile phone is seen continuously directing them how to give a perfect shot in one go. The victim is seen bleeding from his left ear at the end of the video.The matter came to light when the student’s parents complained to the school management stating that this has caused intense mental, physical and emotional trauma to their son. The victim’s mother received the video from the parent of a fellow student.The family alleged that the school authorities neither provided emergency medical aid to the student nor informed them. The family, however, has not filed any police complaint as of now.The school authority, however, claimed that it was not a case of bullying or ragging. “It was an unfortunate incident but not a bullying incident. It was an outcome of a consensual peer ‘slap bet’ episode that a few Pathways School Noida students had between themselves. The school had been swift in responding to the situation and has taken appropriate action with involvement of parents of the students involved,” said Dr Shalini Advani, director of Pathways School Noida.The incident surfaced days after a 17-year-old student was rescued halfway through the Blue Whale Challenge in Delhi’s Dwarka area. He was admitted to a hospital with severe self-inflicted injuries on his hands and face.PARENTS’ GROUSEMatter came to light when student’s parents complained to the school management
It is alleged the school authorities did not provide emergency medical aid
The incident comes after a student, 17, was rescued from Blue Whale challenge

Domestic violence tourism: This Punjabi couple travelled all the way to Florida to ‘help’ their son abuse his wife!

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Domestic violence is a serious problem in India, and according to the National Crime Record Bureau in 2012 over 8233 dowry death cases were reported in India. Yet, this case of domestic violence that involves an Indian family from Punjab in Florida seems to have crossed all boundaries. Not only did an Indian man repeatedly abuse his wife, but his parents even travelled all the way from Punjab to ‘help him discipline his wife’, reported The Tampa Bay Times. According to Hillsborough county sheriff’s office, a 33-year-old Devbir Kalsi used to regular beat his wife Silky Gaind for being ‘disobedient’, and at his behest, his father Jasbir and mother Bhupinder, travelled from India to help perpetuate the abuse.On Friday, after an argument, Kalsi hit Gaind repeatedly and when she tried to defend herself, his parents also hit her, and the father Jasbir also held a knife to her throat!It was only when Gaind called her parents in India that brought the abuse to the police’s notice, and told the cops that Gaind might not be able to report the abuse because of ‘cultural traditions’. The cops had to force themselves in only to find Gaind terribly battered, and when the police arrested Kalsi, his parents tried to confront the cops.Officers had to force their way in, as Kalsi tried to block the door. When the deputy sheriff tried to arrest Kalsi, his parents confronted the police. Gaind was found badly bruised and beaten, and investigations indicate that she had suffered abuse for a long time. Gaind and her child were taken to safe place and the Florida Abuse Hotline and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement were notified since all the parties are Indian nationals.Kalsi has been charged with false imprisonment, felony battery, child abuse and denying access to 911 and his father Jasbir was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment while his mother also faces charges of battery, domestic violence and failure to report child abuse.

28-yr-old man rescued, but loses parents

According to relatives, Zazur Arsiwala has a sister who is married, and Zarur was living with his father Hasan and mother Tasneen <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 28-year-old Zazur Arsiwala, resident of the Hussaini building, sustained injuries and lost his parents in the mishap on Thursday morning. According to relatives, Zarur has a sister who is married, and Zarur was living with his father Hasan and mother Tasneen.On Thursday morning, while they were getting ready for work, the building came crashing down and trapped all of them under the debris. While Zajur was rescued by locals and firemen, his mother and father were trapped till late noon and were later rescued by the rescue team in the evening.

