<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”We were lucky to escape the blast due to a huge wall besides the Plaza cinema hall,” recalls Vidyadhar Dhumal, 58, a tea stall owner who took injured to Sion Hospital few minutes after the blast. Dhumal, said, “While the blast took inside the cinema premises, some local shopkeepers lost their lives. We are satisfied with the verdict the court has announced. The accused should be punished for the terror activity they were involved in. Even if its a late decision, at least they are punished and not set free.”Just like Dhumal, other citizens who witnessed the 1993 bomb blast across the city, are happy that the court has finally announced punishment to the offenders involved in the case. Shankar Chogale, 55, a worker whose nephew was injured in the blast, said, “It is a rightfully decision and I support the verdict. I have seen my nephew suffer injuries and it is hard to forget the incident. Although the justice is delayed, I am happy that they are punished.”A taxi driver, who was at the Bombay Stock Exchange during the incident remembers helping citizens to reach home safe. Somnath Mishra, 58, who witness the incident very closely, said, “Life cannot be compared with money.Slapping an accused to pay Rs two lakh fine will not help to bring back the lives of people who died. All of them should get harsh punishment. Their life should also struggle.”Another victim, who worked in BSE those days left the BSE building for a break with friends, KK Thanvi, 61, said, “I along with my friends were sitting below the BSE building on the backside. Few glass pieces fell on my head too but since we were sitting below, we had few minor injuries. Accoridng to me It took court more than two decades to punish the wrongdoers. The authority should had taken the matter on fast track for judgement.”Vinod Sharma, 65, who worked in a bank at Nairman Point, said, “All the accused should be hang till death rather than giving them imprisonment.”


Verdict better later than never