<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Bebaak Collective and Awaaz-E-Niswan, which raise the issues of rights in Muslim community, have raised objections to the introduction of a Triple Talaq bill in winter session of Parliament.According to them, the issue is a part of civil act and should not be considered as a criminal act. The organisation also stated that the government should focus on reaching out to the community to create awareness about the judgement passed by the Supreme Court (SC) on triple talaq issue. If the law comes into force, it will most adversely affect Muslim women.As per Awaaz-E-Niswan, before the SC judgement on Triple Talaq they received at least five to six triple talaq cases per month. After the SC judgement, the organisation is receiving one for two triple talaq cases in a month.Hasina Khan from Bebaak collective, said, “Out of the four cases received after the SC judgement, three of them were not aware about the judgement due to which we as an organisation appeals to the government to focus on spreading the awareness level in the community. In those three cases we had to make them aware about the judgement.”Since three months after the SC’s judgement, the women organisation have meeting Minority Affair Minister, Minority Commissioner, state women commission body to discuss the issue that no work is done by government to make the community aware about the judgement.”Triple Talaq should be considered in civil law and the dispute is also civil act. The government should reach out to the organisations working at the grass-root level so that objection and suggestions can be given from the community women who are facing the actual problem. The criminal law can’t be implemented on it. Triple Talaq is not a physical violence to criminalise it. We agree that the triple talaq should be invalid but not criminalized,” said Hasina Khan.Speaking about the issue they have with the bill to criminalise the Muslim men on triple talaq, the organisation stated that it will affect the women since she will be left without any support of her husband.One of the triple talaq victim, Zeenat Shaikh, added, “what will I do if my husband goes to jail? There should be a solution to punish him in a civil way rather than sending him to jail.”Anwari Khan, resident of Cheeta Camp, said, “If men are criminalized (sent to jail), then the government should also think of our maintenance. Many of the women are not educated and are housewife. How are they going to survive.”

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Triple talaq: Women group want govt to focus on SC judgement awareness rather than criminalising it