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Talkathon on doctors’ strike continues

Plight of hapless patients extend for another day as government doctors spent Tuesday in talks. Three ministers of the government and several rounds of talks could not convince the agitating doctors till late evening. The talks are scheduled to be resumed at Zanana Hospital at 11am on Wednesday.Meanwhile earlier the government declared a deadline for doctors to join duty by Tuesday midnight though showed signs of avoiding arrest for some more time as talks apparently were heading towards consensus. However, the issue of withdrawal of transfer orders of doctor leaders remains an issue of contention. “I request all doctors to finish the strike and resume their duties as soon as possible. This is to ensure that patients are not affected by the issue. I also urge them to leave the decision on chief minister Vasundhara Raje, and I request the government to give back the assignments and duties to the doctors,” Kilak told media.Even as some doctors evading the association call responded on duty during the day, many continued with the strike. Earlier in the day, the first meeting took place early in the morning at PWD minister, Yunus Khan’s residence. This was followed by a second round of meeting which involved BJP state president Ashok Parnami, Rajasthan health minister Kali Charan Saraf, in addition to Khan.The third round took place late in the evening at state minister Ajay Kilak’s residence. This meeting was attended by Medical state minister, Banshidhar Bajiya, Saraf, Khan, and Dr Lakshman Ola, vice-president, All Rajasthan in Service Doctor Association. The final meeting happened at Parnami’s residence.Ola confirmed resuming of services on Wednesday, if the government promises no arrests. Parnami also agreed for reconciliation and assured complete cooperation towards the doctors.Notably, Rajasthan high court, on Monday, had given orders which allowed the state government to take decisions as it deems fit, in case the doctors do not show up for duties in next 24hrs.According to officials from the health department, there are about 7,000 doctors providing services in the state. Out of these, about 2,000 were already on duties, irrespective of strike, and abut 1,500 are expected to join by Wednesday morning.

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18th Sanctuary Wildlife Awards: From saving tigers to teaching wildlife conservation; know these green crusaders

From a Nagpur based lawyer whose legal acumen has helped in keeping poachers behind bars to a ‘bird nerd’ who became the first Indian to complete a ‘Big Year’ to a young wildlife biologist who has helped understand Mumbai’s leopards better-these are some of the environment protectors amongst others who will be felicitated for their exemplary and dedicated work towards protection and conservation of Indian wildlife by Sanctuary Nature Foundation on Friday.DNA lists some of the bravehearts and winners amongst the 13 who will be awarded the 18th Sanctuary Wildlife Awards who during a function at National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on December 8, 2017 in Mumbai.Valmik Thapar- Lifetime Service AwardHe hardly needs any introduction and has been leading the battle to save the Tigers. Thapar has spent almost four decades tracking and protecting the most enigmatic cat and has taken their story to across the globe through his books and photographs. He has also served on over 150 committees of both central and state governments. His influence has been expansive, and though today he works almost exclusively in Rajasthan, with the state government, he has been instrumental in the revitalisation of other parks such as Maharashtra’s beloved Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Author of 32 books, including four on Africa, presenter of 16 international documentary films, and an excellent orator, Valmik Thapar’s gruff genius is what it took for India and the world to sit up and acknowledge the tiger’s magnificence, its predicament, and the urgency for conservation. Jayachandran S- Wildlife Service AwardsJayachandran S. has been at the forefront of the fight to save the Nilgiri and Sathyamangalam landscape in Tamil Nadu’s Western Ghats for over three decades. It was in 1990 that he started the Tamil Nadu Green Movement and, ever since, this people-powered initiative has stemmed the onslaught of unscrupulous industries and the timber mafia on this global biodiversity hotspot. He is a scrappy fighter, yes. But he’s also a solutions provider. By establishing a web of intelligence networks, he has been instrumental in helping the Kerala and Tamil Nadu Forest Departments bust poaching rackets, make seizures and apprehend hardened poachers. He has inspired many poachers to turn over a new leaf by surrendering their arms and ensuring alternate livelihood opportunities for them. Many of these ex-poachers today help the Forest Departments in blowing the cover on the modus operandi and operations of active wildlife criminals. Jayachandran is a hero whose contributions it is impossible to justly chronicle. He is a man in whose steps we hope many more will follow.Kartik Shukul- Wildlife Service AwardsIt was in the year 2013 that he managed to convince the judiciary that just because poaching attracted a sentence of seven years, it did not mean that the accused should be granted bail immediately. His legal acumen helped changed the perspective that the crime of poaching should be judged on the basis of its impact and it has ensured that several poachers not only went behind bars but also stayed behind it.A special public prosecutor for the State of Maharshtra, Nagpur based Shukul has ensured that in the year 2017 itself there were six convictions in tiger poaching cases. Despite the tedious rigours of his work, Shukul also manages to devote many hours every month to building capacity within members of the lower judiciary, police officers, Forest Department, and fellow lawyers by teaching them how to effectively wield his weapon of choice – the Wild Life Protection Act. Kartik Shukul is a man of integrity and intelligence, whose resilience is taking out wildlife criminals one court case at a time.Ramesh Pratap Singh, (IFS (Retd.)- Wildlife Service AwardsAfter serving in the Indian Forestry Services for more than three decades, R P Singh has worked through every tangent of wildlife conservation required to enable the revival of some of India’s most visited tiger destinations. His profound understanding of wildlife conservation, forest management, administration and law and his sensitivity to local communities, led to landmark developments across various Protected Areas. From voluntary relocations to wildlife crime control, Singh displayed exemplary management capability. R P Singh, in the pursuit of the preservation and protection of his beloved wilds, has left an indelible mark in India’s history of forest management and conservation, inspiring a whole generation of young officers.Shashank Dalvi- Wildlife Service Awards While birding at Jamnagar on the evening of December 31, 2015, Mumbai based wildlife biologist Shashank Dalvi spotted a Common Ringed Plover just an hour before dusk. While for others it might have been an end of a typical birding day, but for him it meant being the first Indian to not only successfully complete the prestigious ‘Big Year’ (an informal competition initiated in the United States amongst birders to check who can record the maximum number of birds in a span of one calender year) challenge taken up by birders but also recording a whooping 1128 birds in a calender year. Infact in 2016 he along with a team of scientists found a new species of bird- Himalayan Forest Thrush, a new bird species to science, and only the fourth bird to be described from India since its independence and named it after Indian ornithologist Dr Salim Ali. In 2012, he was a member of the team that discovered the shocking Amur Falcon massacre in Doyang, Nagaland, which catalysed an International conservation movement. A self-professed ‘bird nerd’, his long-term goal is to pioneer a nation-wide conservation programme for birds outside Protected Areas.KS Smitha- Green Teacher AwardSmitha’s passion for the wild coalesced with her love for children in 1997, the year she chose teaching as her profession. Ever since, Smitha has been an affable pied-piper, leading her students to the tunes of conservation. Having built a green army, she spares no opportunity in taking her regiments of future green activists out of the classroom to explore and marvel at the beauty of nature. In order to fulfill her fundamental agenda of connecting children with nature, she has created multiple nature clubs for her school. Smitha, along with her students, has even lead an agitation against the Kolkata municipal corporation when it decided bulldoze dozens of trees for a road-widening project. She petitioned, rallied and took concrete steps to stop the rampage. Nikit Surve- Young Naturalist Awards Nikit is credited with conducting the first-ever official, scientific census of leopards in the urban wilderness known as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and has been able to showcase how the leopards are co-existing with humans. At 25, Nikit is a Research Associate with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and is working with dedication and passion on a complex and burning conservation issue – that of sharing space with our wild cat neighbours. Surve has also been helping the forest guards to understand more about leopards and engage them in understanding how camera trappings is carried out. He engages in impactful awareness campaigns based on his research findings that he conducts in schools, colleges and even in the remote sugarcane fields of Maharashtra, where communities live. Pandurang Pakhale- Special Sanctuary Tiger AwardsAn iron man of the Maharashtra Forest Department, he is presently posted at the Pench Tiger Reserve as a Range Forest Officer (RFO) of East Pench Range. He is responsible for the arrest of more than a dozen tiger poachers. He has continued investigations despite strong protests and police complaints – the result of political clout and support of fish mafia for the poachers. In January 2017, he took on pangolin traders and poachers whom he took to court and stood up to political leaders who demanded his arrest and transfer. He also busted monitor lizard poachers and arrested eight of them in June 2017.

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Keep military out of politics: General Bipin Rawat

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat urged that the military should be kept out of politics in a vibrant democracy.”The military should be somehow kept out of politics. Of late, we have been seeing that politicisation of the military has been taking place. I think we operate in a very secular environment, and we have a very vibrant democracy where the military should stay far away from the polity,” he said. Rawat was speaking at an event organised by the United Service Institution.”In the old days, the norm was that women and politics were never discussed in the forces,” he said adding that these subjects are now becoming part of the discourse.”Whenever (any) issue (of) linking any military establishment or military personnel where political entity comes in then… that is best avoided,” he said.The defence forces, he asserted, work best when they don’t meddle in the political affairs of the nation. But he asserted that the armed forces are required to assist in times of crisis.
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Maha catches MNS bug, wants central agencies to use Marathi

The Maharashtra government on Tuesday evening issued a five-page notification about making the use of Marathi mandatory in all offices and establishments of the Central government, corporations and public undertakings in the state. This includes services in banking, telephone, post and telegraph, insurance, railway, metro, mono rail, airline, gas, petroleum and taxation. The notification, thus, attempts to implement the Centre’s tri-language formula, which requires making use of a regional language — in this case Marathi — compulsory by Central government establishments.The government’s move comes close on the heels of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) recent campaign to press for the use of Marathi in all banking transactions and signboards in shops. Further, BJP’s ruling partner Shiv Sena was making a strong case for the use of Marathi in all entrance examinations being organised in the state by Central government departments and undertakings. Both Shiv Sena and MNS said the government notification should not remain on paper, but needs to be implemented in true letter and spirit.The government has asked all Central government departments to use Marathi along with English and Hindi in all written and oral examinations, conducted at the time of appointment of the various posts.Further, the Marathi language and Devnagari script will have to be used in all correspondences, communications and in oral and written transactions with people in the state. Besides, all the instructions, public notices, notice boards, indicators and name-plates will have to be displayed in Marathi language and Devnagri script.A senior Mantralaya official told DNA, “Marathi is Maharashtra’s official language under the Maharashtra Official Languages Act, 1964 and Ammendment Act, 2015, and its jurisdiction is the whole of the state. So, as per the tri-language formula, it should be mandatory to use the state’s regional language along with English and Hindi in all operations of the centre in state.”Furthermore, the government wants the Central government offices and other agencies to incorporate regional language in the Service Rules of their officers and employees and make provisions in recruitment rules about the mandatory qualification of Marathi language. These offices and agencies have been instructed to arrange language workshops and training programmes for the officers and employees to use Marathi for communication and interaction with local public.Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray’s media advisor Harshal Pradhan said the saffron party has been quite consistent in its demand. ”Marathi is the official language of the state, but the government was not serious in its implementation. Shiv Sena welcomes state government’s decision.”On its part, MNS leader Nitin Sardesai said his party has been running campaign for use of Marathi within the stipulated legal provisions. ”The onus now lies with the government for strict implementation of its notification by concerned departments and agencies in the state,” he said.JURISDICTION PUSHThe notification attempts to implement the tri-language formula, requires using a regional language — in this case Marathi — compulsory by Central government establishments
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Maha Govt issues notification for use of Marathi language by Central govt offices and agencies

