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Principal didn’t take my calls, says mother of ‘raped’ four-year-old

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Expressing her outrage in her complaint given to Delhi Police, the mother of the four-year-old Dwarka school rape victim, said it had been a restless night for her and her child, who kept on narrating the gruesome ordeal she had undergone.The woman has demanded action against the school administration alleging that it was their “negligence” that had led to the crime.It was on Friday when the child had reported pain in her private parts to her mother, which was initially overlooked by the woman. However, later on, when she noticed injuries in the girl’s private parts, the woman approached police and a medical examination confirmed rape. The child had also hinted to her mother that she was sexually assaulted in school, after which the parents gave a written complaint at Dwarka south police station and an FIR was registered.Talking about the alleged negligence on the school’s part, the woman said, “At night I sent a message to her school teacher informing her of the incident. In the morning, I asked the teacher and the school coordinator, but they did not take any interest in the matter. I spoke to the principal but she did not bother to answer my calls in the morning and even did not respond to my emails. She instead passed on the number to the school counsellor,” the mother said.Talking to DNA, the woman also said CCTV footage points out that her child’s teacher left the class to the ayah (woman help) and that the victim was the last one to walk out of the class because she could not put on the hook of her pants that the boy had opened. The mother also alleged that since the school is an “upmarket school”, it is not being booked for any negligence by the police.”The police are apparently going after the classmate, but the school is allowed to go scot free. How could it happen in the first place? If that boy has been booked under POCSO, why can’t this so-called upmarket school be booked for criminal negligence?””Police is all out to defend the school knowing well the boy is a juvenile. But the school’s criminality needs to be established. The school should be booked for scarring my innocent child for no fault of hers and letting something like this to happen in the classroom,” she said.The mother further asked that when she had brought it to the notice of the school, why the authorities didn’t call the police or hospital?”They didn’t try to meet the child or me when my child was being medically examined at a hospital and from there taken to a police station to file an FIR. How convenient for the school to pass the buck of this gross negligence to the boy and his upbringing,” the mother said.UNSAFE SCHOOLSOn Friday, the child reported pain in her private parts to her mother.
The mother then noticed injuries in the girl’s private parts.
She approached police, a medical test confirmed rape.
The child had also hinted she was sexually assaulted in school.

Parents want principal arrested

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Angry protests were seen outside the Kaushalya World School on Friday morning, as members of the African Association demanded the arrest of the school principal on Friday morning. This was with regard to an 11-year-old Nigerian boy — a student in the school — who had been allegedly sodomised by 38-year-old man earlier this week. The school principal later held a meeting with the association and assured the members of the safety of their children.Police, too, stated that they were taking all steps possible to reassure the community. “Some members of the African Association spoke to the school management today and expressed concern over the sexual assault on the Nigerian student. They demanded action against the school principal,” said Girish Kumar, Station House Officer, Surajpur.Around 40 members of the African Association had staged a protest outside the school and raised slogans against the school and the principal. The protesting parents further alleged that the school authorities had tried to defend the accused. “We feel that the administration had been hiding the accused earlier. The principal and the owner should be arrested following this. We have not been given any assurances about the safety of our children. How can we send our children to school with such incidents happening inside the school premises?,” said Bukola, a member of the Nigerian Association. Other members of the association stated that they were not sure if they would let their children continue to study here“My nephew also studies here but now I am not sure he will continue here or not. We have been left traumatised after the incident. Earlier, we used to tell countrymen in Nigeria that India is treating us well but now we do not feel it,” said Lawrance, a member, who only gave his first name. However, when DNA contacted Mukta Mishra, the Director Principal of the Kaushalya World School, she denied having defended the accused and stated that the protest was a “misunderstanding.”“They thought that I have been hiding inside the premises and do not want to meet them but that is not the case. I am extending my full support to the victim’s family. It would be incorrect to say that I am defending anyone, we are ready to cooperate in the police investigation,” she said. On Thursday, the District School Inspector has sent a notice to the Kaushalya World School stating that they have found the safety measures as per the Central Board of Secondary Education norms unfit. The school administration has been given three days to reply, otherwise, the school’s license will be cancelled. Reacting to this Mishra said, “The incident is a shock for us. We have also sorted the things which are not there in the school according to the CBSE norms and will be sending them a reply and requested them for an inspection again.”IN PROTESTAround 40 members of the African Association staged a protest outside the school and raised slogans against the school and the principal.
The protesting parents further alleged that the school authorities tried to defend the accused.
The principal later held a meeting with members and assured them the kid’s safety