Mumbai rains delay tests of 13-year-old seeking abortion

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Supreme Court on Thursday allowed a 20-year-old Pune-based woman to terminate her 24-week-foetus which was growing without a skull and a brain.The bench of Justices SA Bobde and L Nageswara Rao relied on a report submitted by a medical board, which said that there was “complete absence of brain and skull” of the foetus and the chances of survival was minimal.The top court, however, was unable to deliberate on another plea for abortion, filed by the parents of a 13-year-old rape survivor, who is more than seven months pregnant. The matter was postponed to Monday because the medical board was unable to conduct its tests as directed by the court.”Tuesday’s deluge in Mumbai threw things off gear,” advocate Sneha Mukherjee, who is representing the parents in this case, said. On Monday, the top court had ordered a medical board at JJ Hospital to examine the feasibility of an abortion for the 13-year-old.However, due to incessant rains on Tuesday, the family, residents of Kandivli — about 31 km away from the hospital —couldn’t go for the tests.The family will go for the tests as ordered on Friday. Any additional delay merely complicates the matter since the minor is already way past her seventh month of pregnancy.

India rape victim, 13, seeks court approval for abortion

The pregnancy was discovered after her parents took her to a doctor to seek treatment for obesity.

School headmaster held for sexually harassing 5-year old

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 42-year old headmaster of a private school in the district has been arrested on the charge of sexually harassing a kindergarten girl student, police said today. Packirisamy of the school at Sethur village was arrested last night based on a complaint by the five-year old girl’s parents. The child had returned from the school unwell on August 18 evening and when her parents enquired with her she told them about the teacher’s assault. The parents approached the school management the next day. As the school administrator reportedly did not initiate any action, they lodged the complaint with police, who after inquiry arrested Packirisamy. Alleging that the school administrator was also involved in the incident and demanding his arrest, the parents along with several other residents of the village last night staged a road roko. Karaikal North Superintendent of Police Marimuthu and other officials held talks with the agitating people and assured action following which they dispersed, police said adding further investigation was on.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Minor girl raped in Delhi

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A eight-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an unidentified man in east Delhi’s Ganesh Nagar, the police said today. The girl was playing outside her home yesterday evening when the accused took her with him on the pretext of giving her a chocolate, the police said. He took her to an isolated place where he allegedly raped her after threatening her of dire consequences, they added. The accused later managed to escape from the spot after leaving the victim behind. The girl returned to her house and informed her parents about the incident, who then approached the police.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Students complain against Hindu College

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Students of Delhi University’s Hindu College, who have been protesting for the last month against “discriminatory” hostel fees for girls, have filed a police complaint against the administration for allegedly “harassing” and “threatening” their parents over the issue.In their complaint registered at Maurice Nagar police station, the students alleged that the administration has been misleading their families citing that their children are involved with “terrorist and unethical” organisations. “The Hindu College administration called our parents on August 11 at around 5:30 pm and threatened them. They misled them saying that their children are working with terrorist organisations like Pinjra Tod,” read the complaint. “They also asked our parents if they sent us here for studies or to do politics,” it added.The administration also summoned the parents of around 15 students, including girls and boys, to be present before it on August 25. “In continuation to our telephonic conversation about your ward’s activities of indiscipline over the past few days at the college, it is requested to you, be kindly present before the Discipline Resource Committee (DRC) of the college on August 25, between 2-5 pm,” read the letters sent to the parents.Calling it an attempt to “halt” the ongoing student agitation on the campus against excessive hostel fees being charged from girls, the students said, “First they issued showcause notices to us and now they are threatening our parents. Can’t they deal with adult, college-going students directly?” asked a third-year Botany (Hons) student.

Jammu:Two missing teenage girls traced, reunited with families

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Two teenage girls who went missing from their homes in Jammu have been traced, the police said today. On August 17, a 14-year-old girl from Simbal Camp went to school in the morning but didn’t return home, a police officer said today. “The girl was upset with her family and so did not return home. The parents reported the matter to the police following which a search was launched,” he added. The police traced the girl to Digyana area in the city and she was reunited with her parents late last night, he said. On April 19, Tilak Raj of Bahu Fort area complained to the police that his 13-year-old daughter was missing, the officer said. During the probe, police teams were dispatched to different locations to find her. The missing girl was traced and reunited with her parents, he said.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