Amidst campaign recently launched by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to press for the use of Marathi in all banking transactions, the state government on Tuesday issued a five-page notification in this regard. The government wants the use of Marathi language by the Central government offices, establishments, corporations and public undertakings working in the state and engaged in banking, telephone, post, insurance, railway, metro, mono-rail, airline, gas, petroleum, taxation.More importantly, in a serious bid to counter Shiv Sena and MNS, the government has instructed these agencies to use the Marathi language and Devnagari script along with English and Hindi languages in all written and oral examinations, which are conducted at the time of the appointment of the various posts. Also readMaharashtra: Key appointments at various universities not made, norms ignoredFurther, the Marathi language and Devnagari script will have to be used in all correspondences, communications and in oral and written transactions and interaction with the people in the state. Besides, all the instructions, public notices, notice boards, indicators, and name-plates will have to be displayed for the information of the general public in Marathi language and Devnagri script.These agencies are expected to use the Marathi language in all offline and online services and also in arrival and departure indicators and timetable of the railway trains, metro, mono-rail and flights, train name boards, coach or bogie numbers, name of stations terminals, ports and airports, notice and instruction boards and public announcements systems.Also readDNA EXCLUSIVE | Maharashtra GST toll: Collection soars to 22% in OctSenior officer told DNA,’’ Marathi” is the official language of Maharashtra under the Maharashtra Official languages Act, 1964 and Ammendment Act, 2015 and its jurisdiction is whole of the state. So, as per Tri- language formula of the Central Government, it has been mandatory to use Regional language along with English and Hindi in all offices and establishments of the Central Government in the state of Maharashtra and other offices of the Central Government which provides banking, telephone, post, insurance, railway, metro, mono-rail, airline, gas, petroleum, taxation services to the people in the State.’’Furthermore, the government wants the Central government offices and other agencies to incorporate regional language in the Service Rules of their officers and employees and make provisions in recruitment rules about the mandatory qualification of Marathi language. These offices and agencies have been instructed to arrange the Marathi language workshops and training programmes for the officers and employees in order to use Marathi language completely and make easy communication and interaction with local public.Also readMaharashtra BJP downplays Yashwant Sinha’s stir to highlight farmers’ plight
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Doctors day out: Rajasthan medics protest, treat patients in tents

Even with most doctors feeling the heat over the High court order and recent transfers, some “rebels” left their offices to set up tents outside to treat the needy.In a prolonged confrontation with the health department, the in-service government doctors were out to muster public support ahead of a warning to the government. The doctors at many districts avoided going to hospitals and carried out their duties underneath trees, camps and even benches under the open sun. This was a common sight at many public health centers, community health centers and district hospitals.”We have issued the government a notice of 72 hours to act upon the consensus reached after the recent stir, the government’s adamant attitude is forcing us towards another movement,” said Dr Nasreen Bharti, patron of an in-service doctors association in Rajasthan.The doctors though have decided to keep health services uninterrupted, however, put the onus on state government for keeping up the truce. “We are committed to treat the patients, however, if forced to further intensify the agitation, it will be due to inconsideration of the state government,” said Dr Durga Shankar Saini, general secretary of All Rajasthan In Service Doctors Union.Health minister Kalicharan Saraf, meanwhile, claimed that efforts were in process for implementation of the doctors’ demand agreed upon at the consensus with state government. Jaipur, did not see much of a stir.Around 10,000 doctors employed at state health department went on mass leave in the first week of November. The stir severely impacted public health services across the state and ended after seven days following a consensus between the doctors and health minister Kalicharan Saraf. However, as many of the doctors to have led the agitation got transferred, the doctors are back on agitation path.
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IIT-B students get Rs 1 cr offer

On its first day of placements on Friday, the high-profile Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) attracted a large numbers of companies — two of the biggest being Microsoft and Uber. Both the companies reportedly offered nearly Rs 1 crore annual packages, although the institute did not confirm the reports.However, even as the numbers on the package were lucrative, there were concerns over the issues surrounding international visas. Last year, several students who had managed to bag top international offers were later offered positions in the national branches of the companies due to visa issues.Some of the other prominent recruiters in the first slot, which ended on Friday evening, also included P&G, Goldman Sachs, BCG, Texas Instruments, GE and Schlumberger, amongst others. Renowned American private equity firm — Blackstone — reportedly made one of the best offers with an annual package of Rs 44 lakh.Day 1 was dominated by software, consultancy, and engineering firms; start-ups did not make an appearance on Friday. This year, around 1,700 students have registered for the campus placements and the institute expects more than 225 companies to participate. The institute has seen a rise in the number of PPOs as compared to the last few years, with 137 companies having made their offers before the placements kickstarted.For the first time, Public Service Undertakings (PSUs) also conducted interviews at the IIT-B campus before the beginning of the first phase of placements. Some of the prominent PSUs that conducted interviews in the campus include Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).”The overall selections on the first day have been great and we are hoping that the numbers will be better in the next few days” said a member of the placement committee.
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Couldn’t loot bank, so set it on fire!

The script is not stolen from a Bollywood crime thriller, but the panic that was sparked by the daredevil robbers and gripped the Dena Bank at Naroda was no short of a Hollywood revenge story.Robbers who gained entry into the bank on Monday evening and set the place on fire after they failed to break the lockers.The Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service department officials, who were called by locals at around 7.30pm, said four engines were rushed to the bank to control the blaze. However, the burglary attempt came to light on Tuesday morning when the bank security officials found their guns missing and informed the branch manager, Kirit Solanki.After the CCTV camera footages were scanned, the officials informed police of the burglary attempt. However, the frustration of failing to break the vault led the gang to set the place ablaze. Four computers and important bank documents have been gutted, an official said.A FAILED ATTEMPTThe robbers entered the bank through bathroom ventilators and later on tried to break the vault The gun of the security staff has also been stolen. However, the cash and valuables are safe
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Reduced GST brings smiles on faces

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Nileema Kulkarni didn’t remember that the newly lowered Goods and Services (GST) tax rate for restaurants was to be effective from Wednesday. “It’s only when the bill came that I realised that I was charged five per cent instead of 18 per cent,” said Kulkarni, who had just stepped out from her office in Nariman Point for lunch.Many like Kulkarni were happy that their food expenses did not pinch their pockets as much until a day before.”People like me who work have a certain budget in which we manage our expenses. With the new GST rate, it will certainly help save money,” said Kulkarni.She is not the only one. Kimaya Bhende, who regularly visits restaurants and coffee shops to discuss business dealing with her clients said that ever since the new GST rates had kicked in, “It was like having food with the government.””Though the effective increase in taxes after Value Added Tax (VAT) and Service Tax was over four per cent in some restaurants, I did feel the pinch of the 18 per cent. Over a period of time, it was like the profit I was earning from business dealings was less than the 18 per cent tax iI was paying. The reduction of 13 per cent is a welcome move,” she added.Restaurateurs who too were happy that the tax rate had reduced said that it will reflect in their balance sheets over a period of time. “Today is only the first day. People are not spending as much as they used to. With the reduction in tax, people can spend freely,” said Satish Shanbagh, Supervisor at Samrat restaurant near Churchgate station.

Air India engineer held for smuggling gold bars

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Blowing the lid off an alleged gold smuggling racket, two persons, including a senior engineer working with Air India were arrested by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Customs Department from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Tuesday night.According to the AIU officials, on receipt of specific intelligence, a team of AIU officials intercepted Janardan Gunaji Kondvilkar, Senior Superintendent, Service Engineer, Air India while exiting the aero-bridge after attending to his duty in an Air India flight on Tuesday night.”Personal search resulted in the recovery of eight cut pieces of gold bars weighing 1,649 grams valued at Rs 44.10 lakh, which were seized under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962. He admitted possession, carriage and recovery of the gold bars,” said an AIU official.He added, during the course of follow-up action, a receiver of the seized goods identified as Vijay Rawal who was waiting outside the airport was arrested and he too admitted knowledge of seized gold bars.

11 Rajasthan doctors arrested for ignoring state govt’s warning to end strike

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Eleven agitating doctors have been arrested from seven districts till this morning under the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA) as the deadlock between medical practitioners and the state government entered its sixth day on Saturday, police said here.The doctors were arrested from Tonk, Jaipur, Kota, Swai Madhopur, Bharatpur, Jhalawar and Banswara districts, ADG (Law and Order) NRK Reddy said.The arrests came after the deadline set by the government for the medical practitioners to resume work expired on Friday evening.Reddy said 43 doctors returned to work to avoid arrest.Meanwhile, the state’s medical and health department issued a notice ton Saturday to agitating doctors stating that the strike was against the high court order asking them to resume work by Friday.One of the major demands of the doctors is of higher pay scale and promotions.Asked about the issue, Director of Public Health Dr V K Mathur said, “We are trying to reach an amicable solution through talks.”Most doctors on strike remained unavailable for comment.The All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors Association president, Dr Ajay Chaudhary, and the Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors president, Dr Ravi Jhakar, could not be reached.Health minister Kalicharan Saraf on Friday held Dr Chaudhary responsible for the strike. “Dr Chaudhary seems to have some personal interest… he is trying to create hurdles in breaking the deadlock. He is being guided by someone,” the minister alleged.He said several rounds of talks were held with the agitating doctors, who proceeded on a mass casual leave in support of their 33-point demand on Monday, but “the talks failed due to their adamant attitude”.

Pre-wed shoot inside aircraft, offers galore

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The dream of having a pre wedding shoot in air is a dream, however having it inside the aircraft is a reality now. While in Europe, UAE etc pre wedding shoots in airport hanger have been done, closer home, in Rajasthan, Supreme airlines which has been operating intra state flights in the state has brought this new offer of getting a pre wedding shoot inside the aircraft. Officials informed that this service will be offered by the airlines only on Sundays and it will be charged at Rs 1,49,000. “We are offering this service to shoot inside the aircraft for pre wedding shoot on Sundays,”confirmed Ammeet Agarwal, CEO of Supreme airlines. Sources informed that the shooting can be done by taking the flight to places like Sawaimadhopur or Sikar.Shooting in the aircraft will give new creativity idea to the wedding planners.

