<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Uttar Pradesh elections are normally one of the most important polls in India, primarily because of the number of voters. Usually, national elections are determined by a party’s success in the state. Even the ongoing state elections are important for every party because victory in this particular state election means so much when it comes to political milage.So what if in another universe, Uttar Pradesh was a different country? It certainly would have some interesting numbers.In 2016, the state’s population was recorded at 2,21,073,168 i.e. approximately 2.2 croreIf UP were a separate country, this means it would the fourth most populated country after China, India and the United StatesIn the upcoming UP elections, 1,38,517,026 individuals are registered voters. If UP were a separate country with only these many individuals, then it would be ninth on the list, after Bangladesh and before RussiaUttar Pradesh has a sex ratio of 908 women to 1,000 men. This means that if the state were a nation, then it would be 194th out of 201 nations with the worst sex ratios. Incidentally, China (193rd) and India (192nd) would be just above itIn 2014-15 Uttar Pradesh had a GDP of US$150 billion. In comparison, India (ranked 7th) had a GDP of $2095 billion during the same period.
In this regard, UP, as a country is 56th out of 194 nations listed by the World BankIn 2016, UP’s per capita income was $792.93. i.e. approximately Rs 52,000. India’s per capita during the same period was Rs 93,231.
If UP were a country, then it would be ranked 160th, right after Haiti. India is ranked 139th All graphics by Alfea Jamal

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What if Uttar Pradesh was a country?