NEET: Eng medium kids’ parents protest

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Amidst controversy over admissions through NEET in Gujarat, parents of English medium students came out on Friday to request that admissions of their wards should not be affected by the ongoing protests by the parents and students of Gujarati medium.Terming a few as ones who have vested interest, the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) NEET qualified Students Parents’ Association fear that because of ongoing protests by the other group, meritorious students who have already been given admissions would suffer.Addressing the media, the group of parents said, “Due to different papers, various petitions were filed. CBSE which conducts the examination had also filed an affidavit that difficulty levels were similar and on the basis of the same, the SC had quashed all petitions. Hence, it is evident that petitions were filed by those candidates who had not performed well and wanted to derail the entire admission process.”PARENTS’ CONCERNDr Urmil Shah whose son has secured admission said, “Many Gujarati medium students have scored exceptionally well than English medium students. 185 students from Gyanmanjari School in Bhavnagar have been selected for MBBS of which 130 students are from Guj medium.”
GSHSEB NEET qualified Students Parents’ Association said, “Those whose wards have not done well are pressuring government for separate merit list so that students who scored 220 marks can get admission.”

PT teacher arrested on charge of sexual harassment of student

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A physical education teacher of a government aided higher secondary school has been arrested on the charge of sexually harassing a Class 8 girl student, police said today. 40-year old Prabhu of the school in Ammapet near Bhavani in the district was arrested yesterday, a day after the parents of the girl along with 200 residents of their village staged a protest demanding action against him. He was also suspended by the school authorities last evening based on the recommendations of the Education Department, officials said. The teacher allegedly misbehaved with the girl, a member of the school Kabbadi team, in a bus when he was accompanying her and other players after their participation in a tournament in neighbouring Tirupur on August 6. On reaching home, the girl started weeping and narrated to her parents about the teacher’s conduct. As she developed fever and pain, the girl was later taken to a doctor and then admitted to a private hospital. After lodging a police complaint, the parents informed their neighbours about the incident. On Wednesday, around 200 residents of Ammapet village staged a picketing before the school demanding the arrest of the teacher and police had used mild force to disperse the crowd. Police had also assured that a case would be registered against the teacher. Subsequently, Prabhu was arrested yesterday and produced before a court which remanded him to 15 days judicial custody.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

GD Goenka student death: Parents stage protest outside school

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Parents of Armaan Sehgal, the nine-year-old student of GD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram, who died earlier this month, along with parent associations sat on a dharna outside the school, demanding justice for their son, on Tuesday.The parents are unhappy the way the lackadaisical attitude of the district administration and the failure of the city’s police in arresting the heads of the school.”I will sit on an indefinite protest outside the school. We got an assurance from the SSP that arrests will be made by Monday but its Tuesday. I have lost my 10-year-old son and police are making no headway in the case. They say they are collecting evidence, but they are giving time to school officials to seek legal remedy and also tamper with evidence. We have already highlighted the evidence part in our FIR,” Swati said.The parents wants immediate arrest of Ankur Malhotra, chairman, Kavita Sharma, principal and Meekanshi Dhingra, vice-principal of the school administration, whom they held responsible for the death of Armaan.”The incident has shattered my family. The school and authorities are acting as if they have no responsibility towards students. We want justice for our and want the officials to be behind the bars,” she said.According to police, they just can not arrest anyone without proof and are waiting for forensic results.”The police are investigating the case and are trying to collect evidence. Forensic samples have been sent for analysis and we are waiting for the reports. We just can’t arrest anyone with proof. Though we raided chairman Ankur Malhotra’s house and he is absconding,” Rakesh Kumar, circle officer, Indirapuram, said,Since the incident, the school authorities are incommunicado and the school was to open on Tuesday but remained closed. The parents also demanded CBI to probe into the case.The Class 4 student had died last Monday after falling in the second floor corridor outside his classroom. His family accused the school authorities of negligence as the child’s clothes were wet, probably due to water on the floor.PROBE ONAccording to police, they can’t arrest anyone without proof and are waiting for the forensic results.
School has been shut since the incident. The parents also demanded a CBI to probe.