Minor with fake Aadhaar rescued

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Officials from Social Service Branch of the Mumbai Police on Tuesday night rescued two minor girls from flesh trade racket in Chembur. One of the girls was in possession of an Aadhaar card that stated her age to be 22 years when she was only 15 years old. The police are now probing if the flesh trade syndicate was also instrumental in forging Aadhaar cards. According to the police, on receipt of information from anti-trafficking organisation International Justice Mission, a residence in Chembur was raided by the police and two girls forced into commercial sexual exploitation were rescued.“We arrested two accused. Their accomplice, whose residence was used as a brothel, is on the run,” said a police officer. The accused have been booked under sections of IPC, Immoral Traffic Prevention and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Acts.

Rajasthan: Medical services hit as over 640 government doctors go on strike

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Health service in four districts of Rajasthan was affected as around 640 government doctors in Kota, Bundi, Baran and Jhalawar districts went on strike today over their various demands.Patients in district hospitals, community and primary health centres in rural areas had to be shifted to private hospitals due to the strike.However, doctors at Kota and Jhalawar medical colleges stayed away from the strike.Health department officials said that 31 doctors from Kota medical college have been sent to hospitals in Baran, Bundi and Rampura, while AYUSH doctors are providing healthcare services to the patients at community and primary health centres.Around 250 doctors, including 43 from Baran district headquarters have gone on strike, CMHO Baran Brajesh Goyal said.Meanwhile, General Secretary of All Rajasthan In Service Doctors Association Dr Durga Shankar Saini said they were forced to go on strike as the state government did not pay heed to their 33-point demand.These demands are not in the interest of the doctors but for improvement of medical and healthcare facilities that would eventually be beneficial for the patients, Dr Saini claimed.Representatives of the association have held nine rounds of talks with the state government so far, but of no avail.The doctors are ready to call off the strike if the state government gives a written assurance that their demands would be met, he said.

Vande Mataram event at SMS stadium

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After Jaipur Mayor Ashok Lahoti, now the chairman of Rajasthan Youth Board, Bhupendra Saini wants to develop a sense of nationalism amongst youth through Vande Mataram. Youth Board will organise a programme named “Vande Mataram” on November 8 at Sawai Man Singh Stadium. In this programme, youth will sing the National Song. The NSS volunteers of all government and private colleges of Jaipur have been asked to participate in the programme.These days BJP leaders are trying to impose an RSS agenda. On the one hand Jaipur Mayor has made National Anthem and National Song compulsory for municipal staff, on the other the Higher Education Department had ordered all government college students to visit the Pratap Gaurav Kendra, Udaipur. Now, the name of the BJP leader and Rajasthan Youth Board Chairman, Bhupendra Saini has also been added in this row. The “Vande Mataram” programme will be organised from 8 am to 11 am on November 8 by the Youth Board and RSS Institute Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation. Apart from National Song, they will sing patriotic songs collectively.Instructions have been given by youth board to college students to take part in this programme. Each college has also been given the mandate to appoint a coordinator for this. On behalf of the DCE, principals of all private and government colleges of Jaipur have been issued circular. In this circular, the college’s National Service Scheme (NSS) has been instructed to join volunteers at the programme. A form has been sent to be filled up with the NSS volunteers.The Youth Board’s motive for organising this programme is to develop a spirit of living on the basis of patriotism and constitutional values among youth. Meanwhile, legal cell of state BJP has started awareness and public connect campaign for Vande Mataram programme. “Today we have started campaign from Sanganer assembly constituency for Vande Mataram. We distributed pamphlets and posters of the programme and invited local people. We requested people to join the program at Sawai Man Singh Stadium on November 8,” said Vikas Somani, co-coordinator of BJP legal cell.

101, 102 emergency lines snap for 20 min

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Technical issues in BSNL Telecommunications brought down emergency service lines 101 and 102, for fire and ambulance services, respectively, for about 20 minutes. Fortunately, for the city, no major emergencies came up during the time that gave authorities several anxious moments.The Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service (AFES) had started a temporary alternative number and notified the general public about it through their social media platforms.According to fire officials, the BSNL had informed them well in advance that the lines would go out of service for an hour due to the migration of lines. However, the glitch lasted only 20 minutes, between 3.45pm and 4.05pm.M F Dastoor, Chief Fire Officer, said, “We didn’t get any emergency calls on our alternative number during the time our telephone lines were dead. BSNL had informed us about it before they started their work, so we could find an alternative solution.”Soon, the fire department circulated a temporary alternate number, 9726415822, through social media.The department had also mentioned that the emergency service number 101 will remain out of service for a while, and for any fire emergency, people should contact the alternative number.H R Muliyana, DCP, Ahmedabad City Control Room, said, “During the brief period, we didn’t get any call for fire or ambulance services. Had we received any call, we would have informed concerned service authorities.”

Job application: HC allows transgender to declare sex as woman

Updated: Oct 25, 2017, 06:51 PM IST, PTI
<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Kerala High Court on Wednesday allowed a member of the transgender community to declare her sex as woman in the application for a state government job.Justice K Vinod Chandran gave the interim order while considering a plea filed by the transgender in which it complained that there were only two options — male and female — in the section seeking information about the sex of the person applying for the job.The examination for the job is conducted by the State Public Service Commission.The transgender, who is a post graduate in Mathematics, pleaded before the court that a separate column for the transgender community be included in the PSC application form to help them in applying for the government job.Lack of such a column is creating difficulties for qualified people from the transgender community in applying for government jobs, the petitioner said.

Docs at DDU hospital call off strike but over 30 surgeries get cancelled

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>As many as 30 surgeries were canceled on Tuesday after 300 resident doctors at Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) hospital went on strike demanding better security in the hospital.The doctors from the hospital have been on strike from Monday after two doctors from the paediatric ward were assaulted by a patient attendants.The strike had been called off on Tuesday evening after the hospital administration ensured security of the doctors in the hospital premises. On Tuesday, patients were transferred to other hospitals and OPDs did not run. This was the third time this year, and second, this month, when DDU doctors went on strike due to lack of security inside the hospital after assaults.”We have decided to call off the strike as we don’t want to affect patient care. The hospital administration has promised to fulfill our demands within three weeks. If not done, we will take appropriate action,” said Dr Gursimar Singh, President, Residents Doctors’ Association (RDA) DDU Hospital.In their meeting, doctors raised their concerns over shortage of medicines in the hospital as one of the major reasons for the quarrels. The meeting was attended by the medical superintendent and representatives of DDU RDA.A FIR had been filed by the RDA against the patient attendants under sections of the Delhi Medicare Service Personnel and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act, 2008.Various other resident doctors have also come out in support and criticised the incident. “Such type of incidents affect the overall health system. The safety and security of the doctors should be taken seriously,” said Dr Sumedh, president, RDA, RML.In last one year, doctors in Delhi government’s hospital have been frequently beaten up by the patient’s family members. In Delhi alone in the last two years, more than 50 such cases have been reported, and doctors have gone on a strike as many as 30 times.”It’s high time that the government should start looking for the root of these issues. Why are doctors regularly going on strike? The government must come out with a solution. Most of the government hospitals are running short of medicines, equipment and doctors,” said Dr Vivek Chouksey, president, Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA)Early this year, a nationwide protest by doctors had left the medical system crippled. The doctors were protesting against cases of violence against medical personnel, including recent instances in Dhule and Mumbai’s Sion Hospital, where relatives of patients attacked their respective doctors-in-charge.STRIKE ACTIONOn Tuesday, 2,000 AIIMS resident doctors held a protest against the improper implementation of the seventh central pay commission recommendation. Residents doctors said that all the other autonomous hospitals like JIPMER, PGI, and even Safdarjung gave allowances, but not AIIMS.
In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA) said even one-and-half- years after the implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations and four months of allowance approval in other medical institutes, the AIIMS doctors here still didn’t get the revised pay because of administrative lapses. The strike was held outside the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium.

Jammu and Kashmir outreach programme: Centre appoints Dineshwar Sharma for sustained dialogue, special focus on youth

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Centre has decided to start a sustained dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir and this outreach programme will be led by former Intelligence Bureau director Dineshwar Sharma. “Dineshwar Sharma will initiate dialogue with elected representatives of Jammu and Kashmir, political parties, different organisations and people, ” said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during a press conference on Monday. Dineshwar Sharma will be government’s representative and take the decision on his future interaction with concerned parties. Dineshwar Sharma rank will be equivalent to that of a Cabinet Secretary. The initiative has been taken as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address, the home minister said.Rajnath Singh mentioned that the outreach process will begin soon and the special focus would be the youth of Kashmir. “The government representative, Dineshwar Sharma, will have all the rights to engage whatever parties he wishes to,” said the Home Minister. He said that the government is going to engage all political parties and stakeholders to ensure that peace is restored in the valley. “The government is going to address the legitimate apprehensions of the state populace and try to restore peace in the valley,” claimed Singh. Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has tweeted his apprehensions on the steps taken by the Centre.The “legitimate aspirations” of people of J&K is an interesting formulation. Who gets to decide what is legitimate?But he has expressed that he will keep an open mind and wait for the results of the dialogue process.Dineshwar Sharma, a 1979-batch (retired) officer of the Indian Police Service, served as the IB director between December, 2014 and 2016.

Mersal row: BJP’s H Raja questions Vijay’s religion; advocate files complaint against actor

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>H Raja, the National Secretary of the BJP on Monday lashed out at South Indian actor Vijay for his statements criticising the Goods and Service Tax in the 2017 film Mersal.Questioning Vijay’s religion, Raja shared a picture of Vijay’s college identity card that speaks of his Christian heritage with the tweet ‘Truth is bitter’.Earlier, a complaint was filed against tue actor by advocate Muthu Kumar for showing ‘temples and Central Government schemes in bad light’The movie criticised the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that did not go down well with the BJP. Tamil Nadu BJP chief Tamilisai Soundararajan and the party’s national secretary H Raja strongly opposed it, claiming that some dialogues were “highly inappropriate”. The film production house today said that if needed, it would delete scenes that have caused “misunderstanding”.Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi hit out at the BJP, asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to “interfere” and saying that cinema was a “deep expression” of Tamil culture.

