TMC youth president Abhishek Banerjee on Friday led a rally in Kolkata to protest the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill. At the end of his speech, he said that as long as the TMC was there the bill would not be passed.“The BJP government at the Centre might try to intimidate us with CBI, ED, Income Tax and other agencies but when it comes to the welfare of the people, TMC people can’t be silenced. I want to assure you all that as long as the TMC is there, we will not pass this bill. Mamata Banerjee had asked us to initiate a movement against the bill and if this bill is not cancelled, we will further intensify our protest, in every district of the state. They think they can force it on to the country. Just like the Left Front which could not force the Tata Nano factory to function here and the TMC won fighting for the people, we will not allow the FRDI bill to be passed as well,” he said.Saying the bill would empower the Centre to take over people’s deposits at will, without the permission of the depositors, he said there was no difference between Saradha Group head Sudipta Sen. “If Sudipta Sen had siphoned off people’s money through his chit fund companies, the BJP leaders are planning to take away your money as well. If Sen is jailed, these people need to be put behind the bars as well,” Banerjee lashed out.Banerjee added that the poor performance of BJP in the Gujarat Assembly elections was the beginning of the end for the party. “In Gujarat with the help of which they had come to power, BJP has performed its worst in the last 22 years. This sounds the death knell for the party and after 2019 general elections, there will be no sign of the party in the country. They have been rejected in Bengal and after 2019 they will be rejected by the rest of the country,” he said.State BJP president Dilip Ghosh, reacting to Banerjee’s comments said, “They dont know what the bill contains. They are afraid of BJP’s growing popularity and thus they are saying these and now have come to personal attacks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and myself. People will see through these and the canards will not go on for too long.”

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TMC protests Centre’s FRDI bill; say they will continue protests as long as they are around