United by Aadhaar: When UID helped reunite a mentally-ill child with his family

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A mentally challenged teenager from Panipat in Haryana who had gone missing in 2015 has been reunited with his family thanks to the Aadhaar card. The case happened during an Aadhaar enrolment that happened at a child welfare home when authorities tried taking his biometrics, they found he was already part of the system.Sanjay Dubey, Coordinator Salaam Baalak Trust told Times of India: “Gaurav was transferred here because Palna takes care of children only up to the age of eight. During routine medical and psychoanalysis tests it was revealed that the child was suffering from ADSP (Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project). And as such he could remember nothing but the names of his parents and himself.””During the biometric assertions, the credentials of the boy matched with that of his parents’ in Panipat. Following that, his family was called to the national capital leading to the reunion of the boy with his parents,” he added. Thanks to Aadhaar, the teenager was reunited with his parents in Haryana’s Panipat. His father Vikas remembered losing Gaurav on a bleak Sunday in 2015 and how they couldn’t find him despite putting out ads, and reporting it to the local police station.He added: “Despite several TV, newspaper ads and everything we were not able to find our son. But we never lost hope and now thanks to Aadhaar we got our elder son back.” While the debate continues around Aadhaar and its supposed breach of privacy, even the most hardened anti-Aadhaar activist will have to admit that the Unique Identification system definitely has up sides.

Youth arrested for blackmailing, raping minor girl

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The city police have arrested a 19-year-old youth for allegedly raping a minor girl. Aman Saindane, resident of Khutvad Nagar here, was arrested yesterday night. Madhukar Kad, in-charge of Ambad police station, said that Saindane, who knew the girl for some time, blackmailed her by threatening to show her parents his selfies on motorbike with her, and raped her on a few occasions. After the girl approached the police, he was arrested under IPC sections 376 (rape) and 506 (criminal intimidation). Further probe is on.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Father forced to carry son’s body on shoulder in Patna

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> In a heart-wrenching incident in Patna, a father was forced to carry the dead body of his five-year-old son on his shoulder after hospital authorities allegedly refused to provide him with an ambulance. Parents of the deceased child, who died battling cancer at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science here on Wednesday morning, kept begging for an ambulance, but were not provided one. ?We had been coming here for last seven months for the treatment of our child. Since we ran out of money, we asked the nurse to arrange an ambulance. The nurse told us to speak with the superintendent. However, the superintendent told us to go to the Red Cross. I have no idea where the Red Cross is and how to get an ambulance,? said Sunil Kumar, the father of the child. After losing all hope of help, Kumar carried his son on his shoulder. After walking a few steps, he broke down and put the body in his wife?s lap. Seeing their pain people sympathised, but adamant Kumar took his son on his shoulder to highlight his anguish over the shameful behaviour of the hospital authorities. A few months back, a labourer was forced to carry the body of his 15-year-old son over his shoulder on being denied help a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh?s Etawah District. The incident also brought back memories of Odisha’s Dana Majhi, who carried his dead wife on his back last year when he was allegedly denied a hearse by hospital.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Dowry death: Three of family sentenced for 10 years in jail

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A man and his parents have been sentenced to 10-year imprisonment by a Mathura court in a dowry death case. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 5000 each on the convicts, district counsel Neeraj Yadav said. Additional District Judge Mahendra Nath sentenced Braj Mohan and his parents Patiram and Induvati for the death of the woman. According to the prosecution, Prem Lata was married to Brij Mohan on April 20, 2016 and was constantly harassed for dowry.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Police said my 8-year-old daughter had eloped: Victims father