Despite PM’s non-response, Nitish Kumar to raise central status for Patna University ‘again and again’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said it was his duty was to raise the issue of central university status to century-old Patna University (PU) “again and again” whether the Centre accepts it or not.Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not entertained the CM’s request on the issue during his visit here on Saturday to attend the centenary celebrations of PU. “Patna University holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of Bihar. The demand for a central status is not new. At the centenary celebrations on Saturday, I had only voiced a long-cherished wish of the people of the state”, Kumar told reporters after the weekly ‘Lok Samvad’ (Public Interaction) programme.Minutes after Kumar’s plea for central status to PU, Modi had said the central status was “a thing of the past” and called upon Patna University to avail of the Centre’s scheme to make at least 20 varsities in the countries world class with a financial assistance of Rs 10,000 crore. “Its my duty to raise the demand (for central university status to PU) again and again whether the Centre accepts it or not. I have no reaction over the Centre’s decision,” Kumar, who graduated from Patna Engineering College (now NIT) in early ’70s, said.
ALSO READ Nitish asks for central status for Patna University, PM Modi gives no hope; Lalu cries foulKumar said that he had raised the issue several times in Parliament when he was an MP. The state government too had placed its demand in this regard with the Centre earlier. On the poor condition of universities in Bihar, including PU due to shortage of teachers and infrastructure bottlenecks, he said as per constitutional provisions the state government’s responsibility with regard to universities is limited only to providing finance. The rest come under the jurisdiction of the chancellor, who is the governor of the day.”We would have done a lot more ourselves had the system been different,” he said adding Bihar government provides Rs 4000 crore annually for universities. “For other issues since neither I nor my cabinet have any role in the daily running of universities, we can’t intervene directly,” the CM said. Kumar conceded that there is shortage of teachers in PU and other universities in Bihar and said the state government had entrusted Bihar Public Service Commission for appointing them.To speed up the process, the state government has now constituted a University Service Commission, which will have members soon to expedite the process of teachers recruitment.He claimed that the government under him had acheived “tremendous results” in school education, which is a direct responsibility of the state government. Since 2005 when he took over the percentage of children out of school had dropped from 12.5 per cent to only one per cent now.In the secondary stage the number of boy and girl students are almost equal in government schools, he said and government initiatives like free cycle and uniforms had boosted their attendance. On the PM’s stress on building waterways through the Ganges, Kumar said it would be effective only when the siltation problem in the river is addressed and he had informed the prime minister of his view.

1 dead, 1 injured in wall collapse

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Two construction labor workers were trapped under debris after a wall collapsed during a building renovation on Saturday. One of the workers died in the incident, while the other was rescued and rushed to the hospital.The incident took place at 11.45am in one of the buildings in the Shahpur Halim Ni Khadki area. The owner of the house, Kanti Tapanbhai, was renovating his house when one of the walls of the building collapsed and two labourers were trapped under the debris. Soon after the incident, nearby people rushed to the spot and rescued one of the workers and rushed him to the Civil hospital.Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service department was informed and officials rushed to the spot and started the rescue operation. It took one and a half hours for the team to dig out the worker’s body from the debris.The deceased worker was identified as Prabhat Bariya,35, a resident of Godhara, while the injured was identified as Raju Thakor, 30, a resident of Paldi, who was going through treatment in Civil hospital.Rajesh Bhatt, Additional Chief Fire officer, said, “Due to the narrow roads, the rescue operation team was not able to reach the spot on time. The huge debris was removed with the help of machines and it began to get difficult for us to reach the spot. The adjacent building has also been damaged and weakened and it is risky to live in it.”

Gautam Bambawale, India’s former high commissioner to Pakistan, will be country’s next envoy to China

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Seasoned diplomat Gautam Bambawale, India’s high commissioner to Pakistan, was today appointed as the country’s next envoy to China.This was announced tonight by the external affairs ministry.A 1984 India Foreign Service (IFS) officer, Bambawale is expected to take up the assignment shortly, the ministry said.He will replace Vijay Gokhale.A deft hand in Sino-India relations, Bambawale opted to learn Mandarin Chinese as his foreign language and served in Hong Kong and Beijing between 1985 and 1991.He was first the desk officer for China in the Ministry of External Affairs and served as director in the Americas Division of the ministry, responsible for relations with the US and Canada (1993-94).He has also functioned as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indian Embassy in Beijing.His appointment comes at a time when India and China are trying to put behind the Dokalam standoff, and work on a “forward-looking” approach in their ties. PTI PYK ZMN

Indian Navy sacks sailor who underwent sex change; says he breached recruitment regulations

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Indian Navy on Monday sacked a sailor for undergoing a sex change surgery last year, holding him guilty of breaching service rules.Manish Giri, a naval sailor, had undergone the sex change surgery in August at a hospital in Mumbai when he was on leave.”The Indian Navy has discharged Manish Giri, a naval sailor, evoking the clause of ‘Service No Longer Required’ under the Navy regulations,” the Navy said in a statement.It said the sailor who underwent “sex reassignment surgery” while on leave was administratively discharged from the service.”The individual chose to undergo irreversible gender re-assignment on his own accord, whilst on leave wilfully altering his gender status from the one he was recruited for at the time of his induction,” it said.Giri was posted at a naval facility in Visakhapatnam.”He has breached the Recruitment Regulations and eligibility criteria for his employment as a sailor in the Indian Navy,” the Navy said.It said that the existing service rules and regulations do not permit the sailor’s continued employment owing to his altered gender status, medical condition and “resultant employability restrictions”.

AMTS bus catches fire, no injuries reported

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A bus which was recently added to the AMTS fleet and was operated by a private operator caught fire near Usmanpura-Naranpura Road early on Wednesday.”A technical reason might be behind the incident. There was a short circuit in the battery installed in the bus which led to the fire which spread rapidly. The bus was operated by a private party,” said Arjav Shah, deputy municipal commissioner.The officer also informed that there are 85 such other buses which have been recently added to the service.”Other buses are in a good condition,” added Shah. He also said that such incidents generally take places at an interval of two to three years. We check all buses once in a year for quality,” he concluded.

RPSC spends crores on recruitment battles

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>More than Rs 2.5 crore has been spent in the last five years over lawyers by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), to fight a legal battle for the recruitments announced by it to fill up the vacancies at various levels in the government.Almost all the recruitment drives and vacancies announced by the RPSC in the recent times have been challenged in courts.The loopholes and RPSC’s callous approach to the procedure has led to a long legal battle and a stay over the recruitments.RPSC’s failure to follow a water-tight recruitment procedure, which cannot be challenged, is not only harming the prospects of candidates but also adding to the financial burden of the commission.According to the information received through Right to Information (RTI), which was sought by activist Gopal Maheshwari, RPSC in the past 14 years had to shell out Rs 3,27,23,735 crores as fees for the lawyers it appointed for representation in the courts.Of this, Rs 2.5 has been spent in the past five years alone. Maheshwari, through RTI, had sought details on the expenses incurred by RPSC in the past 18 years. The commission failed to provide the details for financial years 2000-01 to 2003-2004 and instead, shared information from 2004-05 to the current financial year.The information reveals that Rs 2.5 crore has been spent on lawyers between 2014-15 and 2017-18.Details reveal that while RPSC has been charged Rs 1,100 by the lawyers of Rajasthan High Court, the fee rise is upto Rs 60,000 for lawyers who represent it at the Supreme Court. “The state government is well aware of the situation and yet it has failed to initiate any corrective measures.As a result, all the youth in general and all probable candidates of the state are suffering,” said Maheshwari.Activist, Vipin Prakash Sharma said that an additional financial burden is not just restricted to the RPSC but also the candidates.“As there are several loopholes, the recruitments get challenged by the candidates and in the past few years, the candidates have spent over Rs 200 crores on petitions challenging the procedure. There is an immediate need for rectifying the process.”

BMC to bring tree-cutting under Right to Service Act

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The general body of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) cleared a notice of motion on Tuesday, paving the way for including tree cutting and trimming work under the Right to Service Act.Now, the proposal will be sent to the civic chief for approval, and once it gets his permission, the civic body will have to cut and trim trees within 14 days.Aneesh Naval Makwaaney, a Bhartiya Janata Party corporator from Juhu-Vile Parle moved the notice of motion. He said that timely tree cutting and trimming can save life, and he also cited the Chembur incident where a 57-year-old woman died after a coconut tree came crashing down on her when she had gone for a morning walk.“Had the civic body taken the society’s complaint seriously regarding tree cutting, the woman’s life would have been saved,” said Makwaaney.

Rajiv Mehrishi takes over as CAG

Mehrishi, a 1978 batch (retired) Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Rajasthan cadre, completed his two- year fixed term as the home secretary last month. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Former home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi took over as the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India on Monday. He succeeded Shashi Kant Sharma, who demitted office on Friday.President Ram Nath Kovind administered the oath of office and secrecy to Mehrishi (62) at a function in Rashtrapati Bhavan, which was attended by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi among other dignitaries. Mehrishi, a 1978 batch (retired) Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Rajasthan cadre, completed his two- year fixed term as the home secretary last month.

In mid-level bureaucratic reshuffle, 17 new joint secretaries appointed by Centre

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>As many as 17 new joint secretaries have been appointed in various central government departments as part of a major mid-level bureaucratic reshuffle effected today.Of these, 11 officers are from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and six from other civil services.IAS officers Anil Malik and Vivek Bharadwaj will be joint secretaries in Home Ministry.Anurag Agarwal, also from the same service, has been appointed joint secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, an order issued by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said.IAS officer N Saravana Kumar will be joint secretary, Department of Higher Education.Ruchika Chaudhry Govil, an officer of Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax cadre), has been named JS, Ministry of Steel.Manohar Agnani and Vijoy Kumar Singh will be joint secretaries in Department of Health and Family Welfare, and DoPT respectively.Amit Sahai, an Indian Forest Service officer, will be joint secretary, Department of Defence Production.Ravinesh Kumar, an officer of Indian Defence Accounts Service, has been named Financial Advisor, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).Sanjay Goel and Gopalakrishnan S have been appointed joint secretaries in Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology.IAS officer Anuradha Thakur will be joint secretary, Department of Investment and Public Asset Management.Kalpana Rajsinghot and Manju Pandey have been appointed joint secretaries in Ministry of Labour and Employment, and Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ministry.Niranjan Kumar Sudhansu will be joint secretary, Ministry of Coal. S Suresh Kumar has been appointed Additional Chief Executive Officer, Government e-marketplace Special Purpose Vehicle– a portal to procure goods and services by all government departments and public sector undertakings.IAS officer Rajiv Arora, joint secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment has been sent back to his cadre state Haryana before completion of his central deputation tenure.

