<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Commuters passing by the entrance to the Sahar Elevated Road on the Western Urban Road (WUR) have to face perennial traffic jams during peak hours. While many commuters try to avoid traffic by leaving home early, only a few check traffic online.One can see more than two traffic wardens deployed in and around the WUR.”As usual, WUR is congested during the morning peak hours. In the evening, we get traffic at the northbound side. It is a nightmare during monsoon. While the airport is nearby, and there is an elevated road for it, many private taxis and cars use this route to reach the airport faster,” said Akshay Kadam, 32, a daily commuter.Gaurav Nair, 26, a Jogeshwari resident who tries to carpool while coming back from office, said, “We started a group initiative to carpool while returning from the office. During peak hours, sometime it takes more than 20 minutes just to cross this part of the road. It is better we take up social responsibility at individual levels to reduce the traffic congestion.”Having to bear the traffic snarls, many commuters keep themselves updated through social media platforms like Twitter.”I leave my house 20 minutes earlier so that I can reach my office on time. Commuters keep on updating traffic details on Twitter which help other commuters to check the traffic situation in real time,” said Shravani Mehta, a daily commuter.According to commuters, the slowly moving traffic is an absolute pain. The vehicles coming from Andheri and going towards Churchgate make the vehicle movement during peak hours slow.On an average, it takes a minimum 15 to 20 minutes for the commuters to cross this stretch. Normally, it takes only two minutes for the same distance.


The daily ‘pain’ for commuters on WUR’s Sahar Elevated Road stretch