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Family members of the Nithari victims hailed the court judgment on Monday, after convicts Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surinder Koli were sentenced to death.Recalling the harrowing past, Laxmi Kumari, mother of one of the victims, Ratna Kumari, said: “Surinder used to tempt the children with toffees and sweets. Our daughter had gone to school that day. She never returned home. It took us an entire year to locate her remains. That is when we got to know of the monsters living right besides our house.”In a choked voice, she added: “There was a girl named Payel. When she disappeared, her parents directly accused Moninder Singh Pandher. But they are rich people. They have political contacts. Some goons visited Payel’s home and beat up her parents. They even threatened us when we went to lodge a police complaint.””The police said our daughter eloped with someone. She was just an eight-year-old kid. How can a girl that young elope with someone?” said Ratna’s father, Pappu Lal. He further said: “Pandher’s son threatened us on the court premises. Pandher had connections with police and well-known politicians. That’s why he could get away with something so brutal for so long. Five to six children were kidnapped within a week. My daughter was one of them.”

Govt should challenge decision on medical admission before SC:

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Council Dhananjay Munde today demanded that the government stop the process of medical admissions until the issue of allowing non-domicile students to apply for medical seats in the state is resolved. “The Medical Education Department should approach the Supreme Court against the Bombay High Court’s decision to allow non-domicile students (those who are not residents of Maharashtra) to apply for medical seats in the state,” Munde said here. “Until the Supreme Court gives its decision the government should stop the admission process,” the NCP leader said. On July 7, the Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court relaxed domicile norms for medical and dental courses in Maharashtra. Parents of some students from the state moved the SC against the decision last week, but the apex court asked them to file a review petition before the High Court itself.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

State education department issues warning against integrated courses

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Following a student wing’s complaint over several colleges running integrated courses without state permission, the state education department on Monday issued notice to parents warning them to not enroll their wards in ‘such’ colleges.”Parents and students are requested not to take admission in so called integrated junior college in Mumbai region. If they take admission in such colleges, the department won’t be responsible for any problem occurring in future, read the notice flashed on the website.Recently, Shiv Sena’s youth wing Yuva Sena had claimed to have conducted a sting of all such colleges running without permission in the city. “The integrated coaching is a big scam where several parents are cheated by colleges and class owners. Strict action should be taken against such institutes” said Sainath Durge, Yuva Sena core team member.In July 2016, Maharashtra Coaching Owners Association had filed a writ petition in HC against increasing integrated coaching institutes.

Parents refuse hiked fee, kids barred entry

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Over 40 students at Dadar’s Shardashram Vidyalaya were allegedly denied entry in the school premises on Monday morning after their parents refused to pay the hiked fees recently announced by the school. The school had reportedly announced its new fee structure on June 14 .Parents alleged that their children were not allowed to enter the school citing non payment of the revised fees. “The school recently hiked the annual fees from Rs 25,000 to Rs 42,000 which is a huge hike. The hike was announced after the new academic year started and parents were kept in the dark until recently. When we tried to oppose the hike, the school resorted to pressure tactics and denied entry to our children” said a parent of a senior KG student from the school.When DNA tried reaching the school, an official who answered the call said that the issue has been resolved.While a few local politicians from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena intervened and volunteered to pay a part of the fees on the behalf of the parents, parents said that they were not convinced about such an arrangement. “The school has imposed an unjust hike and we want the school to roll back the hike. We are not going to pay the hiked fees till the school justifies this last minute decision” said another parent.Meanwhile, the school management has allowed students to continue attending school until the issue is resolved.