Women Army officers seek parity with men

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Over two dozen women officers of the Indian Army have moved an application in the Supreme Court, seeking to implead an ongoing case related to treating Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs) at par with Commissioned Officers. The applicants include Major Charu Sharma and Major Neha Bhatnagar.During the hearing of the applications on Friday, the Supreme Court warned the Centre that it would not grant any more adjournments in a matter where Indian Army officers are seeking the effective grant of reckonable Commissioned Service benefits, particularly SSCOs commissioned under the Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES).The bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra commented on the over one year delay, and said the matter would be heard after two weeks and no further delay will be tolerated thereafter.The case of over 100 Army officers — serving and retired — for grant of parity with officers of permanent commission — in accordance with the report of Defence Ministry’s Committee of Experts authored by former Defence Secretary AV Singh, is pending before the top court.The report, which proposed time-bound promotions for the ranks of Capt, Major, and Lt Col in two, six, and thirteen years, respectively, was accepted by the Centre.However, the applicants have accused the establishment of gender-based discrimination.Leading the all-women’s charge, advocate Aishwarya Bhatti said that mere lip service is not enough, the government needs to implement the reforms if it is serious about women empowerment.They have said that even though the Centre has already issued orders under the Army Act extending the benefit of promotions as applicable to Permanent Commissioned Officers to all SSCOs (Men and Women), the reason given by the Army HQ for non-grant of the statutory benefit “reflects nothing but an argument which is an epitome of banality”.The applicants have also pointed out that the Navy and the Air Force have already institutionalised these promotional avenues to all without any cut-off stipulation or specious reason of “reckonable commissioned service”.

Delhi High Court: Hauz Khas Village is a ticking time bomb

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>It’s not normal for a high court, especially the Delhi High Court, to refer to an area as a “ticking time bomb.”But that’s just what the Delhi High Court did on Thursday.Lambasting the lack of safety measures in the area, the court said, “Hauz Khas village is a ticking time bomb without essential civic and emergency services, and no response has been received from the authorities despite repeated queries.”The court went on to say that despite reports by the Delhi Police, Delhi Fire Service, SDMC and other agencies, Hauz Khas village remained without essential civic and emergency services.But it wasn’t just lack of security measures that the court was upset about. A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Harishankar also stated that the place has no comprehensive solid waste management and sewage disposal evaluation has even the entered the minds of the concerned authorities.”Our repeated queries regarding quantum of solid waste (i.e garbage) and sewage generated by these restaurants etc evoked no response from either the authorities or restaurant owners,” the court said in its 17-page order.The court also pulled up the Delhi Jal Board for not submitting a report and thereby directed the body to inspect each premises in Hauz Khas Village with regard to water supply, as well as for borewells which may have been illegally dug in these properties.The court was hearing petitions filed by social activist Pankaj Sharma and advocate Anuja Kapur, who alleged that there are over 120 restaurants and pubs running in the area without any building plan approval or no objection certificate (NOC) from the authorities, including the fire department.The bench also warned the associations of restaurants owners that they will not escape civil and criminal liability in case any unfortunate incident takes place, as there was virtually no space for emergency vehicles to enter the area.

DDA issues draft policy for planned development of pvt lands

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a bid to facilitate planned development of private land in the Capital, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has formulated a “draft policy” in a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Tuesday. The L-G is the ex-officio chairman of the DDA.The policy will allow development of privately-owned land through spatial planning and facilitation of basic infrastructure services. The DDA, in a statement, also said that the draft policy intends to allow private land owners to develop their land holdings in conformity with the land use, as per the prevailing Master Plan of Delhi (MPD).”The draft policy will be placed in the public domain for inviting suggestions from the public. The policy will be finalised after incorporating the same,” the DDA said.The urban body has also decided that plots with an area of 3,000 square metres or above abutting a road of 24 metres, right of way and above, will be eligible for ‘Residential Use (Group Housing)’ as per development control norms. This will be subject to payment of conversion charges.The Authority has also stated that modification in the MPD 2021 in the chapter on Industry, knowledge-based industries/service industries like software industry, IT Service, ITES, media, biotechnology/medical, research and development, and design, business and educational services, are proposed to be permitted on industrial plots.Amendments to the allotment of DDA community halls have also been approved in the draft policy.”As per the revised policy, community halls within boundaries of housing schemes will be preferably allotted to resident welfare associations (RWAs) of the pocket, if cost of construction is shared by the allottees,” the DDA said. The halls can also be allotted to other applicants for a license fee. Registered societies such as government, semi-government and autonomous bodies actively involved in social activities in the area will also be eligible for allotment.

2,765 posts SSB transferred to IB

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>To enhance intelligence gathering across the border, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has approved the transfer of a total of 2,765 posts from the civilian cadre of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) to Intelligence Bureau. “Not only the posts, entire infrastructure, land and equipment of civilian cadre of SSB will be transferred,” said a senior MHA officer.Both the office of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Kumar Doval and MHA has approved the project, and it will gradually be implemented over the next year.The civil wing was first raised in 1963, in the aftermath of the Chinese aggression of the previous year, to work in border areas and promote a sense of national belonging and pro-India feelings among the population there. As per the proposal, the SSB is facing various issues like promotions, work avenues, and finance and others. Based on these issues, it was decided that the unit should be transferred to the Intelligence Unit. The unit has only been doing civic work and government schemes publicity moves in far-flung border areas and anti-Naxal operation zones for almost two decades now.After the SSB was declared an armed force in 2001, the civil wing started dying as they were not uniformed personnel. The average age of cadres was above 50 years and most of these cadres have worked with the people living along the Nepal and Bhutan borders. This, in turn, helped them integrate with the mainstream.Now with transfer, their experience and knowledge of the locals, languages and natural features of the border areas will be used to aid the intelligence work of the IB.The SSB was formed in in 2003, following the 1999 Kargil conflict. Earlier it was known as Special Service Bureau and the unit worked under Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) till 2001.The name of the force was changed to Sashastra Seema Bal in 2003, following the 1999 Kargil conflict. It was then tasked with guarding the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan borders on the country’s eastern flank. The Special Service Bureau (now Sashastra Seema Bal) was thus conceived in November 1962 and eventually created in March 1963 with the sole objective of achieving ‘Total security preparedness’ in the remote border areas for performing a ‘stay-behind’ role in the event of a war.A senior officer stated that the transfer of the civilian SSB cadre will begin once the long-awaited cadre restructuring of the force is approved and implemented. All this will take about a year to take shape.About SSBThe SSB was formed in 2003, following the 1999 Kargil conflict It was known as Special Service Bureau and it worked under Research and Analysis Wing till 2001. The force was declared an armed force in 2001.

150 posts in BMC colleges to be filled through ads

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The state government on Thursday facilitated the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to fill up the 150 vacant posts of professors and associate professors in its four medical colleges through advertisement and direct interviews. After this significant move by the state government, the BMC administration no longer needs to depend on the time-consuming selection procedure through Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC).At present, in civic-run medical colleges 90 per cent professors are recruited on a temporary basis who will be now regularised, said Director of Medical education, Dr Avinash Supe. Until now, the civic body had to fill 50 per cent posts through the MPSC and 50 per cent through promotion. As the MPSC selection procedure was time-consuming and promotion faced hurdles like seniority or caste reservation, many posts were left vacant across the four BMC-run medical colleges.There are 200 posts for professor of which 50 are lying idle and 450 posts for associate professor of which 100 are vacant. According to Dr Supe, “We widely welcome the cabinet decision. We (BMC) also asked the state to facilitate the process to recruit professors through advertisements for our medical colleges.”

AI Chairman and MD Ashwani Lohani new Railway Board Chairman

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani was today appointed chairman of the Railway Board after the incumbent A K Mital resigned from the post, officials said.The announcement by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet came hours after Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu indicated that he had offered his resignation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the recent train accidents.”Necessary communication in this regard has been sent to the Ministry of Railways,” the committee said.Mital had tendered his resignation to Prabhu last evening and it was accepted today morning, sources said.Lohani, an officer of the railway mechanical service, had served earlier as the Divisional Regional Manager of Delhi. He was also ITDC chairman as well as the director of the Rail Museum in the capital.Mital, a 1976-batch officer of the Indian Railway Stores, was reappointed to the same post two days before his retirement in 2016. With the two-year extension, Mital was to remain in office till July 2018.Lohani, a Railway Service officer also served as the chief of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC) till 2015.An engineer-turned-bureaucrat, Lohani, who is the first Railway Service officer to be made the Chairman and Managing Director of Air India, will succeed Rohit Nandan, a 1982 batch UP cadre IAS officer.

Now, right person for right job, no more lobbying for PS, OSD

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Lobbying for the posts of private secretaries and officers on special duty to Union ministers had been eliminated and senior appointments were now dictated by the mantra of “right person for the right job”, the personnel ministry has said. Merit and integrity were the keys to appointments in the Modi government, the ministry said in a report. Speculations related to transfers and postings in the higher levels of government had been checked with IT being used to bring in transparency in the system, it added. A multi-source stakeholder feedback, also known as 360 degree approach, was being followed for selecting officers for senior level appointments, the ministry said in a booklet titled, “3 years of sustained HR initiatives: Foundation for a New India”, released in a function attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. The deciding factor for postings was “right person for the right job”. This had led to placements becoming more representative, with 120 non-IAS officers from services like the Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Revenue Service and Indian Audit and Accounts Service currently placed as joint secretaries, it said. The total number of joint secretaries is 291. The high number is significant as civil services have been demanding career opportunities equal to those enjoyed by the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), considered the backbone of the bureaucracy. Earlier, for empanelment to the posts of joint secretary and above, an experts’ panel would scrutinise the marks of the annual performance appraisal reports of the officer for the past 10 years and aggregate the scores for every year. This led to a situation where most officers were graded as outstanding without any differentiation on the basis of specific aspects of their performance and character, the ministry said. “Now, a robust system has been instituted which weeds out officers with an ambiguous record. This has been institutionalised by implementing a system of obtaining multi source stakeholder feedback by the expert panel for officers under consideration for empanelment,” it said. The ministry said care had taken to ensure that the feedback was sufficiently broad-based to avoid any possibility of individual prejudices materially affecting the final assessment. The changes in the empanelment process have not been limited to the central staffing scheme. For central deputations, even Inspector General empanelment for Indian Police Service officers has now been aligned with the more rigorous joint secretary empanelment procedure, it said. “Similarly, the scope for lobbying associated with the posting of PSs and OSDs to ministers has been eliminated. The focus on merit, integrity and objectivity in senior placements has ushered in better work culture,” the ministry said. The government has laid out reforms to ensure merit, objectivity and probity in senior appointments, it said. “Realising that the efforts would come to a naught without the instant flow of information to support it, systems have been institutionalised to provide for on-demand real-time dissemination of information to all stakeholders,” the ministry said. An online application — Employees Online — launched by the government has introduced unprecedented transparency in the system and has eliminated speculations on transfers and postings in senior echelons of the government. “It has also eliminated the potential for corruption arising out of information asymmetry,” the ministry said.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