Fee hike: Parent alleges being targeted

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A parent of two siblings studying at the Cosmopolitan High School in Mira Road has alleged that the school is ‘targeting’ her children after parents protested against the school’s decision to hike fees. In a complaint submitted to the state education department, Nishad Sheikh, the mother of Ayesha and Asif who study in class 4 and 2 respectively, has alleged that the school has not been allowing the two to take classes from the month of September and has also barred them from the exams.Shaikh alleged that the school has been using pressure tactics after she led a protest against the school’s decision to hike fees in this academic year. “The school has hiked its fees by 42 per cent from last year without taking parents into confidence. When parents like me tried to speak against this, our children are being targeted. The school is not allowing both my kids to enter its premise since September. Despite several requests, they are not being allowed to even write their exams,” she added.On October 4, the education department of the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation asked the school to allow the children to attend classes and exams under the Right to Free and Compulsory Act. A couple of parents from the school are now planning to stage a protest over the issue. “Several parents have come forward with similar complaints and we will organise a big protest soon,” said Sadique Basha, a local activist.School officials, however, denied all the allegations. Reshma Sayyed, a representative of the school management said, “The school has never denied entry to any student. The parent in question has created a lot of nuisance to the school by making false allegations. She also has pending dues to be cleared. We will allow her children to attend school but only if the parent does not enter the school premise in any case,” added Sayyed.While asked about the fee hike, Sayyed said that the school is providing services for the money it charges and other parents have not objected to it.IN TUSSLENishad Shaikh, mother of two, alleged that the school has been using pressure tactics after she led a protest against the school’s decision to hike fees. She also claimed that the school is not allowing her kids to enter the premises.

Ryan International School flouted many safety guidelines, finds CBSE Panel

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The two-member fact finding committee constituted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on the Ryan International School incident, in its report has pointed out several safety rules violations by the school. The report submitted by the committee to CBSE on Friday evening states that CCTVs were not functional in the school and non-teaching staff used the same toilet as school students. The Bhondsi branch of the school was where a 7-year-old child was found murdered inside the toilet on September 8. The panel also highlighted breach in the boundary wall of the school campus, which they said was covered with barbed wires and posed a threat to children’s safety as anyone could enter the school premises. The CBSE had set up the committee on September 9 to check into the circumstances that lead to Pradyuman Thakur’s death. It was also mandated to find out if the school violated CBSE’s safety norms and affiliation by-laws. The committee, however in its report has not recommended disaffiliation of the school.

Agitated parents plan massive protest against Panvel school

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After the Ryan International School murder in Gurgaon, parents of St Joseph School in New Panvel are planning a massive protest on September 14 to raise several issues like fee hikes, lack of safety in the school and the lack of grievance redressal mechanism.Parents alleged that the school has not solved several long pending issues despite several requests as a result of which they have now planned to have the protest.”The school hikes fees every year. Despite this, the facilities provided to our children are in a poor state. The security is for the name sake and there is negligence everywhere. We do not want a repeat of what happened in Gurgaon and will continue fighting for the rights of our children,” said Gaurav Kadam, parent of a student. Kadam said that over 2,000 parents are expected to join the protest.Since the last two years, parents of the school have been at loggerheads with the school, with several complaints being filed at the state education department. Despite repeated calls, officials from the school could not be reached for a comment.

Ryan student death: Key questions remain unanswered; victim’s kin allege evidence tampering

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After three days of an “intense probe” in to the murder of a seven-year-old Ryan International School student, several key questions remain unanswered. For instance, how could the accused, a school bus conductor, take the minor to a toilet, try to sexually assault him, slit his throat, and then clean the weapon, all within a span of 15 minutes. Also, why did the accused target the victim, who did not even take the school bus.According to the child’s father, on that fateful day, he saw him off at the school gate at 7.55 am. At 8.10 am, he received a call from the school authorities, informing him about the tragic incident. It seems unlikely that within just 15 minutes, the event took place and came to the notice of the authorities as well. Also, it has now come to the fore that initially, the crime scene was not sealed and the school authorities were allowed to walk in. A video of the crime spot, which went viral on the social media, showed the washroom’s floor drenched in blood. The school authorities might have tampered with the forensic evidence, sources said.Further, the police initially stated that the accused helped rush the boy to a school van, to be taken to hospital, but his clothes did not have single blood stain. This could have not been possible without someone else’s involvement.The accused was arrested the same night but the police refused to divulge the circumstantial evidence found against him or even from where was he arrested.Meanwhile, the victim’s parents told DNA that he never travelled in the school bus and did not know the conductor. Then what made him target the child? Many are now raising the suspicion that the boy witnessed something that he wasn’t supposed to, and was targetted because of that. It is also still not clear whether the CCTV cameras installed in the school were functional.

Siblings expelled from Mira Road school over non-payment of fees

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Two siblings studying at Mira Road’s RBK International School were recently de-enrolled by the school. Aryan Nayak, a student of class 5 and Aditi Nayak, a class 2 student, at the school were served expulsion notices by the school after a long-standing battle between the school management and their father Akash Nayak.Nayak was a part of the group of parents who had protested a fee hike by the school in 2016 and is now alleging that his children are being ‘targeted’ by the school authorities. “The school had hiked fees from Rs 30,000 to 65,000 last year, which the parents protested. As I had led the protest and the complaints that followed, the school isolated my children and now ultimately de-enrolled them,” said Nayak.While his daughter Aditi was served her leaving certificate in the first week of June, son Aryan was de-enrolled on July 21. Nayak said that despite paying the fees well in time, his children were being ‘targeted’ by the school. “We have paid the fees in June itself. The school is just targeting my children because I brought the issue of fees charged under several abrupt heads to the fore,” said Nayak.However, school officials maintained that the action was taken as the parents did not pay the prescribed fees and also did not abide by the school’s admission norms. “The school and its senior management had issued a show cause notice on July 1, 2017, to the parents to state as to why appropriate steps should not be taken by the school to de-enroll their son, Aryan Nayak, from school. They were required to reply to the show cause notice within 7 days which they failed to do,” stated the school’s official response, justifying its action.

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