<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Stopping short of asking people to vote for Congress, young Dalit leader from Gujarat Jignesh Mevani on Wednesday said that his gut feeling was that people would not commit the mistake of voting for any third party in the bipolar election in Gujarat, where they have decided to replace the BJP that has been ruling the state for 22 years.In a freewheeling chat with the national media at Press Club here, Mevani said BJP has to be defeated in the 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections in order to oust the party in the 2019 general elections.While evading a direct reply as to whom the people of Gujarat should vote for, if he wants to see the BJP defeated, Mevani said, “The 6.5 crore people of Gujarat have made up their mind. They know whom to vote to defeat the BJP. They also know whom not to vote to avoid ruining their vote. My gut feeling tells me people will not commit that kind of mistake this time.”While he said that he does not want to associate with any particular party and that his meeting with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi some time back was just to get his views on his demands for Dalits, Mevani was at great pains to highlight that “the difference between the BJP and all other parties is that the BJP is a fascist party, which wants to impose a Hindu Rashtra concept, going beyond the preamble of the Indian Constitution.””We are not supporting any political party,” Mevani emphasised.”The people of Gujarat have decided to bring to an end the 22-year misrule of the BJP, and we will use our full force in achieving this,” he said.His response came in reply to questions as to whether he was asking his supporters to vote for the Congress and which party people should choose this assembly election in the bipolar politics of Gujarat.Speaking about reservation, Mevani said he has left it to political parties to address the aspirations of communities like Patidars for quota, as it was a complex constitutional process.Training guns on the BJP for its poster campaign with tagline RAM (Rupani, Amit Shah and Modi) versus HAJ (Hardik, Alpesh, Jignesh), Mevani said instead of coming out with a ‘communally polarising campaign” with such slogns, the BJP should focus on the development front.Backing Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener Hardik Patel, who has been caught in a sex CD row, Mevani said talk of ‘roti, kapda aur makan’, noteban and GST not CDs. “Not only mine but even your CD will come out if this practice of deploying cameras in the bedroom of people continues,” Mevani said when asked whether he feared that some CD may come about featuring him.”Counter us ideologically. Counter Harid Patel and Jignesh Mevani on development arguments and not through CDS. There is nothing wrong in a consensual relationship between a man and a woman,” Mevani said.Mevani, convenor of Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch, also announced to organise a massive rally in Gujarat on December 6, the anniversary of Babri mosque demolition in Ayodhya and dared Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani to debate development with him on any forum in Gujarat.Mevani’s open letter to HardikComing out in support of Patel reservation stir leader Hardik Patel, activist and Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani on Wednesday wrote an open letter to Hardik.“Looking at the manner in which the BJP is cornered in Gujarat, we should not be surprised by such sex CDs. The Patel community stands firm behind Hardik. The sex tape episode shows how low politicians can stoop.”
“I firmly believe the person in the tape is not Hardik. The tape is part of a larger conspiracy. Now, even if the person in the tape is Hardik, it should not be anyone else’s concern.”
“Our concern should be about the 50 lakh Gujaratis who do not have jobs… about malnourished children. About people hit hard by demonetisation and GST.”
“What will the country achieve by making public CDs of someone’s personal life. What about the dignity of the woman who is shown in the CD?”


Voting for third party not solution, voting out BJP is: Jignesh Mevani