HC directs Chennai CoP to probe irregularities in TNPSC exams

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Madras High Court today directed the city Commissioner of Police to conduct investigations on alleged malpractices in Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exams based on complaints and submit a detailed report. Justice SM Subramaniam before whom the petition filed S Swapna, a transgender, came up for hearing, after giving the direction to the police Commissioner, posted the matter for further consideration to September 11. The matter relates to a notification dated July 10, 2015, against which the petitioner applied to the post under Group-I services and cleared the preliminary examination. Thereafter she appeared for the main written examination conducted on July 29, 30 and 31, 2016. However, to her shock, she was not declared successful, the petitioner submitted. Also, she said she sought a copy of her answer sheet under the RTI Act but it was denied. The petitioner further said, meanwhile, confirming her fear of massive malpractices in the TNPSC, a private Tamil television channel aired a programme alleging rampant corruption. It had alleged that blank unanswered pages were surreptitiously removed and corrupt candidates were permitted to fill the same and then they were inserted into the main answer books, the petitioner submitted, quoting the TV channel. Further, there was no marking of marks on the actual answer sheets but only in a separate OMR answer valuation sheet, the petitioner claimed. The channel had also claimed that it had copies of the original answer sheet and further it made a complaint to the chief minister’s cell and the city police Commissioner, the petitioner said. Apart from the representation given by the transgender, complaints were filed by TNPSC and the TV channel in this regard.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Delhi HC sacks probationary judge

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Four days before he was set to become a permanent judge of a trial court, the services of a judicial officer have been terminated by the Delhi High Court. The decision to terminate the service of the judicial officer, who was on probation since July 2016, was taken by a full court of the High Court on August 10, Registrar General (RG) Dinesh Kumar Sharma said today. He said since the officer was on probation, no reasons were required to be given for terminating his services. Under Rule 22 of the Delhi Judicial Service Rules 1970, the services of a person on probation are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason, the Registrar General said. According to the Registrar General, a full court of the High Court took the decision to terminate service of Nitesh Gupta, which was approved by the Lieutenant Governor (LG) Anil Baijal on the same day. The decision was then communicated to the District Judge of Patiala House court, where Gupta was undergoing training, for necessary action, the RG told(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Guwahati: Home guard alerts cops of suspicious ticking parcel at railway station

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>An object, suspected to be a bomb, was today recovered from a Silchar-bound parcel baggage in Guwahati railway station, GRP and police officials said.A Home Guard on duty at the Railway Mail Service (RMS) area, behind platform number one, heard a ticking sound from the parcel baggage at around 9.45 am and immediately informed the Government Railway Police there, a GRP official told PTI.The GRP then informed the police who arrived with a bomb disposal squad for removing the baggage to an isolated place, the official said.Director General of Police Mukesh Sahay said, it was not immediately known if the parcel contained a bomb.”The laid down drill for any suspicious object will be followed by isolating it and then finding out what it is”, Sahay said.”We will have to first detect whether it is a bomb.Only after that, will the question of who is involved will come in”, the DGP said.On being asked as to why there was no CCTV in the RMS area, Sahay said, “Only the Railway authority can comment about it. It is good to have CCTV but nevertheless a security personnel detected it”.Meanwhile, the suspicious object, weighing 10 kg, was taken safely in a special truck to an open uninhabited area of Rani on the outskirts of Guwahati, a bomb disposal official”said.The official suspected it to be a handmade improvised explosive devise (IED) fitted with a programmable time device (PTD).Urging photo journalists not to use camera flash while taking photos as it could trigger a blast, he said, the object would be safely detonated with another IED.The parcel sorting personnel at the RMS yard said, the baggage, with many articles, had a GPO seal marked for Silchar in south Assam’s Barak Valley.It was to be transported by truck as railway services were suspended for the last ten days due to floods.

Bike Ambulance service for tribals staying in hilltop

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Tribals staying in hilltop at Nagada village in Jajpur district, surrounded by dense forest, will now get immediate health service as the Odisha government has decided to introduce ‘Bike Ambulance Service’ soon. This was announced by the State Health and Family Welfare minister Pratap Jena after visiting Nagada, the remote village which had hogged the national and international headlines after series of children death due to malnutrition and lack of health care facilities last year. Meanwhile, sources said the state government has already introduced bike ambulance service in Koraput and Rayagada district and a boat ambulance service in Malkangiri district to provide immediate health service to the people living in inaccessible areas. This was the first visit of the Health Minister to Nagada village, totally dominated by a particularly vulnerable Juanga tribe. “We came up with the idea of introducing bike ambulance as our aim is to provide immediate treatment to the tribals residing atop Nagada hill. Currently, there will be one bike ambulance for the hilltop village and it will be placed in the tribal village,” Jena told reporters yesterday. He said a permanent 108 Ambulance service would be provided to the hilltop village after couple of months. Minister said the tribals residing in hill top village do not get medical treatment on time as these areas have poor connectivity. Nagada is under the mineral rich Sukinda block in the district. There was no road to Nagada. Malnutrition deaths in the village sparked outrage in the country. As inaccessibility was blamed for the underdevelopment of the primitive tribals in Nagada, the state government has constructed a motorable road to the hill top village on priority basis. The minister also said, a health sub centre would be set up at Kaliapani, about 10 km away from Nagada where a permanent doctor would be posted. Later, the sub centre would be promoted to new Public Health Centre (PHC) which can deliver better health care facilities to the tribals of the areas. Besides, infrastructural facilities will be upgraded at Sukinda CHC and all vacant doctors post of the CHC would be filled up soon, he said. The minister expressed satisfaction over the steps taken by the district administration and commented that there are many villages such as Nagada, which await government attention. “There are 50,000 Nagada like villages in our country. As tribals are residing in the dense forest and inaccessible areas, they lack development. State government has taken a series of measures to develop the living standard of the tribals after the malnutrition deaths came to fore,” he said. “I visited all three hamlets – Tala Nagada, Upaar Nagada and Majhi Nagada,” he said. He said, the state government is taking a host of measures for the tribals from its own resources and asked Central government to assist in the mission.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Karur Vysya Bank inaugurates AADHAAR enrolment centre

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Private sector Karur Vysya Bank today unveiled the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre here following UIDAI’s directive last month. The Unique Identification Authority of India had advised commercial banks to provide Aadhaar enrolment and updation facility at various branches in its July 13 notification. Karur Vysya Bank identified the branches and and ensured early implementation of the service. KVB is the first private sector bank to provide this service in the country, the bank said in a release. Unique Identification Authority of India, Assistant Director General, D M Gajare inaugurated the first Enrolment Centre at the Nelson Manickam Road branch at a function here. Customers need to bring in the approved documents as proof of residence and identity. The process of enrollment or updating the details in AADHAAR can be completed in about 15 minutes, the release said. Karur Vysya Bank planned to expand the service to 75 more branches across the country, the release added.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

21 Delhi Police personnel awarded medals

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Twenty-one Delhi Police personnel, including six female officers, have been awarded the President’s police medals for exemplary services on the occasion of Independence Day. The President’s Police Medal for Gallantry was awarded to Additional DCP (retired) S K Giri. The President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service was awarded to Joint Commissioner of Police (Operations) Robin Hibu and ACP Suresh Chand Tyagi. The 24 recipients of Police Medal for Meritorious Service include Special Cell DCP P S Kushwah, who was instrumental in some high profile arrests including that of Mumbai-based don Ashwini Naik. In 2003, as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Kushwah had unearthed a conspiracy by Lashkar-e-Taiba to execute a blast near India Gate. Also, in the same year, he apprehended Jafar Umar, linked to terrorist outfit Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. Umar was later convicted by a trial court.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

8 Delhi Fire Service personnel get gallantry award

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Four personnel of the Delhi Fire Service, who died during rescue operations, were among the eight awarded gallantry medals today. On the eve of Independence Day, President Ram Nath Kovind approved a total of 12 awards for fire fighters of the Delhi Fire Service (DFS). “Delhi Fire Service is awarded 8 Gallantry awards & 4 distinguished service awards by President. We are proud of Delhi Fire Service(sic),” Delhi Home Minister Satyendar Jain tweeted. The four fire fighters — Sunil Kumar, Manjeet Singh, Hari Singh Meena and Hari Om — have been given the President’s Fire Service Medal for gallantry (posthumous). Meena and Hari Om died when they were trapped in a fire caused by an explosion of LPG cylinder in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri area in February this year. Kumar and Singh died while fighting fire at a plastic factory in Outer Delhi’s Narela area. Among the four others who were given fire service medal for gallantry were Anoop Singh, Tej Pal, Naveen and Revinder Kumar. Besides, Vipin Kental has been awarded for distinguished service and Rajbir Singh, Harish Chand and Rajesh Kumar for meritorious service.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Fire breaks out in a house in Munirka, 6 injured

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Six members of a family were injured after a fire broke out in their house in south Delhi’s Munirka today, a fire department official said. A call about the fire at a house due to leakage in LPG cylinder was received by the Delhi Fire Service around 12.40 pm, they added. Two fire tenders were rushed to the spot and it doused the flammes within half an hour. Raj Kumar and his family members – Vimla, Angoothi, Laxman, Ilyas and Kalu were injured in the incident. Bimla sustained 70 per cent burns while others 20 to 30 per cent burns, said the officer. In another incident, a car caught fire in southeast Delhi’s Nizamuddin earlier today. No injuries were reported, the police said.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

HC impleads police, TV channel on TNPSC exam "scam" case

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Madras High Court today directed the city Police Commissioner and a Tamil TV channel to implead in a plea by a transgender, seeking cancellation of a Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam over alleged malpractice. In her plea, Swapna, a transgender said she sat for the preliminary and main examinations held by TNPSC last year to select candidates to various posts in the government service. She passed the exam. However, in view of issues like category of reservation under which transgenders must be included had to be resolved and hence her appointment was withheld, she submitted. Under such circumstances, she came to know that PMK had staged an agitation claiming malpractice in the exam. Also, a private Tamil TV channel had alleged rampant corruption. It had alleged that blank unanswered pages were surreptitiously removed and corrupt candidates were permitted to fill the same and then these were inserted into the main answer books, the petitioner submitted, quoting the TV channel. She raised several questions, including how original answer sheets were leaked and said she had already sent a representation to the TNPSC. Stating that TNPSC was conducting interviews (to finalise candidates), the petitioner sought cancellation of the main written examination in which the petitioner participated and to conduct it afresh in a transparent manner.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

IAS Ashok Singhvi reinstated, awaits posting

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The state government on Friday issued orders to reinstate Suspended IAS officer Ashok Singhvi. Singhvi had been suspended after he was arrested in the multi- crore mining scam in 2015. Department of personnel (dop) issued an order on Friday evening based on the recommendation of the review committee which had met on Thursday to review his status.After this order Singhvi had been placed APO and is likely to be given a posting soon.Singhvi was principal secretary of mining and petroleum department and had been arrested by the anti corruption bureau (ACB) in September 2015 for his alleged role in the mining scam , he was later sent to jail and was suspended on September 17, 2015. He has been suspended for almost two years.On September 16, 2017 he would have completed two years of suspension and as per the All India Services Rules (discipline and appeal) 1969, which governs the IAS officers the suspension cannot be beyond two years.If a member of the Service is suspended on charges of corruption the inquiry period should not exceed two years. Failing this the suspension order shall automatically stand revoked.DOP sources say that after two years, the suspension can be continued only if the review committee of the central government makes such a recommendation against the bureaucrats.