J-K police save 8 boys from joining militant groups

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Timely intervention of the Jammu and Kashmir Police saved eight minor boys from joining militant groups and reunited them with their families in the past one month in Kupwara District, an official spokesman said today. Four minor boys of Gulgam village were rescued and their plans to join militants were foiled by a police party deputed for the purpose near the Line of Control, he said They, after proper counseling at the Kupwara Police Station, were handed over to their parents, the spokesman said. Timely intervention of the police last week prevented four more youths from joining militant groups, he said. Police teams were sent to different locations after receiving information that they had fled from their homes, the spokesman said. “The parents of the boys and their relatives played a positive role by providing timely information, giving their contact numbers and other details,” he said. The spokesman said two boys from Shatmuqam Lolab were intercepted at Pulwama when they were heading towards Tral. The others hailing from Bumhama were intercepted at Vodhpora area. They were planning to move towards Shopian area, he said. During investigation, all the boys confessed that they were going to join a militant group as they were being reprimanded by their parents for various reasons, including poor academic performance, and that they were fed-up with their poverty stricken lifestyle, he said. All the rescued boys have been properly counseled and motivated for their re-union with their families, the spokesman said.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Govt kicks off drive to get special kids to attend school

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>For 14-year-old Shabana, a specially-abled girl from east Delhi’s Patparganj area, it was a dream come true when a group of government teachers visited her home last month and convinced her parents to enroll her in a nearby school. Until then, joining a school was only a dream for her.“We never send her to school fearing humiliation as she has been suffering from deformity since birth and can’t walk without crutches. But now when some teachers from Delhi government schools approached and assured us that she will not feel any discrimination , we have decided to send her to a school,” said her father Mohammad Israr, a daily-wager.Delhi government’s special drive to enrol Children With Special Needs (CWSN) turned out to be a blessing for hundreds of specially-abled children like Shabana who were deprived of education due to financial stress and lack of awareness. Under this drive, the Office of UEE (Universal Elementary Education) mission — a part of Directorate of Education (DoE)– has directed the teachers, who are working under Special Training Centers (STCs) running in several government schools in the national capital and those working under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, to identify such children in their respective localities and motivate their parents to enrol them in nearby government schools. The STCs train children, who are drop-outs or never attended a school, and then shift them to regular classes according to their respective ages.“It’s very important to reach such children coming from financially challenged background and talk to their parents who consider disability a social stigma. Most of these people don’t even know about the facilities like STCs being offered at Delhi governments school. So, such initiatives are really important,” said BK Sharma, Principal, Shaheed Hemu Kalani Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Lajpat Nagar.A communication in this regard has also been sent to all the schools working under the DoE, MCD, NDMC, DCB and those which are aided by the government saying that “another such drive has been planned from July 10 to August 10 for bringing these children to the schools near to their residence.”According to a senior official at the DoE, it has also been decided to rope in Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs) to identify and motivate such students. Catch them youngUnder this drive, the Office of UEE (Universal Elementary Education) mission — a part of Directorate of Education (DoE)– has directed the teachers, who are working under Special Training Centers (STCs) running in several government schools in the national capital and those working under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, to identify such children in their respective localities and motivate their parents to enrol them in nearby government schools.

Priest arrested for raping 10-yr-old girl in neighbourhood

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A priest allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl living in her neighbourhood in southeast Delhi’s Jaitpur area on Wednesday. Police said that the girl narrated her ordeal to her mother after which the crime came to the fore. Police have arrested the accused on Wednesday night.According to the police, the incident took place when the girl, a student of Class 4, returned from school and entered her house. As her parents were away for work, the accused saw the victim alone and entered the house behind her.”The victim said that the man was known to her since he used to hold religious gatherings in the neighbourhood. As a result, the girl did not raise an alarm when he approached her,” said a senior police officer.”The victim’s mother also told us that when she returned, her daughter was crying. When asked she stated how the man touched her inappropriately and sexually harassed her. On hearing this, the woman called up the police.”The child also told the police that the man had threatened her not to tell anything about the incident to her parents, or he would use his powers to harm her family members.The police raided the suspect’s house and he was arrested.Senior police officers said that the accused confessed to have sexually harassed the girl and has been booked under the IPC section and POCSO Act.

