<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>India’s mystic character reflected on the second session of “The Jaipur Dialogues” that commenced on Saturday with sessions on “Religion” and “Nationalism”.The two sentimental issues have influence politics of the subcontinent since ever and have further gain importance amid a recent political scenario of the country and even as the organiser’s of the dialogue claimed the event to be ‘non-political’ the discussions kept circumstancing around politics.The three-day dialogue, in its second edition this year, commenced with an interaction of contradictory views. The speakers though refrained to undermine contradictory arguments with suffixes of ‘ultra-national’ and ‘anti-national’, they held rather a definite opinion on the issues.“Its nationalism that engenders nations and not the other way round,” said Sushil Pandit, an activist working for rights of Pandits exiled from Kashmir due to terrorism. With an apparent list of speakers considered to be of the ‘right’ ideology, it also had speakers from the liberal side including senior journalists Shekhar Gupta & Alok Mehta. They were, however, not unease among the gathering.“Fine argumentative afternoon,” Shekhar Gupta reacted on social media after the session on Nationalism. “Who would you argue if not with those who disagree with you ?” he added further.

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The Jaipur Dialogues: What comes first, Nation or Nationalism