J&K: 2 jawans injured in blast, accidental fire in Poonch, Rajouri

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>An Army jawan were injured in a mine blast in the border belt of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir.”An anti-personnel mine exploded in the forward area in Poonch in which one jawan suffered injury,” an Army officer said.The injured jawan has been hospitalised.Another jawan was injured when his service rifle accidentally went off in Rajouri district, he said, adding that the injured was undergoing treatment at a hospital.

Supreme Court dismisses plea against ‘wrong’ questions in UPSC prelims

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Supreme Court dismissed on Tuesday a plea which sought grace marks or removal of alleged wrong questions given in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 2017 preliminary examination.A bench, headed by Justice Dipak Misra, said the court does not perceive any merit in the petition and is, hence, dismissed. The bench, also comprising justices Amitava Roy and A M Khanwilkar, noted that the petitioner who gave the exam had not given any representation to the UPSC claiming there was a question with more than one correct answer. Senior advocate Colin Gonsalves, appearing for the petitioner, said the preliminary exam result has been declared, but the UPSC will publish the answer key after the entire process (main exam and the interview) is over.He said that there were multiple correct answers to a question on two schools of thought. The bench said that the UPSC test for the all-India civil services, is the highest-level exam and candidates taking it are expected to go by the books rather than the views of researchers. Senior advocate P S Patwalia, representing the UPSC, said that while 35 candidates gave representations to the commission, the petitioner candidate has not given any.He said the expert panel has found no ambiguity in the question paper and, therefore, all those representations have been rejected.Earlier, the apex court had agreed to examine the plea which alleged that two questions in the 2017 preliminary examination of the UPSC were “wrong”. The commission had conducted the civil services preliminary test, 2017 on June 18. The preliminary examination consisted of two papers having objective type questions and they carried a maximum of 400 marks.The petitioner has claimed that this year’s preliminary examination paper had questions with multiple answers and many of them could have been answered on the subjective interpretation of the examinees. She has also referred to earlier judgements of the apex court which had said that a question having two or more corrects answers should be considered as incorrect.

Trivandrum Police declares Section 79 of Kerala Police Act to prevent

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> The Trivandrum Police on Friday declared Section 79 of the Kerala Police Act in Thiruvananthapuram to prevent demonstrations, protect marches and meetings till July 30. Political clashes occurred earlier in the day between major political parties. They attacked houses, party offices, vehicles and other valuable items at various areas in the city. Looking at the situation, Indian Police Service G. Sparjan Kumar, in a statement, said, ?I am taking charge of the situation here as there are chances for further untoward incidents to happen in the city. If protest marches and meetings are held in these places, then the members will be grounded for proceeding under the Section of 79 of Kerala Police Act.” ?I do hereby prohibit all forms of demonstrations, protest marches and meetings within the jurisdiction of Thiruvananthapuram City Police limit for 3 days from July 28 to July 30,? Kumar added.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Change of guard throws ‘smart works’ off guard

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The task to develop state capital as a Smart City rests on shoulders of ‘officiating’ and ‘acting’ incharges. But three of the major development agencies are working in absence of appointment at their top post and the task has been handed over as “additional charge” to officers deployed in other departments. This arrangement on adhoc basis though has slowed down the work progress. The officers already occupied with responsibilities of their home department find it difficult to provide full time dedication to the ‘additional charge’. The city’s development thus is being impacted.Jaipur Smart City Limited The government company constituted for implementation of Smart City concept is operating without a chief executive officer (CEO). The committee was constituted soon after inclusion of Jaipur among the 20 cities selected under prime minister Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart City scheme. However, in less than two years the Jaipur Smart City Limited had witnessed three CEOs and the post is yet again vacant for past two months. But even the CEOs officially appointed had a short tenure on the position the development works kept suffering. At time of JSCL constitution the charge of CEO was given to the then commissioner of Jaipur Municipal Corporation AT Pendekar. He was soon replaced by an IAS officer V Sarvan in April, 2016. His tenure too was short lived and he vacated the post in November the same year. Sarvan was replaced by Sandesh Nayak who again in six months was transferred to Sirohi as district collector. Since the position has remain vacant. Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation The ambitious Jaipur metro project is being developed by the JMRC. The corporation since its constitution was headed by senior IAS NC Goel. The contemporary Ashok Gehlot government had trusted him for implementation of the project and appointed him as chairman and managing director of JMRC in April, 2012. Goel since continued to occupy the post and it was under his supervision that the metro operations commenced. His association with the project was obvious and even as government changed at the state, the new government too trusted him with the responsibility. In his tenure the metro work continued to expand and underground corridors were developed in Walled City. However, he had to vacate the post following his promotion as assistant chief secretary. The post since remains vacant and the charge of JMRC CMD is with ACS (UDH) Mukesh Sharma. Jaipur City Transport Service Limited Constituted to provide quality public transportation within Jaipur, the Jaipur City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL) has post of managing director vacant. The company is operating the low floor buses and is a major component of city’s public transport infrastructure. The charge of its managing director though is with an IFS Akansha Chaudhary.Rajasthan Tourism Development CorporationIt has been more than three years that RTDC got a full-time chairman. The post has been lying vacant after Randeep Dhankar left the post when new BJP government came to power in December 2013. It has remained the practice of the government that the post is filled by political people. Till now no full-time appointment has been made in the corporation. The current additional chief secretary (ACS) of tourism N C Goel is also holding additional charge of the corporation.Rajasthan State Sports CouncilThe central body of regulating and maintaining the sports activities in the state is also headless. ACS JC Mohanty is holding the additional charge for last several years and no political appointment or a official with full-time responsibility has been made.It was congress leader Shivcharan Mali who was the chairman during the tenure of the Congress government and after that the position has not been filled. Rajasthan Housing Board though has a chairman IAS Umesh Kumar with full-time responsibility, the post in past has been filled by political appointment.

GST to make your tiger sighting costly at Ranthambhore

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>If you are hoping to visit Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve once the park opens after the monsoon season, you will have to be ready to shell out more money than you did previously. With the Goods and Service Tax (GST) coming into existence, the charge per person for the park is all set to be increased. The forest department is working towards the same and interestingly, it is bringing a new guideline.If an online booking is cancelled within one month from the time of booking, the forest department would keep the entire amount while if cancellation is done before one month, fifty per cent of the amount would be returned, a move that is being seen to remove the middlemen.Since the main areas of the park are closed currently for monsoon and is set to open from October 1, the online bookings will be opened from August 10 onwards. “In the new tariff, per person rate for canter would cost around Rs567 while per person rate for gypsy car drive would come around Rs985. This includes the GST,” informed YK Sahu, Conservator, RTR.Interestingly, sources reveal that the forest department is aiming to remove middlemen who had made huge profits by booking and cancelling the safari tickets.“Previously 75 per cent bookings were done online while remaining 25 per cent were done on the spot. However, in the new system, if a booking is done in advance and the same is cancelled, a cancellation charge of fifty per cent of booking amount would be levied. However, if the booking is cancelled, in a span of one month before the safari date, the entire amount will be taken as cancellation charge and no refund would be made,” informed Mangal Singh, ACF ( Tourism), RTR.Sources reveal that move is aimed to weed out middlemen that used to book tickets in advance. “Earlier, when you cancelled a booking, no charge was levied, thus there were instances when seats were booked online using proper identity documents but cancelled one or two days before their turn. Since till the last minute there were no seats available, naturally they could target visitors and charge any amount that they please.

Service charge departs from RTDC

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Now, you won’t have to pay the amount charged you compulsory as service charge at the hotels and motels of RTDC. Department of consumer affairs has issued a notice to RTDC asking them not to charge service charge from the consumers. The letter written by the department states that the hotels of RTDC should implement the rules of legal metrology. As per this, they cannot charge price more than the MRP for any product offered by them at their hotels and motels. Moreover, the service charge, which is not at all mandatory should not be charged from the consumers, stated the letter.“Letter has been issued to RTDC asking them not to charge service charge and price the products not more than MRP,” informed an official of the department of consumer affairs. Notably, the issue of RTDC hotels charging service charge cropped up recently when the department of consumer affairs called up the meeting of various hotels and restaurants over charging of service charge.Sources informed that as per hotels, even the RTDC hotels were charging service charge from the consumers and after this, all the hotels were asked not to charge this as mandatory and now, RTDC has been issued the letter. The meeting was taken up after regular inputs the department received about consumers being billed the service charge. Currently, VAT and service tax have already been subsumed under the GST regime but many restaurants are still charging the service charge on items served by them at either 10% or any amount of their choice.Recently, the matter of service charge being asked by restaurants was taken up in Lok Sabha too. Giving the reply to a question asked by Dausa MP Harish Meena, minister of consumer affairs CR Choudhary informed the House that as per the guidelines, the bill presented to the customer must clearly show that service charge is voluntary, and the service charge column of the bill may be left blank for the customer to fill up before making payment.A customer is entitled to exercise his/her rights as a consumer to be heard and redressed under provisions of the Act in the case of unfair/restrictive trade practices and can approach a Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission/Forum of appropriate jurisdiction.RELIEF TO CONSUMERSAs per sources, even the RTDC hotels were charging service charge from the consumers and after this, all the hotels were asked not to charge this as mandatory and now, RTDC has been issued the letter. The meeting was taken up after regular inputs the department received about consumers being billed the service charge. Currently, VAT and service tax have already been subsumed under the GST regime but many restaurants are still charging the service charge on items served by them at either 10% or any amount of their choice.