Man rapes 19-yr-old in car while friends stood guard

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 19-year old girl was allegedly raped by a man inside a car on Tuesday morning in East Delhi’s Madhu Vihar area. The woman told the police that she works as a domestic help and the three men living in the neighbourhood had abducted her. One of the three men had then sexually assaulted her.According to the police, one of the accused identified as Shahid, has been arrested while the others have been identified and will be nabbed soon.The girl had finished her work at one of the houses in the area on Tuesday night and was on her way home when one of the accused pulled her inside a car. The Maruti Eco car had tinted windows.She was then taken to an isolated location on the National -Highway-24. Two of the man’s friends stood outside the car and kept guard as one of the men assaulted her.The girl was then dropped near the area and the accused fled from the location. She returned home and narrated her ordeal to her parents. The parents then reached the Madhu Vihar police station and registered a case against the accused men. A medical examination of the woman was conducted.The police claim Shahid had raped her with the help of friends. Further investigations are underway.

Uttar Pradesh: Man arrested for allegedly raping girl, making her obscene video

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A man has been arrested for allegedly raping a girl, making her obscene video and blackmailing her, police said.Shamim Qureishi was arrested by the police on Sunday after an FIR was registered against him for allegedly raping a teenaged girl, police said.According to the FIR lodged by victim’s father, his daughter was abducted and raped by Shamim three months back and he also made her obscene video using which he was blackmailing her and raping her for the past three months.The matter came to light on Sunday when the girl narrated the incident to her parents after which the FIR was registered.

Parents protest against Ghaziabad school for expelling 64 kids

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Scores of parents today staged a demonstration outside a private school for expelling 64 students as their parents did not pay enhanced fees, in Rajendra Nagar here. As many as parents of 29 students have received transfer certificates (TCs) through couriers, member of all India parents association of Uttar Pradesh (AIPAUP), Neeraj Bhatnagar said. The parents staged a sit-in on the road outside Khaitan Public School’s entrance due to which traffic was disrupted. Bhatnagar said the school management is acting like a “monarch” and have issued TCs which is against the Right to Education Act. The matter is under consideration with the state committee and the school management can not take decision on its own, he said. Ghaziabad District Magistrate Ministhy S said the administration can not any action against schools in this matter. The matter has been sent to the chief minister’s office for its perusal. Only the state committee which has been constituted to resolve the matter of increasing annual development fees of school will take a decision on it, she said. Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendent of Police Anoop Singh reached the school and discussed the matter with school management. Later Singh urged the parents to call off their sit-in and clear the roads. He assured them before schools open after summer vacations on July 3, a meeting will be organised between the parents association and school management to sort out the matter.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

When this Bond killed us with wit

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Almost every bibliophile had at least once in his childhood, imagined a life similar to the 14-year-old kid in Dehradun hills, and every young adult feared encountering some face in the dark while walking through mountains. This is how Ruskin Bond wrote his books — full of vivid imagery, and words that struck an emotional chord.On Tuesday evening, as the Capital, pregnant with the possibility of rain, paved its day through humidity, Bond showered on a motley crowd humour, warmth, chuckles, once again touching hearts at the launch of his autobiography Lone Fox Dancing. From dealing with rejection for years to making India his home, the author gave a peek into the 83 years of his life in a freewheeling conversation.Talking about his decision to come back to India, and settle here permanently at a time when the like of VS Naipaul were leaving it “for good”, he spoke like a man still in love with the country he so endearingly calls home. “It was purely for sentimental reason. I wanted to come home and India was home… I came back for my own happiness,” said Bond.He chuckled like a mischievous kid recounting non-bailable warrants issued against him for writing an ‘obscene’ story during Emergency. Remembering how he was finally acquitted after a trial of two years, Bond, tongue firmly in cheek, shared how the judge too enjoyed reading it.Bond, who had a deeply unhappy childhood having lost both his parents at a very young age, felt that the tragedies in his life made him an empath towards other children, hence his books were delightful and full of joy. “Inspite of all that I faced, including the death of my parents when I was very small, I grew up as a fairly positive and cheerful person, and continue to be so. Also, one writes happy things for children to make them happy,” the author said with a smile as few present there wiped tears thinking about the orphaned Rusty.

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