Pak envoy to India Abdul Basit likely to retire early

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has sought early retirement and his request has been accepted by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a media report said today.Basit, who was set to retire from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April 2018, had “submitted an application to Prime Minister Sharif for his early retirement which was accepted,” Geo News reported, citing sources. The channel did not give any reason for Basit s premature retirement but foreign office sources earlier told PTI that he was unhappy over the appointment of current foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua, who is junior to Basit.Basit joined the Foreign Service in 1982 and held several diplomatic assignments at Pakistani missions abroad.Prior to his appointment as the High Commissioner to India in 2014, Basit had served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Germany from May 2012 till March 2014. Basit has already completed his three-year tenure in New Delhi. Sohail Mahmood, the new designated High Commissioner to India, is expected to take up his responsibilities next month, the channel reported. Mahmood, 55, currently Pakistan’s envoy in Turkey, is a career diplomat who joined the Foreign Service in 1985.

CBI arrests top bureaucrat in Chandigarh for accepting bribe

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday arrested Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Birendra Chaudhary, who is also the member secretary Chandigarh pollution control committee, for demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs one lakh. The CBI acted on a complaint that alleged a show cause notice was served to the complainant by Chaudhary regarding revoking of consent issued earlier to the complainant. Chaudhary demanded and accepted the bribe for not taking any adverse action. Searches were conducted at the premises of Chaudhary. He would be produced in the Competent Court at Chandigarh today. Ends MA/HB NNNN ANI(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Govt to release over 3,000 posts for Sanskrit teachers

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The state government will soon release large number of vacancies of Sanskrit teachers. Sanskrit education minister Kiran Maheshwari informed that a requisition for 3,200 teachers and lecturers has been sent to Rajasthan State Public Service Commission.She made the announcement while addressing a gathering at foundation laying ceremony of state Sanskrit college at Lohagal, Ajmer.“Chief minister Vasundhara Raje is concerned about betterment of Sanskrit education in the state and it is on her insistence that such large number of vacancies have been released,” said the minister.Recruitments of Sanskrit teachers had been on hold for almost a decade, the announcement has come as a big relief for the aspiring teachers.“Sanskrit education in the state had been deteriorating in the absence of qualified teachers, we welcome the decision however the government now needs to see that the proposal is considered with priority by RPSC,” says Upen Yadav who is qualified Sanskrit Shastri and leads organisation of unemployed youth in the state.According to department sources, among the proposed vacancies 2,400 are of third grade teachers, 690 of grade two and remaining of lecturers.However, despite the mass recruitment, the infrastructure of Sanskrit schools also needs to be improved. It is for this purpose a fund of Rs 200 crore has been proposed for 100 Sanskrit schools. In addition to the government efforts, Kiran Maheshwari speaking at the ceremony on Thursday also invited public support for the betterment of Sanskrit education.Also present at the ceremony, state minister for school education Vasudev Devnani highlighted the importance of the ancient language. “Sanskrit has even inspired scientists at American space agency NASA, it is for us to make it from being a language of deities to a language of common people,” Devnani said.

Service commission tells appellate authority to hear pending case

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The first order of the Maharashtra Right to Service Commission directs the second appellate authority to hear a case, which it had not in the time limit prescribed under the Act. Right to Service (RTS) itself is enacted to provide services to citizens in time-bound manner. The order was passed after a resident of Pune district had made an application under the landmark Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act, 2015 (RTS).The order passed by Swadheen Kshatriya, chief of state service commission, on July 7 directs the second appellate authority to hear the case in 15 days.In her application of December 21, 2016, Mayatai Gaikwad had sought details of admission of dues pending of tax and water bills for house number 353 that has encroached upon government land. The house did not belong to her as per the submission made by her husband, Sharad Gaikwad, who had attended the hearing in the service commission on her behalf.The designated officer who was supposed to provide service did not take any decision within the time limit in which he was to take one on providing the certificate. Gaikwad then filed a first appeal. The first appellate authority did not hear out the applicant and was unjust to the applicant as per the submission. It was then the second appeal was filed.The second appellate authority (SAA) did not hear the side of the applicant nor gave any order, and kept the issue pending for more than 45 days. The Act mandates SAA to decide the appeal in 45 days. During the hearing, the SAA stated that such information should be sought under Right to Information (RTI) Act and that it was provided, and that order at its level could not be given because of election duty. Gaikwad said that the information was in the form of photo copy and in the court certified copies are required.It was informed that the government has notified services of no dues pending. Gaikwad said that nowhere does the Act state that admission of dues pending cannot be given under the RTS Act. The SAA said that if the court gives an order to that affect, a certified copy will be provided.The commission asked that order be passed by SAA in 15 days.

IRCTC portal down for first-class tickets

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Mumbai suburban commuters trying to book their first class season ticket online through the IRCTC portal have not only been hassled but are also in for a rude shock as online purchase of first class season ticket has been disabled, since July 1 the day after GST came into force.On the same portal season ticket for second class is available whose fares have not changed post GST. “My season ticket was expiring on July 7 so I decided to book my season pass online two days prior but I saw that there was no option for first class season ticket being shown on the IRCTC portal, thinking it was a technical issue I waited for another day but the result was the same and I had to stand in a long queue at Borivali station to buy a new season ticket,” said Nikhil Mistry a Borivali resident who commutes to Churchgate daily.Vinita Bhatia, media person and a Kandivali resident said that though she had booked her season ticket on July 28 using the same portal it was on Monday, while trying to help a colleague book a season ticket that she found the issue. “IRCTC has mobile phone numbers of people who book tickets using this app and could have sent messages informing that the services were unavailable and it speaks volumes for the claims of making India digital. It’s strange that the services have been down for 10 days now and all those who use this online way of buying season ticket will end up standing in the queue,” she said. Meanwhile sources in Railways claimed that the issue was related to changes in the fare structure that was brought about post GST.”Service tax levied on first class ticket as well as season ticket has gone up from 4.5 per cent to 5 per cent and it seems that the glitch could be because of the new fares being set up. Though the number of commuters using the online mode for booking season ticket is very low compared to those buying season tickets directly from the ticket windows IRCTC and CRIS should resolve the issue on priority as it’s a bad advertisement,” said a rail official.A senior official from IRCTC said that they are working on resolving the issue. “It’s a technical glitch and we are trying to ensure that its resolved as quickly as possible,” he said.

Chouhan launches RSS website; stresses serving the needy

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that serving the needy is the noblest religious duty a person can perform. He was speaking yesterday after dedicating the website “Sewagatha”, launched by RSS’s social service wing “Sewa Prabhag”, for highlighting good works done by citizens. “The biggest religion is serving the needy. Good works of assisting people should be highlighted. Information about them will encourage people. This will strengthen good values and pave way for a positive environment in the society,” Chouhan said here. He also praised the RSS’ vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world is one family). “The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a nationalist organisation with a generous heart. This organisation creates citizens who live for the society. Swayamsevaks (RSS volunteers) dedicate themselves totally towards the service of enlightening the society,” the chief minister said. Lauding the services of organisations like ‘Matruchhaya’ and ‘Anand Dham’, which serve children and old- age people, he said that sense of self-reliance and harmony will result in spiritual joy. Such works should be widely publicised as they help eliminate the sense of disappointment, he said, expressing the hope that the website will “energise and inspire people to do good work”. RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said the culture of service is instilled in Indian lifestyle. Here, service to human is considered equal to service to God. He said needy persons must be served with a feeling of brotherhood after understanding their anguish and weaknesses. “Service done with such feelings always bears good results.” Joshi said there are a large number of people who are victims of faulty social beliefs, unstable lifestyles, who live in far-flung areas and are deprived of their basic social rights. He expressed the hope that the website will inspire people to come forward to serve the fellow-beings. “Sewagatha” website editor Vijay Lakshmi described the objectives and nature of the website and collection of gathas (stories).(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Plea seeks junking of recruitment rules for HC readers

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Madras High Court today sought the stand of its registry on a plea for declaring null and void its rule for filling up the posts of assistants and reader in the court. The bench of Chief Justice Indira Banerjee and Justice M Sundar sought the stand of the high court’s registrar general issuing notice to his office. The notice was accepted by Advocate P K Rajagopal on behalf of the RG’s office. The plea was filed by one P Pugalenthi, seeking to declare as null and void Rule 14A of the Madras High Court Service Rules, 2015 relating to the appointment of assistants and readers/examiners in the high court. The petitioner submitted that the high court had in 2012 ordered that 50 per cent of the vacant posts be filled through promotion and the balance through direct recruitment. As 56 vacant posts were filled up without issuing any public notification despite court orders, the petitioner challenged the same, which is still pending. The high court had framed the Madras High Court Service Rules, 2015 in suppression of the then existing service rules which were considered by it while deciding the petitioner’s case in 2012, the petitioner submitted. As per the Rules, all posts of assistants and readers/ examiners were required to be filled only by promotion by considering even the last grade employees working in the high court, which led to unemployed graduates losing a valuable opportunity of being considered for public employment in the high court, the petitioner contended in his plea. In January 2016, about 100 persons holding the post of office assistant in the high court were directly promoted as assistants, the petitioner said.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

Chouhan launches RSS website; says serving the needy biggest

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Madhya Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the biggest religion is to serve the needy. The CM said this at a programme organised here yesterday for the dedication of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh s Sewa Prabhag website “Sewagatha”, which highlights the good work done by citizens. “The biggest religion is to serve the needy. Good works of assisting people should be highlighted. Information about it will encourage people. This will strengthen their good values and pave way for positive environment in the society,” Chouhan said. The CM also praised RSS’ vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world is one family). “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a nationalist organization with a huge heart. This organisation creates citizens who live for the society. Swayamsevaks dedicate themselves totally towards service to enlighten the society,” he said. Applauding the services of organisations like ‘Matruchhaya’ and ‘Anand Dham’ which are serving children and old-age people here, he said that feelings of self-reliance and harmony among the inhabitants there results in spiritual joy. Such works should be widely publicised as it eliminates disappointment, Chouhan said. He expressed hope that the website will energise and inspire people to do good work. RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said the culture of service is instilled in Indian lifestyle. Here, service to human is equal to service of God, he said. He said needy persons must be served with a feeling of brotherhood after understanding their anguish and weakness. “Service done with such feelings always bear good results.” Joshi said there are a huge number of people who are victims of faulty social beliefs, unstable lifestyles, who live in far-flung areas, and who are deprived of their basic social rights. He expressed hope that the website will inspire people to come forward to serve others. Sewagatha website editor Vijay Lakshmi described the objectives and nature of the website and collection of gathas (stories). Website creator Swapnil Parkhiya while highlighting the technical aspects of the website also informed that apart from being mobile-friendly, it can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

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